Boy With 12 Fingers (and 13 Toes)

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The photos of his hands and feet look like they were photoshopped to add an extra digit (kind of like this ad), but they weren't. Devender Harne was born with twelve fingers and thirteen toes. That seems like it would be pretty useful. It certainly helps him type faster. It may also earn him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. (via J-Walk)

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Posted on Thu Oct 06, 2005


Just because a child did not inheirit this particular trait from you does not mean that it is not your child.Don't jump the gun here! I have a condition called Alpha 1. My children are not Alphas as I and my parents are. They are known as Carriers.
This child could be a carrier of polydactilic traits. This means it is possible for it to skip an offspring, but show up later in their offspring.May I also suggest that if you are that concerned about this precious child being yours, that you take a paternity test? Do this post haste as your attitude could negatively affect the relationship of you and the child's mother, not to mention the damage you could do to the innocent child's psyche.
Posted by Kathy Schroeder  in  Nicholasville, ky.  on  Wed Feb 28, 2007  at  06:38 AM
Hi there, My daughter was born with 6 toes on each foot. It is the little toe and each one has a bone but also different in looks. I work at an elementary school and have seen 2 girls that had-have 6 fingers.
Posted by carol larson  in  long beach ca  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  11:21 PM
hey dues this kid is a unlucky kid he kind of cool tho write back soon dudes tell me which 1 is his extra finger and toe
Posted by jamie  in  nottingham england  on  Wed Apr 18, 2007  at  02:35 AM
just leave this kid aloe hes just 1 in a millon he should ne left in peace
Posted by pete  in  england  on  Wed Apr 18, 2007  at  02:51 AM
i had a friend who made fun of someone who was polydactylic. Then a few weeks later he had a nephew that was born polydactylic, ironic really. He had to change his point of view and his bad opions about this disease. Is polydactyl something that can be passed down from parent to child but it is not shown.
Posted by dudeman123321namedud  in  mars  on  Wed May 02, 2007  at  07:58 PM
Hello I am one of four children and out of us four one of my little sisters we born with 12 fingers and 12 toes they were removered when she was unger. We did not know why she got them she is the frist in are family that we know of untill now My neice was born with one extra toe on her right foot and they decided not to remove it becouas it is part of who she is. but like i said so far they are the only two in are family that we know of.
Posted by Alisha  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  07:58 PM
very coooooooooooooooooooooooll!!!!!!!! LOL
Posted by francesca  in  settala italy  on  Sun Jul 15, 2007  at  08:53 AM
I was born with 8 extra toes on one foot two index toes and my big toe was a double toe. I also was born with 7 extra bones on the top of my foot not in my toes. All of it is removed now except one extra bone that they didn't see in the x-ray. Besides there is already a new baby boy that was born a month ago with 12 finger and 14 toes. I where special foot braces now.
Posted by 8 toed  in  Coon Rapids, MN  on  Wed Aug 29, 2007  at  10:44 AM
well i have 11 fingers in total. i have 6 on one hand and 2 on the other. but when i was very little they cut it off. so now its like a nub on my pinky. over the years i have gotten use to it. but when i was of the age from 5-8. i thought i was wierd . but now that im 12, i have realized that im special and im happy to be different because no one is really the same, so i want to be a leader not a follower. i would rather be different than the same. i really dont care what anyone says about my extra finger because im VERY HAPPY TO BE ME. I LIKE ME THE WAY I AM. AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, THAN TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!! grin
Posted by gigi  in  ny  on  Sat Sep 08, 2007  at  10:53 PM
I and my son have both with 12 fingers and 12 toes all functional. We landed a spot at last year's Ripley's Believe it or Not and we were also featured in a popular men's magazine(FHM) here in our country, the Philippines and were featured in a local and national television. What I would like to emphasize is that being different is not bad. It's a genetic accident, I hope that all of the exposures we had could help my son to live a normal life. I am encouraging everyone with the same condition not to be ashamed, show your worth . Modesty aside being a polydactyl does not stop me in pursuing my dreams and showing my talents. Great people with normal fingers and toes have done wonders in this world . Think of what the extra digits we have to do wonders in this world.
Posted by albert m. perculeza  in  Philippines  on  Sat Oct 20, 2007  at  06:33 AM
As far as it being hereditary... it is. My husband had 12 finger and 12 toes at birth. They were removed when he was 6 months old. We have two children, our first didn't have the extra digits/fingers/toes, but our second does.
Posted by Christina  in  Kentucky  on  Tue Nov 13, 2007  at  10:47 AM
keep up the good work and that is very brave of you to fit in right away.if i were you i would only think about what others thought and not what i thought about myself.

