Ban On Anime

An email has been going around urging people to sign this petition:

To:  George Bush
Some people are signing against anime and are calling is to be a "perverse, evil, insiduous form of animation from the dark land of Japan, and is corrupting America's youth at unprecedented rates." Anime is NOT corrupting the youth of America, and since when has America become a country of Christians? Isn't there a SEPARATION of Church and State? Isn't this a ban on our Freedom of Speech? And Freedom of Press? What does anime have to do with brainwashing our youth?

Even though I'm not sure what 'signing against anime' is supposed to mean, I do know that there is no movement underfoot by any politician to ban anime. But it's worth scrolling through the messages left by the 4129 people who signed the petition. Some of them are quite amusing.


Posted on Sat Jan 29, 2005


Real petitions and online petitions has a very serious value. So, there's a 100% chance that anime can be banned. Sorry folks, there's nothing we can do to put a stop to this petition.
Posted by Josh Taylor  in  Eastman, Georgia  on  Tue May 02, 2006  at  09:52 PM
Actually Josh Taylor, petitions are highly overrated and online petitions even more so. Petitions, written petitions, are counted as one vote by politican regardless of the number of signatures on the petition. The same with form letters; however, personal letters - the kind you write yourself using your own thoughts and words - count for about 10,000 votes. Plus, even if someone was able to get Congress to pass such a ban, and get the President to sign it, the Supreme Court would strike it down. My guess is that there is no campaign to ban anime and the website arguing against the ban is just trying to get attention, and it worked.
Posted by Christopher Cole  in  Tucson, AZ  on  Wed May 03, 2006  at  06:58 PM
My my, I'm surrounded by slow kids!O.O;


...brainless peons...(mumble mumble) <.<;
Posted by Miser Meaku  on  Fri May 19, 2006  at  06:18 AM
Actually, when I was in Japan, Otaku meant "specialist", or essentially a nerd. I was called a history otaku. Other people are anime otaku, computer otaku, etc. There's far too much of a stigma attached to the word here in the West, and that stigma is outdated in Japan. It's not really such a bad term over there anymore, that stigma's pretty much gone. I heard this straight from my teacher's mouth while we were there, so you can't deny it. She's a born and raised citizen, so she'd know what she's talking about.
Posted by Flatline  on  Wed May 24, 2006  at  02:18 AM
And yes, 'twas a brilliant ruse. I just wanted to get my say in that Otaku is no longer a...well, I would say 4 letter word, but there's 5. You get the point.
Posted by Flatline  on  Wed May 24, 2006  at  02:23 AM
Banning Anime would be about as effective as the Prohibition movement. Take a look at history. Anytime something has been banned, they almost always repeal that decision. Too many people find ways to cheat and get whatever was banned.
Anime would be exactly the same way. Compare to all the other cartoons on TV. The PowerPuff Girls, for instance. Three little girls with superpowers made by some wacked out professor who was messing around in his lad. Everyone absolutely loves them, but I think they're stupid. The show's not very realistic.
And I'm not saying Anime is always realtistic. Inuyasha, for example, has a girl that falls in a well and goes back to the feudal era. However, if you pay attention to what happens, they act like real people. Jealousy, hurt, anger, happiness, love, the whole nine yards, they do it. There's more rivalry than just between good and bad, which is how real life is.
Also the fact that anime is much more educational. Since they use alot of Japanese(even in the shows that have been changed to English) it helps children, and adults, to start learning another language.
Banning anime would be pointless because it would make America's youth even dumber, and also we'd still find ways to get it.
Posted by Miski  on  Thu May 25, 2006  at  08:33 AM
You cant ban anime. If your saying its bad then you eather have not watched any or you have only watched the bad stuff (henti) and think that all anime is bad. its not corrupting anyone. its a free country so people can watch whatever they want and if they chose to watch anime then it is there choice not yours.I also doubt that Bush would even consiter getting rid or anime. Alot of people like it and its hard just to get rid of something so many people like. And how can it be evil???? If you watch animes like naruto ,teentitins,and other shows on like cartoon network. how are they bad i dare you to give me at least one resone how they are bad and are corrupting Americas youth.And if you hate it so bad then why dont you just ban it in your own house instead of geting thousands of people ticked off at you cuz your trying to get it baned???So if i were you i would just quit all this crap. your just waisting your time. Bush is not going to get rid of anime so stop trying. And if you want to get some kind of tv baned then why dont you get porn baned nobody but perverts care for it. So would you rather ban anime or porn?
Posted by Alexis  in  Ohio  on  Thu Jul 13, 2006  at  09:54 PM
Alright people, look, I know this probably is a stupid joke, or this petition doesn't mean a damn thing. But for crying out loud, I mean, Cartoons and Anime, it's just about the same thing, just like there's childish sweet, innocent, harmless cartoons, there's also sweet, innocent and harmless animes. If you'd ban anime you'd have to ban cartoons too, like...Simpsons or South park, or even Drawn together, cartoons like this have the same effect (But in my opinion worst) then teenage rated animes, such as InuYasha or other violent animes. And about the porn thing of kid animes...I saw the same thing about Cartoons just about everywhere in porn sites. And Jesus christ, comparing Japan and America of course there are difference, in some things America is worst and in another Japan is worst...Grow up people! There's perverted people everywhere who will find pleasure in ruining a childs anime or Cartoon. And Anime such as cartooning is a form of art, people do it for fun! There's no way they could ban something such as any form of artwork, it's like telling people to stop playing music, or rapping because there's violent words in the lyrics. Keeping kids from maturing is stupid too, they're going to have to learn about this stuff one day.
Posted by Konekochan  in  Canada Ottawa  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  10:24 AM
Anime being evil? Like Harry Potter is witch craft right? Ignorance must be the base of our goverment then. Anime is nothing "evil"
Posted by sara hazuda  in  dont rape me, that state  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  02:38 PM
ok, first off, I think that wanting to ban anime is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And for another thing, I am really upset because whoever is reading is obviously extremely racist which makes me angry to no end, not to mention the fact they are insukting one of the greatest civilizations on in history. I think the person who wrote this petition should be locked in a mental institude.
Posted by Sean  in  US  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  09:45 PM
WTF! Bush can't do that. Anime is very popular. There are some series that are educational. Fullmetal Alchemist talks a lot about History, especially in the movie.

