CitiKitty: Cat Toilet Training Kit

Status: Controversial. I'm doubtful this could work, but some people swear it does
image I'm sorry. I refuse to believe it would be possible to train a cat to use a toilet, despite what the CitiKitty company might claim. After all, you can't train cats to do anything. (At least, not my cat.) This is how the CityKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit is supposed to work:

The specially designed training seat securely sits on your toilet filled with litter. Your cat naturally uses CitiKitty as its new litter box. The rings are removed thus reducing the amount of litter. Once all rings are removed your cat is toilet trained!

I think the cat might use the citikitty thing while it has litter in it. But once the litter is gone, the cat will not keep going back to where the litter used to be. Instead, it'll pee on your bed (or somewhere else designed to punish you and force you to bring back the litter). But in the interest of fairness, if anyone has successfully used this device, I'd be curious to hear about it.


Posted on Wed Oct 12, 2005


I agree with Joe. The status for this should be changed to "True" or "Real".
Posted by BugbearSloth  in  earth, 3rd planet, sol system  on  Tue Oct 18, 2005  at  08:55 AM
I'll add my vote on "True". An ex-university friend of mine works as an animal psychologist - Exactly like an animal behaviourist, but at triple the pay - And toilet training animals for apartment dwellers is a big earner for her. It can be done, but cats are wilful little SOBs, and sometimes they break training for reasons best described as spite.
Posted by DFStuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Wed Oct 19, 2005  at  01:29 AM
We had a cat that would pee down the bathtub drain whenever he had a urinary tract infection. I suppose because he was in a hurry and couldn't wait. He was very tidy about it. The litter box was all the way down in the basement. Then I would give him his medicine and he would go to the basement litter box again when he was well.
Posted by Suzy  on  Wed Oct 19, 2005  at  05:03 PM
In a previous apartment, one of my cats also used to pee down the bathtub drain, even though the litter box was right beside it. My other cat races me into the bathroom and jumps onto the toilet seat as soon as I lift the cover. Unfortunately both my kitties seem to prefer crapping (and, of course, puking) all over the house rather than using the litter box, so I doubt they could ever be toilet trained themselves. Sigh. hmmm
Posted by andychrist  on  Wed Oct 19, 2005  at  11:41 PM
yep, im currently using that exact kit on my 2 kittens and my adult cat and yes they really are using the toilet. it takes patince but yes, cats can be taught.

dont underestimate the power of a stubbourn cat owner.
Posted by lilywhite  in  Wichita Falls, TX  on  Fri Oct 21, 2005  at  11:32 PM
Years ago I learned how to train a cat to use the toilet, he loved to flush : flush,flush,flush. For hours on end I never trained another cat to do this!!!
Posted by Been there Done that  on  Sat Oct 22, 2005  at  10:49 AM
Again, when is the status going to be changed? You added it to bring more credibility to the site, which is a great thing. But what good is it if it's not accurate?
Posted by Joe  in  Portland, OR  on  Sat Oct 22, 2005  at  07:38 PM
Very funny that this should come up. Our CityKitty arrived yesterday and we began the training process. The thing fits over the rim, under the seat and gets filled with litter. You cut larger and larger oval sections out of the middle over the next few weeks and the cat just gets in the habit of doing his business while perched on the seat.
Our little cat Simon was a bit hesitant at first, but once he realized that he had a new litter box, he had no trouble adjusting. As I said, we only set it up yesterday, so it's not 100% certain that it will work, but it looks really promising.
Posted by Jim O'Connell  in  Tokyo  on  Sun Oct 23, 2005  at  01:19 AM
I trained mine with a similar device years ago, and they weren't young cats. Worked great.
Posted by mkirkwag  on  Sun Nov 13, 2005  at  11:05 AM
I know a fella who is currently documenting the whole Citi-Kitty experience.

