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Blue Peter Socksgate Scandal
For the second time in six months, the hosts of Blue Peter have had to apologize for deceiving their viewers. For Americans who don't know what Blue Peter is, it's a British children's show featuring always peppy presenters. It's been on the air for decades, and is like a TV institution over in Britain. I remember watching it as a kid when my family lived in London.

The latest incident involves a cat named Cookie. The show had asked their viewers to vote on what to name the next Blue Peter Cat. 40,000 votes were cast, and the name "Cookie" won, but the Blue Peter production team decided to veto that choice and instead pretend that the name "Socks" had won. It's difficult to understand their reasoning. Maybe they believed that a cat named Cookie would prove to be a disaster for the show's ratings.

The Blue Peter presenters recently apologized for the cookie cover-up and announced they would be adopting a new cat named Cookie (shown in the thumbnail), while simultaneously keeping Socks around as well. The Socksgate scandal cost Richard Marson, the Blue Peter editor, his job.

In the previous case of deception, Blue Peter had faked the winner of a charity phone-in competition. (Thanks, Joe!)

Links: The Guardian, Times Online, CNN.
Posted by The Curator on Mon Oct 01, 2007

According to various news sites and TV news "Cookie" was vetoed because it was supposedly slang for female genitalia. I've not yet met anyone who has come across that usage and it is generally understood to meen a large biscuit. Maybe someone confused it with "pussy" when naming the show's pussycats!
Posted by Sarah (Messybeast)  on  Tue Oct 02, 2007  at  07:32 AM
i have heard that used as slang for that particular area of a woman's body - but by teeange wannabe gangstas, hardly the kind of audience Blue Peter appeals to. Besides, the Blue Peter team put a number of names on a site and asked viewers to pick one - if they didn't like Cookie, they should have put it there!
Posted by Nona  in  London  on  Tue Oct 02, 2007  at  08:22 AM
This is amazing . . . That Blue Peter is still going after the great urinating elephant disaster of 1967, the dying studio dogs replaced in secret scandals of 1970, 1976 and 1985 and the presenter pregnant to married political figure calamity that gave the world singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

And yet other kids TV shows die when the ratings drop slightly.
Posted by D F Stuckey  in  Auckland New Zealand  on  Sat Oct 06, 2007  at  08:11 AM
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