Beta-7 and Sega ESPN NFL Football

I don't have much time to examine this fully, but a visitor (Rocketboy_X) just alerted me to a possible hoax involving a guy named 'Beta-7' who claims to have been a beta tester for one of Sega's new video games, ESPN NFL Football, until he began to experience blackouts during which he would engage in unpredictable behavior (such as randomly tackling people). On his website (or rather, a website devoted to publicizing his claims), Beta-7 claims that the game (which was just released a few weeks ago) causes this reaction in a small percentage of people, and that Sega knows about this and is trying to cover it up. Of course, this all smells like it's a controversy engineered by Sega itself for publicity. Here's another website that explores the entire controversy and the various theories people have about it.


Posted on Wed Sep 24, 2003


i want to play that
Posted by Camisetas NFL  on  Sat Mar 26, 2011  at  05:22 PM
This is pretty late, but here's something to put your mind at ease:
Posted by Sakano  on  Fri May 27, 2011  at  11:48 AM
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