Cheeseburger Oreos

Recently a photo circulated on social media showing Cheeseburger Oreos.

No, there is no such flavor. The photo originates from the Wreckless Eating YouTube channel, which features a pair of guys who eat weird combinations of food. In November 2014 they were eating cheeseburgers and oreos, and a friend of the show, freelance illustrator Beck McCoy, created a mock-up of a Cheeseburger Oreo package to accompany their stunt. The mock-up was shown about 2 minutes into the video.

Six months later, someone clipped the photo from the video and it began to circulate online.

Photos showing fake flavors of Oreos have become a minor trend on social media. In the past year, we've seen fake Fried Chicken Oreos as well as fake Butterbeer Oreos (which got Harry Potter fans quite excited for a while).

Nabisco itself even got into the game by apparently leaking pictures of Red Velvet Oreos in late 2014, then denying they were real. But several months later, the company disclosed that the flavor actually was real and would be released as a "limited edition" for Valentine's Day.

The fake Oreo flavor trend was probably inspired by the fact that there actually are quite a few odd flavors of Oreos (such as green tea, candy corn, watermelon, etc.) created as limited-edition promos, as well as to appeal to local tastes in foreign markets.

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Posted on Wed May 20, 2015


Wish the same could be said about Cadbury's Vegemite Chocolate. :sick:
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Fri May 22, 2015  at  07:51 PM
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