Breaded Chicken Jesus

Ernesto Hernandez of Pennsylvania was about to eat his dinner, prepared by his wife, when he noticed that one of the pieces of breaded chicken on his plate seemed to have an image of Jesus on it. Although professing not to be very religious, he did tell the local TV news (WNEP in Scranton, PA) that seeing Christ's face on his plate "kind of took me back a minute." He also felt that it was some kind of sign. He put the piece of Jesus chicken in the refrigerator where, by the next day, it had shrunk in size.


Posted on Sun Nov 23, 2014


Doesn't anyone ever see an image of Jesus on their food and think, 'Wow! An image of Jesus! I wonder if it tastes any holier,' and then just eat it anyway? If I saw an image of Jesus on my toast or something, I'd definitely eat it
Posted by Pete Byrdie  on  Sun Nov 23, 2014  at  10:49 PM
Pete -- I guess those cases don't make it to the news!
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Nov 24, 2014  at  06:06 AM
Nah, that can't be right! Certainly in the UK, our tabloids will print anything. 'I ATE JESUS says man'. A selfie with the blessed food item entering his maw would be all that was required as proof. It would be front page news for The Sun. 😉
Posted by Pete Byrdie  on  Thu Nov 27, 2014  at  09:21 AM
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