your friend,

Posted by maurisha  in  Jacksom Michigan  on  Fri Nov 30, 2007  at  09:36 PM
I have two sisters and one brother. I am the "baby" of the family. I was born with 12 fingers and 12 toes. I was the first one in the family born with extra fingers or toes. Our oldest daughter was also born with 1 extra toe. But, our other two kids didn't. Is it hereditary? And, is it true about the indian trait?
Posted by Traci  in  Texas  on  Thu Jan 31, 2008  at  01:20 PM
I was born with one extra toe on my right foot, my 9 yo twin boys both have an extra toe on each foot (and webbing, so are polysyndactyls) but my youngest has totally 'normal' feet. I had my extra toe removed at 17 so I could wear 'normal' shoes, but the twins feet are not wide at all - they now wear 'normal' shoes. SO the width thing is an individual characteristic, but it is definately an inherited genetic condition - my great Aunts both had extra toes and fingers!
Posted by Jayn  in  Essex, UK  on  Mon Feb 18, 2008  at  12:25 PM
i was born with six fingers on both hands and 7toes on one foot these were removed when i was a baby i got called alot of nasty things at school due to they thought i wasnt normal. i still get very embarassed as i have scars on my left hand that i will have for the rest of my life.
Posted by corrine Hurst  in  united kingdom  on  Tue Feb 19, 2008  at  02:41 PM
Hello I was on here about a year ago one of my sisters was born with 12 and 12 and one of my nices was born with one extra on her right foot she is now one years old she has been walking for six months now she goes all over and it dose not seem to bother her and every one who sees it thinks it is cool and does not juge her witch is great.
Posted by Alisha  in  michigan  on  Thu Feb 28, 2008  at  04:25 PM
My daughter was just born with 11 fingers and 12 toes. Not only was it not genetic.... but I stayed in excelent physical health thru out my pregnancy. The reasoning for it as told to me by the specialists at Children's hospital was that it was due to a flook - some kind of abnormaility in the amnio fluid. So it remains unexplained to a certain degree. Not only was the extra finger non-functional (it already fell off due to lack of blood flow to the extra digit), I am taking her to have the extra toes removed ASAP. Mostly due to the problems it will cause for her when she begins to walk but partially due to the ignorant and down right hateful and hurtful comments that I have heared and read. I refuse to allow anybody to know what happened because the she will never be hurt by somebody's comments. A physical defect does not have any lasting physical effects but the emotional effects of being taunted becuase of it as a small child would be lasting.
Posted by Mommy  in  USA  on  Mon Mar 17, 2008  at  07:30 AM
My son was born with extra digets. On his right hand he has a partial thumb that is connected by a string of skin but it has a nail, that same hand his thumb is actually a finger because it has joints like a finger on his left hand he has a two thumbs that grew together there are 2 finger nails and the thumb is really wide. On his left foot he has 2 big toes that share a bottom joint and move together. And last but not least his right foot his has a 2nd big toe that grows out of the side of his big toe.
Posted by Tara  in  Washington  on  Mon Mar 17, 2008  at  02:10 PM
for me it's not an accident it's so cool having 6 fingers and toes it makes you look more different smile smile
Posted by francesca  on  Sat Apr 12, 2008  at  09:02 AM
my daughter is 6 months old and was born with 12 toes and 12 fingers. she will need to have them removed when she is a year old. they have bone but no function. does anyone know if a year old is really a good time or can they do it earlier. i dont want her to be delayed walking or such things? has anyone had it done earlier?
Posted by kerri  in  chelsea  on  Tue Jul 15, 2008  at  11:28 PM
I was born in Jamaica with six fingers on each hand, I have not been bothered by them, but growing as a child it was difficult being taunt by others. no members of my immediate or extended family has it. I am now fifty two and have concerns of how and why they came about???
Posted by dennis  in  Long Island, New York  on  Wed Oct 08, 2008  at  04:43 PM
my 8 month old daughter was born with 12 fingers and 12 toes. her extra digits are non functioning and will be removed as early as the end of this month. if they did work that would be great. i would keep them.
Posted by kerri  in  boston mass  on  Wed Oct 08, 2008  at  08:11 PM
i am a 29 year old African American female. I was born in Utah and I was also born with twelve fingers. I have an uncle on my dads side that was born wiht eleven fingers. Growing up I had a complex about the tiny bumps on the sides of my hands. A friend of mine thought they were warts and that really hurt my feelings. later I met a girl that also had 12 fingers her mother told us that people with six fingers on either hand would rule the next world. Even though I knew that wasn't true, it made me feel better about my extra digits. the older I get i have noticed that it is not all that uncommon Its just that people that are born this way dont feel the need to inform everyone else so we all probably meet people weekly that were born with 6 fingers or toes.
Posted by Roniel  in  California  on  Fri Oct 10, 2008  at  02:35 PM
To Linda Davis,

My grandmother's family are Davis and they have toe abnormalities. Luckily, I think it has died out but she had a "double" great toe. It was quite wide and looked like 2 toes fused together on her right foot. I have found other Davis' with this same abnormality. Is any of your family from Tennessee? Im wondering if this is a Native American genetic trait myself and am looking for more Davis.
Posted by Kathryn Moore  in  Tennessee  on  Wed May 06, 2009  at  10:22 PM
"There were polydactyl musicians in the days of Mozart and Handel, and those composers wrote pieces especially for them to play for piano and violin."

This comment was made here in 2005, but does anybody have a reference to back it up? Curious people on Wikipedia want to know.

Posted by Bowlhover  in  Ontario Canada  on  Fri Jun 26, 2009  at  10:01 PM
It's odd.
Posted by Someone  in  Somewhere  on  Sun Sep 20, 2009  at  09:06 PM
smile smile smile
Posted by anonymous  in  philippines  on  Thu Nov 12, 2009  at  02:26 AM
i had an extra finger on my left in 1st year high school now and they are always teasing me eleven fingers!and im just telling them your just jealous because im lucky your not!so thats why i have always a handkerchief to hide it this is just too difficult for me!! smile:(:):(:((
Posted by anonymous  in  philippines  on  Thu Nov 12, 2009  at  02:34 AM
I was born with extra toes. My father was born with extra fingers and toes.

I would bet its heriditary.

My older brother does not have extra fingers or toes. My younger sister doesn't either.

Maybe it skips a generation?
Posted by Ryan  in  Dallas  on  Wed Feb 03, 2010  at  01:12 PM
I was born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, which were surgically removed when I was a baby. My two boys were "normal", but then my little girl was born and she had six fingers on one hand, seven on the other, and six toes on each foot. We had these removed because I wanted to save her any teasing as she got older. However, she still has six fingers on one hand because the two fingers are fused together and share one bone.
Posted by Kym  in  San Diego  on  Sat Feb 06, 2010  at  10:53 PM
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