Classes Cancelled for Green Beer Day

Check out the website of Ben Field. Ben is a student at Miami University in Ohio. Every year the students there celebrate Green Beer Day (a celebration not sanctioned by the university) by drinking green beer in bars all day. This year Ben got the clever idea of sending out an email to all 31,000 students, disguised to make it appear that it was coming from the university president, declaring that classes were cancelled for Green Beer Day. Needless to say, the university was not amused. Now Ben has to reimburse his parents $9000 in legal fees that they covered for him. So Ben created a website to tell his story and solicit donations from the public to help him reach his goal. Today the Miami University president graciously donated $10 to him. You can read about Ben's original prank in this story from the Cincinnati Enquirer.


Posted on Thu Jun 26, 2003


This is classic shenanigans. I hope Ben ended up making something with his life after Green Beer Day. I wonder if he even got to enjoy a glass of it that day?

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