Best of the Forum – 1st June 07

Botched Fax Prompts “Terrorism” Scare (MadCarlotta)
Police shut down a strip mall in Boston on Wednesday after a branch of Bank of America received a faulty fax. The fax, which had been sent out by the bank's corporate office, had left off some of the text, leaving some dubious clip art. The plaza was evacuated for around three hours.

Roswell Theme Park (Madmouse)
Roswell city officials plan a UFO-themed amusement park that could open as early as 2010. Local shopkeepers base a large proportion of their trade around the UFO craze, and believe that the theme park would give tourists more to do whilst visiting.

Dutch Reality Show: Win This Person’s Kidney! (Slender Loris)
Earlier this week, Dutch TV station BNN announced their latest reality show. The premise was that a woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour would choose which of three contestants to donate a kidney to before she died. The Big Donor Show immediately sparked international furore, with mixed attitudes towards the show's concept. Today, it was revealed that the show was a hoax. Whilst it still aired, the woman playing the potential donor was perfectly healthy and, although the three contestants were in need of replacement kidneys, they were fully aware of the show's real premise. The show was aired and advertised as it was to draw attention to the shortage of donor organs in the Netherlands. Judging from the international coverage, they succeeded.

Japanese Ghost Girl (Boo)
Youtube hosts yet another unconvincing 'ghost' video. Look for the point where the special effects kick in.

Car made of cake (Nettie)
Photos of a Skoda advertisement wherein they make a whole car from cake.

An intriguing and mysterious website (Beasjt's number is 669)
Can you decipher the code?

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Posted on Fri Jun 01, 2007


If you can prove you're a space alien, do you get a discount into the park?
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  09:57 PM
Duh, gee boss. Did I miss somethin' in that ghost video? It looked as real as a Godzilla movie, or WWE to me... Too bad there's no subtitles...
Posted by Christopher  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  11:27 PM
More on the kidney show here:

On a sidenote: I wonder how long this will be stated as "actually happenend" (as in that it was real) when it comes to "liberal holland" bashing by FOX News c.s.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Sat Jun 02, 2007  at  02:40 AM
Here is a little clip about Rutger (he is a guy working for a dutch blog "Geenstijl" which translates to "Nostyle". He was sent to confront the foreign journalists during the show and tell them (spoiling the end) that it
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  in  Earth  on  Sat Jun 02, 2007  at  04:17 AM
I really like the idea of this forum of the week thing alex. Lately there have been too many forum posts to read it all, but I like knowing I won't miss out on the best ones.
Posted by Razela  in  Chicago, IL  on  Sat Jun 02, 2007  at  02:11 PM
Just read the ones I post, Razela. Those are the important ones. 😉

So, who's the closest to Roswell? That person ought to go there one weekend to see the new park. With over 4,000 registered members, if each person on the Museum of Hoaxes donates a dollar it should be enough to pay for it all.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Sun Jun 03, 2007  at  02:06 AM
The woman playing the potential donor was perfectly healthy, but not a donor.... because her friend dindn't want her to. So far for feminism...
Posted by Gerrit  on  Sun Jun 03, 2007  at  01:03 PM
I've been to Roswell (my brother lives in Albuquerque, plus I just like New Mexico anyway), and it is definitely true that All Things Extraterrestrial are big business there. As for the amusement park...well, it might be kind of cool, but I have to say that the last time I went to Roswell (which was at least 10 years ago, so it might have changed), it wasn't so much All Things Extraterrestrial as it was All Cheesy Things Extraterrestrial.

I enjoy cheesiness at least as well as the next gal. For example, I simply adored the Space Aliens Bar & Grill that I went to in Fargo, N.D. (really). But I'm not sure about an entire amusement park full of it.
Posted by Kathleen  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  01:08 PM
Well, we are just as liberal as little old Holland here in NZ ( Except when tolerating anyone who has religious beliefs or doesn't drink beer 😊 And AFAIK none of our media groups has yet to say it was a hoax after reporting it for some time.

PS Yes, the NZ woman did die because the power company shut off her electricity.
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Mon Jun 04, 2007  at  10:03 PM
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