BigBoy Graveyard

image Detroit Funk offers photographic evidence of the existence of a BigBoy Graveyard, which is kind of like the legendary Elephant Graveyard, except for BigBoys:

People all heard of it, but nobody had actually seen it with their own eyes. Well then my brotherinlaw Dave discovers the actual location - it was not an urban legend ! The BigBoy Graveyard actually existed...And its one of the saddest places in the DetroMetro area (if not the world) , its damn hard not to shed a tear there for all the fallen Boys.


Posted on Mon Apr 25, 2005


Frisch's is a company based here in Cincinnati that owns Big Boy's in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.
Posted by Big Don  in  Porkopolis Ohio  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  07:14 AM
There used to be a Big Boy in Decatur Illinois, and it was Top's Big Boy until Frisch's bought it.
I don't remember ever eating there...Big Boy kinda freaked me out....
Posted by MyssiD  in  Central Illinois  on  Thu Apr 06, 2006  at  10:51 AM
If the Big boy graveyard was indeed in Detroit, it's likely because Elias Brothers (of Detroit) bought all franchising rights when Marriott sold most of the Big Boy chain to the Restaurant Enterprises Group (then parent of Carrows and Coco's) back in the 90's.
Bob's was the original and Elias brothers was the first franchise.
Posted by Ross  in  San Diego  on  Mon Aug 14, 2006  at  12:19 AM
If anyone knows the locale of the graveyard, i need to get there. I need an original Shoney's Big Boy (larger than the current Bob's bigboy).
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by Emily  on  Sat Aug 26, 2006  at  07:15 AM
wow... im confused.. i looked up random murders, and it came to this. it wont let me use the hyberlink. was it like a mass murder graveyard?? im really confused.
Posted by shannon  in  newyork  on  Thu May 24, 2007  at  07:24 PM
just received today a large 'big boy" for restoration. a friend of mine had it setting in his pasture and ask that i repaint, etc.

Big Boy is in great shape EXCEPT the wrist, platter and hamburger have been cut off WHY--WHO KNOWS.
the platter was cut off evenly so all i need is a placement arm, tray and hamburger. i could bondo this back on and the Big Boy would be in great shape
stands about 5 feet and weighs about 75 to 100 #

where is this graveyard and are parts available? anyone know where i can get the right arm?


reid piper
Posted by REID PIPER  in  Atlanta GA  on  Mon Jul 02, 2007  at  01:49 PM
Where in Detroit is the Big Boy Graveyard? I am currently restoring an original 7ft statue and am missing the arm from just above the elbow on up (sadly, this has been missing for 23 years). Would love to salvage the part for authenticity.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

J. Langford
Posted by Jonathan Langford  in  Senoia, GA  on  Mon Jul 16, 2007  at  11:04 PM
There are actually TWO Big Boy Graveyards in Michigan (we have a lot of Big Boys):

We had a McDonald's go out of business in Traverse City. They razed the site in a single day.
Posted by farlane  in  Leland, MI  on  Mon Jul 30, 2007  at  06:39 AM
Fred Bell owned Kip's in the Dallas area. Lemmon & Inwood, Northpark Mall, Northwest Hwy & Hillcrest, Northwest Hwy & Marsh Ln. Forest Ln & Marsh Ln., Oak Cliff (Zang & I-35E). He also owned Fred's BBQ at Forest & Marsh Ln
Posted by ed  in  Dallas, TX  on  Tue Jan 13, 2009  at  01:40 PM
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