Ban On Anime

An email has been going around urging people to sign this petition:

To:  George Bush
Some people are signing against anime and are calling is to be a "perverse, evil, insiduous form of animation from the dark land of Japan, and is corrupting America's youth at unprecedented rates." Anime is NOT corrupting the youth of America, and since when has America become a country of Christians? Isn't there a SEPARATION of Church and State? Isn't this a ban on our Freedom of Speech? And Freedom of Press? What does anime have to do with brainwashing our youth?

Even though I'm not sure what 'signing against anime' is supposed to mean, I do know that there is no movement underfoot by any politician to ban anime. But it's worth scrolling through the messages left by the 4129 people who signed the petition. Some of them are quite amusing.


Posted on Sat Jan 29, 2005


To Ashley in Hawaii, THANK YOU for not having a go at me! smile . It became difficult to stop my boyfriend going on the computer, so i said to him, if he wanted to "get off" to DRAWINGS then he cant have anything to do with me, he sees now that anime porn isnt real and he can never b with the drawings he looks at, he knows that i am real and i offer a real loving relationship, something that drawings cannot give him. he no longer looks at anime porn and our relationship is better. he not longer sits in front of the computer, ignoring me to do the anime, and our relationship is going well.
Posted by Tetellia  on  Mon Nov 24, 2008  at  10:01 AM
hahaha anime to forbid it too.
Posted by Zizu  on  Thu Jan 15, 2009  at  03:10 PM
What I truly hate about anime is the art style. I mean REALLY, big eyeballs, triangle-shaped noses, and lack of chin movement when someone opens their mouth wide? What the fuck is with the teardrop on the side of their heads? What the fuck is with this # thing you see when they're pissed off? Anime to be taken seriously as "mature" is a joke.

Want "mature"? Then make faces and motions more realistic! And get rid of that stupid card game carbon copies/tentacle monsters/spiky hair/etc. crap.

FUCK anime. This is why I don't watch Adult Swim on saturdays.
Posted by Toby  in  Soundhouse  on  Tue Mar 03, 2009  at  05:05 AM
i agree with tetellia nut i think anime in general should be banned, my boyfriend wastes money on stupid anime poster scrolls from a-kons...and almost $300 swords from some lame anime show that he won't ever use! every anime movie he has in his closet are all girls with every detail on them like in the comics it will show non other than boobs..he claims that its funny but there is nothing funny about seeing a dumb anime thing naked and blushing as though she was SO surprised that some pervert peeped at her....and in some of the books he has it shows ..yes anime girls just standing there but a lot have their clothes falling off of them and yet again showing every detail of their body..I don't get it....i am not sure what my dumb boyfriend sees in something as stupid as anime..i am always wondering "how does he not jack off to this crap" i told him to stop watching anime but it is SUCH a hobby to him that i was forced to flip all the books around so i can only see the pages of the comics and not the lame covers since i can't hide or throw any of the anime away....( and no it isn't hentai). My boyfriend is friends with a couple who have the same problem, the wife hates anime but the husband loves it, she walks away whenever he does something that involves anime, it would appear that the only thing to do is do what she does though i kinda wish wouldn't have to do that i wish my boyfriend would grow up...since he is 28 and all and i know there isn't really an age limit for this whole anime thing either.....ugh..i have no idea what to do..
Posted by Hannah  in  Greenville NC  on  Fri Sep 11, 2009  at  09:09 AM
i have to agree with u on that if some people are against it or they think it's corrupting the mind of the children than they shouldn't let them watch it not bug evry1 about it
Posted by Betty Boop  on  Thu Oct 01, 2009  at  08:29 AM
Hello to anyone reading this,
I am a student in a highschool and I am doing a detail paper on the opposing view points on anime. Whether you are against it or love it to bits ,please email me! I would like to interview you! If you send me spam or are immature about it then you will regert it.
my gmail is bellzecat
Posted by Oliver ROderick  on  Thu Nov 05, 2009  at  12:39 PM
Seriously a waste of time! Parents should be concerned about REAL problems like illnesses and drugs. How is anime any different than other animation other than the names? Geez... people need to get a grip.
Posted by Midnight  in  CA  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  03:49 PM
if they ban anime I can promise people will riot in the streets and the police won't be able to contain it. (note THIS IS NOT A THREAT JUST A FACT)
Posted by m  on  Sat Apr 03, 2010  at  12:00 AM
if anime was to be band then every other cartoon (yes anime is another form of a cartoon) would have to be band as well.