That is the website with pics and all.
Posted by tek428  on  Wed Nov 16, 2005  at  10:59 AM
Cats can be trained, but I especially enjoyed reading about the cats who just decided on their own to use the toilet. I am attracted to the convenience, but I am also concerned about the environmental impact of putting more and more cat litter in land fills. Using toielts is not natural for cats. Living in houses is not natural for cats. Since they are native to Egypt, living in America is not natural for cats. Taking cats tot he vet is not natural. So what? Preying on song birds is natural for cats, and when they are allowed outside they have a big impact on songbird populations. Just because something is not natural doesn't mean it isn't good.
Posted by Philip Van Dam  in  Martins Ferry  on  Sat Mar 11, 2006  at  12:20 PM
If you want, email me and I will give you my address so you can see it for yourself. Cat's are very smart and you can train them to do anything...including playing fetch!
Posted by Dan  in  Boston  on  Tue Mar 21, 2006  at  03:16 PM
My Cat, Fred, was trained to use a toilet within 6 weeks. He originally had a litter box infront of the toilet in the guest bathroom. We then bought a $3 plastic bowl that fit inside the toilet under the seat. We put litter in it and removed his normal litter box. We also added 3 books beside the toilet so he would be able to easily climb up to the toilet without jumping (cats falling into water will fail this project miserably). Each day you give the cat "good cat" treatment when you see he used the new litter box. In addition, you make a hole in the plastic bowl...making it larger each day. Eventually you remove the plastic bowl altogether and get rid of litter.

Now, the cat did not like this at first...obviously, however, when he was bawling in the bathroom, looking around for litter, I picked him up and showed him the new source...the rest came naturally. We where strict in not bringing back anything we took away. A cat will quickly move over if there are no other options (secondary litterboxes also cause problems).

FYI, use "flushable" litter to do this training, it's much nicer to deal with and won't scratch the toilet. Also, be prepared for messes. This process is much dirtier up front, litter everywhere. They have to retrain themselves how hard to scratch when done....etc. Since then, we had him trained for 6 months and then put him back on a litter box due to traveling with him to different states. We found it hard to train him on new toilets and new was too much to ask for. The day we put the litter box back out, is the day he was litterbox trained...never went back to the toilet to use it, though we still leave it available to him.
Posted by Baktor Silvanti  in  Atlanta  on  Tue Jun 13, 2006  at  07:05 PM
I toilet trained my cat, but used the Scoop No More DVD, which outlines toilet training from beginning to end. I didn't find it too difficult and trained my two kittens when I brought them home.

I love living without a litterbox, you should try it.

Posted by Susan Miles  in  Atlanta, GA  on  Mon Aug 14, 2006  at  12:18 PM
You're cat is so retarded if it can't do this. Actually, NO, your cat may be the most talented cat in the world- but has a MORON as an owner!!! You are completley and utterly a disappointment to all cat owners. TRUE cat owners BELIEVE in their pets. You obviously DON'T and you don't need to own a cat. Maybe you should switch to owning a lifeless, motionless, loveless rock you stupid son of a bitch!
Posted by Jennica Marie Rodriguez  in  missouri  on  Mon Aug 14, 2006  at  07:43 PM
I had a friend who was training a cat to use the toilet with the Kittycat program. It seemed to be working pretty well until he found cat poop in the tub! Y'know, porcelain is porcelain--at least to a cat!
Posted by K  on  Sun Sep 17, 2006  at  03:25 PM
I notice that a lot of you are using the word 'smart' to be synonomous with 'trainable'. In on case, someone indicated that cats are at least as smart as dogs. Just to clarify some of this: cats are, because of a lesser degree of domestication 'smarter' than dogs (domestication of a wild animal genetically changes them, making them stupider, and therefore more managable). Also, cats are not as trainable as dogs, that isn't to say that they can't be trained, that's just to say that it's harder. This is obvious, otherwise there would be just as many well-trained cats as there are dogs. Finally, not only is 'smart' not the same thing as 'trainable', but it is essentially the opposite. If I asked you to do something that you found to be pointless or you didn't want to do it, you woudn't, because you're a fairly discerning and intellegent organism. A cat, likewise, does what it wants. A dog does what it's told. Obedience is not intellegence.

