Chinese man cooks fish with his bare hands, cures arthritis

I guess with over one billion people, it's inevitable that China would produce its share of kooks, quacks and crazies. This 71-year-old man who claims to let 220 volts flow through his body as a form of exercise and says he can cook fish in his bare hands in two minutes fits into at least two of those categories. Oh, he can cure arthritis, too. I just upped him to all three categories.

Chinese man cures arthritis with electricity

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Posted on Tue Jul 10, 2007


At least he doesn't claim to generate the power himself, he merely holds on to bare wires o.O
Posted by Ash  on  Tue Jul 10, 2007  at  06:14 AM
When I was in 4th grade (69 BCE) a kid brought in a crank-generated "arthritis and reumatis'" machine, which delivered a goodly charge to the afflicted whence they held two copper pipes attached to wires running to the simple generator. We all took turns, and I was able to hold onto the bars longer than any of the normal children. When I was a teenager, I took to placing my hand on the bare metal parts of an open old tube radio. After some experimentation, I found I could slightly alter the charge I received by changing contact pressure. I found that after a bit, I liked it, and it had no lasting, ill effects. It had no lasting ill effects. It had no lasting ill effects. True story
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Jul 10, 2007  at  06:56 PM
It isn't the voltage, at least not directly, that is dangeous, it's the current. The human skin has a resistance of about 10,000 ohms and it takes only 0.1 amp past the skin resistance to kill. When I was at tech school at Keesler AFB in 1967 a guy in the same school as me, but one class ahead and on the second shift (I was on the first) tested to see if his skin really had 10,000 ohms unfortunately he used the wrong probes on the PSM-6 multimeter and punctured his skin and sent a huge amount of current through his nervous system. The nerves have almost no resistance so the 9-volt battery provided way more current than needed to kill him. I forget the guy's name, I didn't know him, but we got a lot of safety lectures as a result.

I ownder how long it will be before this guy makes a mistake and get fried.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Tue Jul 10, 2007  at  10:10 PM
Even though I know what he's doing IS a possibilty, I don't believe all his claims (cooking a fish). Some of this stuff requires HIGH wattage, which equals HIGH amperage. To accomplish THAT would be DEADLY to him. I was at Disneyland awhile back, and they have one of those "Electricity: The wonder drug!" machines. It pumps a lot of voltage through ya', but no real amperage. It get's tough to let go the longer you hang on...
Posted by Christopher  on  Fri Jul 13, 2007  at  12:35 PM
my dad hand-washed dishes as an arthritis therapy. This tale sounds like a logical extension.
Posted by klp  on  Fri Jul 20, 2007  at  12:32 PM
That would be a nice new fish recipe.
Posted by Cooking Fish  on  Wed Feb 06, 2008  at  09:16 AM
yehh, funny and tasty new fish recipe names "fish hands" 😊
Posted by robert  on  Fri Apr 09, 2010  at  12:57 AM
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