so dont be so rash when saying or makeing and decision about this cos not all anime has porngraphic scens in them hentai is the cartoon form of porn not anime so theres no point in comenting unless you know what your talking about

and yes i know i cant spell very well and i dont care
Posted by joshwa225  on  Tue Apr 27, 2010  at  05:35 AM
.... This petition to ban anime is a sick joke... If you scroll to the bottom you'll see the email adress of the person and the email has neko in it which means cat.... seriously the person as issue or something but this is a sick joke.
Posted by A.J.K.L.  on  Wed May 05, 2010  at  07:24 PM
lol i have a site and 1/3 of it is devoted to Bleach (an anime) LOL
Posted by Tristan Bridgford  in  Indiana  on  Tue Jun 01, 2010  at  03:04 PM
most of the signature comments on the petition were just put there so they can make fun of the person who came up with it
Posted by eric  on  Fri Jun 04, 2010  at  12:06 AM
George Bush loves anime.
Posted by Unknown  in  the moon  on  Thu Aug 19, 2010  at  08:32 PM
You know; "anime" is Japanese for "cartoons". So technically...

You people against anime are against all forms of cartoons. So you might as well want to ban PowerPuff Girls and Dora The Explorer.

And if Japanese CARTOONS bother you so much, then change the channel, turn off the T.V, choose another DVD, download something else, etc... yeesh. It's a person's choice if he/she wants to watch animations from Japan.

And if you complain about the freaky hair and big eyes; then wtf is with the Simpsons; YELLOW SKIN is not normal. The PowerPuff Girls have NO FINGERS and have REALLY BIG EYES.

And even if most anime have perverted scenes; it still won't stop the numerous porn sites, pictures, and videos that literally pop up in front of you (tch, pop-up ads annoy me).

This is such a waste of time, talk about something useful like pollution and global warming. This is like Korea banning Hetalia all over again.
Posted by Clover Phantom  on  Fri Sep 03, 2010  at  06:08 AM
By the way; whoever is totally against anime or totally against the thought of banning anime...

Then you dear sir or madam, have nothing much to do in your life. Read a book, play with your Wii, go to a mall, anything.

This is just sad. Seriously; talk about something that actually MATTERS in life. You're ranting about 2D animations for crying out loud.
Posted by Clover Phantom  on  Fri Sep 03, 2010  at  06:18 AM
bah w/e I agree with toby i know this is all a fluke but fuck anime..
Posted by Hannah  on  Fri Sep 03, 2010  at  06:26 AM
I have to agree with Clover Phantom over there. It's only 2D animations. Get a life won't you? Accusing cartoon characters for the crime of "brainwashing" is a bit over the top isn't it? And the pervy bits? Well, that depends on the target audience. There are cartoons that target kids, so they show kid friendly episodes. Cartoons that target teenagers aren't as kid friendly. Same law goes for movies and anime.
Posted by Blue Jelly  on  Fri Sep 03, 2010  at  06:31 AM
I am a proud manga lover. I realize that some people read manga or watch anime for the wrong reasons, but that happens with everything from paperback novels that have erotic sections in them to horror movies that seem to always have some sort of sensual part. If you don't like the style of japanese anime then just don't watch it. I personally love it because it can be extremely different. Oh, and I noticed somebody ranting about the teardrop and # that happens on chibis a lot. The teardrop is basically something to show emotionan, as is the vein throbbing (#). Oh, and Toby, do your research before you insult anime, k? If you go to a local borders or whatever bookstore and look in the anime section, there are some realistic mangas that have normal noses, normal eyes, non-spiky hair, etc. I don't really see what the big issue is that anybody'd have to go out of their way to insult anime. If you don't like it, stay out of it's way. I know I'm not crazy enough to try and shove it down your throat... So please don't try to take it out of the people's lives who want it.
Posted by Torica12323  on  Sun Sep 12, 2010  at  03:17 PM
If you seriously don't like something, don't ban it.
I hate Justin Beiber, but though I may have voted to send him to North Korea, I just listen to other music instead of his.