As for peeing in the toilet, that would be awesome, I'd like to try it on mine, if they aren't too smart for me smile
Posted by Casey  on  Thu Sep 21, 2006  at  01:10 PM
My cat started to use this last week and everything was going fine. Last two days though, she started to shit on the floor around the toilet for no apparent reason. She still pees on the plastic thingy.. which I guess is a minor achievement.
Very diappointed with this product. DO NOT BUY CITYKITTY!!
Posted by P  in  To  on  Fri Oct 06, 2006  at  06:08 PM
No, cats can use the toilet. Cats won't fall into the toilet--they're very agile. You can train the cat to flush (see Karen Pryor's Clicker Training for Cats, and use simple target training), but I wouldn't advise it--the cat may just flush over and over again for his own amusement, and there goes your water bill. As far as the litter tray, it is temporary--you cut a hole in it, making it larger and larger over time, eventually you remove the tray. In the mean time, just lift the tray off when you need to go. Also the cat is more motivated to pee somewhere other than in a smelly litter box. This is not to say EVERY cat will do it or that you won't get accidents.
Posted by Lisa G. the Big Phat Know It All  in  Santa Barbara, CA  on  Fri Mar 02, 2007  at  11:22 PM
It is possible b/c I've been trying it for about a month or so. However, the products and kits sold are useless-you do it in stages and eventually you put a metal bowl under the seat. My problems have been that they haven't understood the part where I take the litter out of the bowl (they'll go on or near the toilet, so the mess isn't really bad). Also, it is harder on me because I have two cats. the older male would've probably got it by now, but the younger female hisses at me when I try to show her "correct feet placement".
Posted by Kevin  on  Wed Mar 14, 2007  at  01:46 PM
In 1978 I invented the kITTY Whiz Transfer System. to date over a million cats have been automatically taught to use the toilet with this product. The CityKitty is a cheap copy of my product and does not work.

The Kitty Whiz works but since I have invented a better system , unfortunately, I just can't get myself to go down that road again.

It's funny, I got a call once from a reporter who worked for th eNational Enquirer and he just didn't believe me.

