Diapers for Cats

image Are you tired of cleaning dirty cat litter? Then "Don't change the litter. Change the cat." Get some Catch-It Diapers for Cats. Actually I had a dog that had to wear diapers for a while (really), but somehow I don't think a cat would take too kindly to these things. Which must be why Catch-It also offers a line of bandages and other first-aid supplies.

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Posted on Fri May 07, 2004

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Also could be used after neutering operations? Do cats have periods like dog, i.e. uncontrollable bleeding...
Posted by Deity  on  Sat Jan 15, 2005  at  07:25 AM
i think they do i a friend of my has 4 or 5 cat but even if they don't they did pee eveywhere as kittens if i get a cat i think id buy catch it
Posted by mike  in  london  on  Fri Jul 22, 2005  at  06:31 PM
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