Honestly, they have no rights. . .
Posted by Aru-Chan  in  Indiana  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  10:51 PM
Anime is very important in some kid's lives. Banning it wouldn't make most kids happy. My son won't read anything besides a manga book, even though thats the only thing he reads, its still reading. Before he knew about it he wouldn't pick up a book. Anime isn't just about being killed, some talk about teen love and life of a teen couple. It gives some teen's a look of life. Anime is bad, its good.
Posted by Chi@Miami  on  Sat Jul 29, 2006  at  10:53 PM
This person is serously on crack. I swear, if Anime does get baned, I will personaly become an enemy of the state! Just call me-dramatic pause-ANIME GAL! shock(Men in white pull me away) Or maybe I should just move to Japan. 9_9!
Posted by Doma Yuset  on  Sun Jul 30, 2006  at  06:37 AM
All right people. everyone just get a grip and stop whining, complaining, cussing, bitching, and threatening each other and Bush. He himself cannot put a ban on anything.
If some of you would study on how the American Government works, you would realize that this all got started by a letter from an angry parent that caught their kid watching some anime that had nudity in it or some such thing.
Also, every show has merit, despite the fact it may offend some. Take South Park for example. Highly offensive and full of uncouth language, and the characters make fun of many subjects. That's where the key is. The creators have the balls to make fun of extremely serious subjects, which is why so many watch.
And sara hazuda, thank you for bringing up the point of Harry Potter. Do you know how many parents have off off about it? "She's a witch""She's trying to make our children into devil worshippers", so on and so forth. That's the argument.
However, once they've sat down and actually started reading the books, they change.
People tend to go against things they do not understand, therefore they are ignorant and do not know what they speak of.
If Bush really wanted to push the issue of banning Anime, he'd probably make a statement about it.
As I said before, stop and take the time to study how the govt system works, so that you don't an arse of yourself.
Posted by Miski  in  Kansas  on  Sun Jul 30, 2006  at  11:20 AM
Okay, to be honest, it seems this is a hoax. But if it wasn't, I would definitely have to say that SOME anime is a LITTLE too much, but that doesn't mean you have to watch it. Hentai is different from anime. You don't HAVE to watch Anime. And in no way is Anime trying to make people join the Japanese army. Uhh, hello, since when was Japan ever jealous of our "power"? All what America does is bomb Civilians of other places and destroy families. Anyhow... Banning anime would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Which is why this seems to be a hoax. There's anime for children, Teens, and adults. I don't think that your parent/s would let you watch something too much for you if you were still under their care. Duh. :/
Posted by Jamie  on  Mon Jul 31, 2006  at  11:51 AM
*sigh* All this big fuss because a person wrote an angry letter? It says at the top that it is a hoax. No need to worry about it. guys don't really need to whine so much. I am a huge fan of anime....but I atleast came out of anime-like daydreams long enough to pay attention in American History...Although, reading all the comments on the petition was funny. Everyone getting so worked up over something so trivial. Anyone with a working brain would've known it was a hoax from the start but oh well. None of the anime shows are bad, really. It just depends on if you are mature enough to watch them and not freak out and be like "OMG! LYKE THAT IS SOOOOO TOTALLY DISGUSTING!" -_- ...