Ernie Hemple 801-687-4721
Posted by Ernest  in  Utah  on  Wed Jun 27, 2007  at  02:35 PM
Wrong wrong wrong. I'm a cat trainer - believe it or not, you can train almost any cat to do pretty much anything (under certain conditions anyway). I'm the trainer and performer for the Acro-Cats...they play instruments, jump through hoops, roll over, speak, sit pretty, stick-em-up, and a lot more. They're all free cats too...not in cages or tortured. Just regular ol' house cats. cat is potty trained. I didn't use Citikitty, I used the aluminum pan method. Worked GREAT.
Posted by Stephenie  in  Chicago  on  Fri Dec 28, 2007  at  11:19 AM
I am the father of this industry. I invented the Kitty Whiz Transfer System. I was on a 2,000+ radio shows and a couple of hundred radio shows and stories appeared in every newspaper on earth. The City-Kitty is just another cheap knock off of my Kitty Whiz Transfer System, except they don't have a clue about the science behind the Kitty Whiz. I could easily explain what is wrong with this product and other knock off, but then they would know how to make it the right way and I an not interested in helping these morons. The Kitty Whiz was invented in 1978. My first appeared in the Chicago Reader mid-1979. Newsweek had a television production company that created human interest news clips and distributed them to subscribing television stations. NBC's Real People purchased the clip and aired it a total of 8 times.
The product was sold to Vo Toys because I was not treated well within the pet product industry. The genius of my invention is still being ignored. I also had an automatic flushing system. At first I hired a couple of engineers who charged me a small fortune and they were completely uninspired. So I built two my self. The first one used a tropical plant probe which was placed in the toilet bowl water. when the cat urinated the problem would generate a small electrical current. The current would turn on a fish tank air pump, which blew up a balloon with the water tank. The balloon would rise and pull the flapper and cause the toilet to flush. Then it would automatically reset. The second one is the one that we actually sold. We attached a flat small metal bar about 3 inches long to the top left of the toilet lid. I then replaced the flush handle with a push handle. When the seat was up, the bar met the push flusher. I then took a 4" Styrofoam cylinder and using a band saw, I cut a grove to lengthwise to the middle of the cylinder. When a cats uses a toilet they paw the back of the seat, as if they were pawing at dirt to cover their waste. The pawing created just enough pressure with the cylinder slid over the flapper chain to cause the toilet to flush. Before I invented this product know one had even considered toilet training a cat. So, copy me all you want, but at least give me credit.
Ernest Hemple
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Erenst Hemple  in  Saratoga Springs, UT  on  Fri Dec 28, 2007  at  12:00 PM
It's not a hoax, it can be done, although I never used any kits. Check out "The Toilet Trained Cat" for proof... they have videos of their cats doing it!
Posted by Ellen  in  Atlanta  on  Wed Feb 27, 2008  at  09:40 AM
lots of cats have been toilet trained. my cat used to be toilet trained. just go on youtube, theres tons of evidence.
Posted by Cecilia  in  San francisco, CA  on  Thu Jul 10, 2008  at  01:42 PM
I invented the Kitty Whiz Transfer system in 1978. I was on a dozen television shows, in every newspaper on earth and did over two thousand radio interviews that year. My cat, Felix, called Felicia on Real People because the producer, George Schlatter was afraid of being sued by the trademark owners of Felix the Cat. Anywhys, most of these systems if not all of them are copies of the Kitty Whiz. I sold the product to Vo Toys in 1981. They work, but I have since refined the system and soon I will be coming out with a new version of the Kitty Whiz. My product will also automatically teach your cat to flush.
Posted by Ernest Hemple  in  Saratoga Springs, UT  on  Thu Jul 10, 2008  at  05:18 PM
Don't know whether any of your diligent commentators still monitor this post, since it's been inactive for a couple of years, but if you do and you're still doubtful about the ability to toilet train a cat, go to Youtube and type in "litter kwitter" or just visit our website at and you'll see plenty of real videos of cats using the toilet.
Posted by Drew  in  United States  on  Sun Jul 20, 2008  at  01:37 PM
Ok this is real. My uncles cat would go on the toilet. We tried to train our cats awhile back with this training system. It was a plastic toilet cover and you put it over the toilet with litter in it. Each week you would cut out form the middle till eventually the cats will just go on the plain toilet. Did it work? Well sort of. They would pee, but no poop. They would poop in the house. It was also nasty as hell to remove the thing everytime we had to do our business! Needless to say it was back to the litter box, then we finally switched to a cat genie. They are fantastic!
Posted by Chris  in  USA  on  Tue Jul 22, 2008  at  12:41 PM
Its a real thing, you can toilet train a cat. But this "product" is a scam, all you do is get a normal catbox (Preferable small enough to fit in a toilet bowl) and just put it in the toilet, fill it with litter, then eventually get rid of the box and turn off the water to the toilet, then fill the toilet with litter, finally you can start putting in water, if I remember the steps correctly. The thing is, the entire thing takes a long, long time and you have to start with a kitten to really get it into their heads.
Posted by Steven  on  Sat Nov 08, 2008  at  07:01 PM
i personally have had 2 cats in the past that i trained to use the toilet. it was great!! i'm getting ready to train the one i have now...cats are extremely smart!! i'm so sick of the litter box!! you don't have to use a kit. i used a disposable baking pan and slowly cut holes out of it. it works and it's cheap!!
Posted by tana  in  texas  on  Sun Sep 20, 2009  at  04:22 PM
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