Best of the Forum – 22nd June 07

Flowers growing from a steel pipe (NEO)
A Chinese man has found what he believes to be a patch of white flowers growing from a steel pipe in his vegetable garden.
Ding has consulted his neighbours, who believe the flowers are the legendary Youtan Poluo flower, which blossoms only once every 3,000 years.
“No soil, no water. These flowers can bring me good luck,” he added.

Forum members suspect, however, that the 'flowers' are lacewing eggs (see pictures to compare.)

Make your bad grades disappear! (Accipiter)
A student worried about re-taking a year at school because of his bad exam results talked two friends into entering a classroom wearing masks, threatening the teacher with an iron bar, and attempting to steal the report cards. Sadly for the sixteen-year old and his accomplices, the other students in the class defended the teacher, and they fled without the reports. The associates, aged 14 and 15 respectively, were arrested near to the school.

Herman Munster's Identity Stolen (Tah)
Internet thieves on an underground chatroom were offering the personal identification data of Herman Munster. Apparently unfamiliar with the television series The Munsters, the thieves were offering information such as his address - 1313 Mocking Bird Lane - and his Mastercard number. The theory is that a fan of the programme deliberately provided the bogus data.

A horror movie come to life (Iridium)
Three families in Fircrest claim to have been victims of harassment for four months now. The families say that the mysterious stalkers are tracking their moves, controlling their cell phones, and sending death threats.
Somehow, the callers have gained control of the family cell phones, Price and Kuykendall say. Messages received by the sisters include snatches of conversation overheard on cell-phone mikes, replayed and transmitted via voice mail. Phone records show many of the messages coming from Courtney’s phone, even when she’s not using it – even when it’s turned off.
Whilst the phone company claims this is impossible, the Department of Commerce says that there is such thing as a 'roving bug', which will work whether the phone is on or not, and can pinpoint its location to within a few feet.

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Posted on Fri Jun 22, 2007


Yeah, right, those first things are insect eggs of some sort...
Posted by artemiss  on  Fri Jun 22, 2007  at  08:56 PM
I'd actually heard about the Herman Munster thing from the other end, that apparently someone had caught ind of a scam and provided the info, then contacted the police, telling them to be on the lookout for any purchases by Herman.
Posted by Bobcat  on  Sat Jun 23, 2007  at  05:57 AM
Yeee-up. Those first ones are bug eggs. Used to find thigns like that all over everything when I was little. I guess, also, that the cocoons on my wall are some sort of flower bug xD
Posted by Mera  on  Sat Jun 23, 2007  at  08:35 PM
Cell phones have to have some way of letting the transmitters know where the phone is so that messages and calls can reach the phone. My guess is that the stalkers have discovered the codes for these families and are using another phone that they programmed with the stolen codes. What's next, stealing credit card numbers and falsely obtaining merchandise? If this keeps up, people are going to start to think nothing of cussing.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Sun Jun 24, 2007  at  05:41 PM
Oooh, that cellphones one is a bit creepy. Imagien someoen calling you up and replaying a bit of your very private cellphone conversation. Would freak me out completly. Then I'd buy a new mobile phone, and start taping all the calls on my house phone, after I'd switched to an unlisted number...seriously - why haven't they bought new phones?
Posted by Nona  on  Mon Jun 25, 2007  at  06:24 AM
Isn't anyone else reminded of poltergeisten?

That is, isn't anyone else suspicious that the teenager in the household is having a bit of fun? I do believe Alex has reported on similar cases.
Posted by Carl Fink  on  Mon Jun 25, 2007  at  06:51 AM
That harassment case was on the news the other day (well, possibly the Today show, but that's sort of like the news) and it really did sound very creepy. I would love to hear that it was some sort of hoax.
Posted by Anne (in Reno)  on  Thu Jun 28, 2007  at  05:44 PM
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