On a side note: I really like the fact that in Japan you can fall in love with whomever you want to, and still be married. Whether it be the same sex, a cousin, someone older.....I admire Japan for that. ^-^
Posted by Bridget  in  Tennessee  on  Tue Aug 01, 2006  at  01:22 AM
I like anime, but people shut the fuck up!
Anime can't be banned nation-wide by a petition!
Anime brings in too much money to be banned, it'd be like a ban on smoking and porn, so many addicts can't get enough of it SO, they shell out money for it. Anime would have to become an industy of child porn or something to get banned nation-wide, and even then, people can and will find other ways of getting anime. Plus, there'd be too much protest against the ban, so the ban wouldn't last very long. And, if they were going to ban anime because they think it's messing our youth up, then television, the Internet, radio, music, video/computer games, porn, and even books should be banned as they have content that is not for children as well. But if you do that then you have banned a lot of forms of lesiure, that is liked by many people. But all these bans are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and would never, ever happen! Because as long as people enjoy something, it's here to stay. And to those who love Japan because of anime, please quit being fanboy/fangirls! Anime is great, I deeply enjoy it, but really Japan isn't all anime! You might want to actually read a history textbook instead of a manga! Quit naming a bunch of anime like your so all-knowing about Japan and it's culture!
Mainly that 10 year old, listing a bunch of anime and a lot of stupid ones at that!
You learn so much from anime then you have to research the culture to understand. This petition means nothing! So quit overreacting over a joke, and think with a full deck!
Posted by Joey  on  Wed Aug 02, 2006  at  02:41 AM
DONT BAN ANIME!!!!!!!it doesnt brain wash america please whatever you do dont ban anime I like almost all anime show what ever you do please keep anime grrr
Posted by Sakura  on  Wed Aug 02, 2006  at  08:07 AM
Everyone just stop posting with this "Please don't ban anime" in your posts as it can't be banned anyway! How retarded you have to be in order to overreact over to a hoax! This site is called "Museum of Hoaxes" for fucks sake!
Quit whining, showing Bush that you're weak.
If you really think anime will get banned then do something to show that you care about what you are standing up for! And since anime can't be banned anyway, your efforts may result in more anime titles in the US. So actually do something instead of just talking about it online!
Posted by Joey  on  Wed Aug 02, 2006  at  01:00 PM
I've always loved anime. Atleast kids are reading and they're reading something they're interested in. this is just like when the harry potter books came out. if you take away anime you destroy a piece of creativity and without creativity we truely have nothing left.
Posted by miles  in  home  on  Sat Aug 05, 2006  at  07:29 PM
I don't care if Bush were my friggin mother!!!! vampire I still wouldn't let him take away my sweet precious Naruto!!! I need anime or I'll never obay any law again for the rest of my life!!!!!
Posted by Animelover2007  on  Mon Aug 07, 2006  at  05:01 PM
Who ever started that petitoon has some kind of brain disorder. If people choose to watch anime, then let them be! We each have our rights and many of us love anime!!!

Seriously you can't just ban Anime because some of them contain "unsuitable" themes. Some animes are even ment for kids, and they love it!

I swear that stupid person should just mind his/her buisness... Besides, if he/she really hates Anime this much, why bother taking the time? Would it be "Not worth my time" As many say?
Posted by Taina  in  Australia  on  Tue Aug 15, 2006  at  03:09 AM
i cant belive anybody fell for this in the first place. next thing u know they'll supposedly be signing a bill to ban porn or the teletubbies.

Posted by Jared  in  california  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  01:38 AM
But I actually saw a petition on going around, and it already had like 7000 signitures. So it is real, isn't it?
Posted by Tina  in  Australia  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  04:27 AM
The petition is real. The ban is not.

People started the petition because they're stupid. Not only is there not a ban in the works, but online petitions have zero impact on policy. Nobody takes online petitions seriously because they are staggeringly easy to fake.
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Wed Aug 16, 2006  at  10:21 AM
Lol, I know the ban isn't real, I was just stating that whoever started that petiton has some kind of brain disorder
Posted by Taina  in  Australia  on  Thu Aug 17, 2006  at  12:49 AM
Ok, I have studied Japanese and hentai(Hen/ta/i) means pervert, not porn you morons.
Another hentai means metamorphisis(Insect)
Posted by Raven  on  Fri Aug 18, 2006  at  10:35 PM
I thought it was hillarious that people are believing this hoax. I love anime insanely but come on...why on earth would they ban it? If they banned that they'd also have to ban manga, video games, who knows what else. If those were the basis of the ban, there'd be too much they'd have to ban under that rule. Those that believed it, really weren't of sound mind, now were they?
Posted by Dena  in  NJ  on  Thu Aug 24, 2006  at  01:46 PM
anime is the greatest people are jus stupid. i love anime, manga and anything else. but its highly impossible to ban it so no worries
Posted by sasuke  in  clifton forge,va  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  07:20 PM
Anime, it is the creation of unhappiness to create happiness, weird. those japanese artists who draw and create anime to entertain us have made some of us blind. watching shows of anime over and over about the same thing , some big eyed girl or boy out to save the world with their partner who they fall in love with. pitiful , but even more so is the fact its growing, expanding around the world being put into everything. those who do watch anime have become pitiful creatures that become painful to watch as they dress as anime characters they dream to be but never will. so what will happen to the kids of the future and so on. already there are kids who have anime mercahndise and clothes and talk about the new anime shows and literally base their lives on anime, scary. lets make sure this never happens so we can ensure soething bright for the future. but hey what do I know Im just a kid not the big eyed freaks who tell you what to do. DAH
Posted by DAH (aka dark anime hatred)  on  Sat Sep 30, 2006  at  11:27 PM
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