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Birdman Weapons Systems
image Birdman Weapons Systems offers "unfriendly products for an unfriendly world." For instance, they sell the ShotCaller2000 9mm Telephone (it'll fire one shot into the ear of whoever answers it), the Mountain Dew Shotgun (in case you have the urge to fire cans of Mountain Dew at high velocity), and, of course, the Nuke 50 Micronuclear ("a mind bending MicroNuclear blast  in a tiny, convenient and affordable package"). Definitely check out the video of the Nuke 50 in action. Unfortunately it looks like their site hasn't been updated in a while. (Submitted by Sam)
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jun 14, 2004

That video ownz all U dig!!!?!????
Posted by Hollow Man  on  Tue Jun 15, 2004  at  07:08 PM
It seems has been sold to a birdman.
I've got nuke50 somewhere though..
Posted by john huttley  in  New Zealand  on  Tue Dec 13, 2005  at  01:32 AM
It links to a football site...
Posted by Eric Melech  in  Milky Way Galaxy  on  Thu Jan 26, 2006  at  02:48 PM
eric youve been a bad boy. no sechs 4 u kekeke
Posted by your mom  on  Sat Mar 25, 2006  at  11:24 AM
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