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Bigfoot Likes Pizza
Michigan resident Anthony Padilla thinks that Bigfoot has been wandering around his property and eating his food. Specifically, his pizza. And after Bigfoot eats the pizza, he poops. Padilla has collected the scat and he wants the police to test it for DNA. The police have demurred.

Padilla is apparently staking his claim to a $10 million prize being offered by Spike TV for coming up with "irrefutable proof" of the existence of Bigfoot. Actually, it's not clear to me whether Spike TV is offering the prize to anyone, or only to the group of competitors on its forthcoming "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" TV show. If it's the latter, Padilla is wasting his time.
Posted by The Curator on Fri Jan 10, 2014
isn't Anthony Padilla the name of the one half of youtube celebrity duo Smosh??
Posted by frederick zabala  in  Puerto Rico  on  Fri Jan 10, 2014  at  11:57 PM
This Padilla is 52. Different guy. Anthony and Padilla are actually both common names.
Posted by Carl  in  Long Island, NY  on  Sun Jan 12, 2014  at  10:17 PM


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