If your boyfriend is one of those guys that laughs at boobs, get over it. He will not change. It is just plain stupid to want to ban something because your boyfriend spend money on swords. Would you rather he did use them to murder people?
You have a simple problems, and banning something because you decided to go out with someone who likes it is just plain retarded. He likes it. It's a hobby. Get over it and move on.
It's not Anime's fault that your boyfriend likes it. Just don''ttouch his shit anymore.
Posted by PersonChick  in  Louisville, Ky  on  Sat Oct 23, 2010  at  09:31 PM
Well, I feel that this statement can be accepted.
Recently, I receive spams regarding about anime are currently the one who corrupts the mind of the children but what prove could all of you present for the fan of anime? As for the statement above, I would totally agree. ANIME doesn't brainwash the children's mind. If I would say, the film production such as the blockbuster movies and pornography are the ones who brainwashes the children nowadays. Anime is just a reflection of the real movies.
Posted by Crimson  on  Thu Dec 16, 2010  at  02:16 AM
Some people are so funny. Why ruin other people's hobbies? " Ooh. I don't like the porn.". Then don't watch it. People seriously need to get lives if all they can think about is ratting on CARTOONS.
Posted by Windy  on  Thu Jan 06, 2011  at  01:05 PM
Don't worry about those Christians protesting against anime. They're glum and look at the dark side of everything also to partake of their fruit which we all bare fruit whether good or bad is unclean for it is written But all in the seas or in the rivers that do not have fins and scales, all that move in the water or any living thing which is in the water, they are an abomination to you." (Leviticus 11:10)

"They (shellfish) shall be an abomination to you; you shall not eat their flesh, but you shall regard their carcasses as an abomination." (Leviticus 11:11)

So now you know what those anti anime protestors are and anyone who carrys a sign saying god hates this or burn in hell etc etc.
Posted by Christopher Barlow  in  Bay Area,Ca  on  Mon May 09, 2011  at  03:40 PM
Anybody else read over that list?
Anybody else notice that it was mostly the female members of our species complaining about their boyfreind's habits?
Your boyfreind spent money on something he doesn't need, like a Katana? You mean like how you rack up your phone bill posting on face book? And if someone ever breaks in, wouldn't that be more useful than the Butterfly Pictures you bought to decorate the house?
Anime can be educational as well. Axis Powers Hetalia is the only reason I'm passing social studies. A side effect is that I now laugh whenever I see a world map.
The problem with most of these women is that their boyfriend would rather watch Desert Punk alone than watch the Lifetime channel with them. Instead of trying to comprimise and finding something they can both watch, they'd rather take the Soccer Mom approach and destroy everything having to do with it. I'm sure that most of these women would enjoy Ouran Host Club or Fruits Basket, but since they chose to do no more research than read the Wikipedia page (which is wrong on all accounts by the way) they want it dead.
Posted by Ashanti  in  Your Mom's house  on  Sun May 15, 2011  at  10:25 AM
hahahahh I agree completely, Ashanti smile Some girls are completely insane --' But anyway, if you want to ban anime, GET A LIFE. Most of the awesome people I know are anime lovers. And not surprisingly, all the people I know who hate anime act like they have a fourty foot long pole shoved up their butt. If you don't like your boyfriend jacking off to hentai, get a new boyfriend or get sexier and do it yourself. And really, Torica was right.. There are plenty of realistic mangas. Not many realistic animes, of course, but then again, they're extremely closely tied together.
Posted by MinaChan  on  Thu May 19, 2011  at  01:45 PM
so America is a beautiful country that is responsible, skinny and well smart.... B.U.L.S.H.I.T

America is actually the fattest and the stupidest country in the world (fact)so your trying to ban anime because your racist against Asians

proof: Hillery Hilton Katy perry and some other b.uls.hit people

... anime isn't all porn acculy 1/4 of it has hentai in it.the rest is really awesome or hilarious and don't put comic or cartoon in the same sentence as anime its kinda revolting its animation and graphic novel. next time know what your talking about.

by the way japan is smarter than America so yaaaaa[]

ps:not bad for a little cannadien ay?
Posted by sebastien  in  cannada  on  Fri Jun 03, 2011  at  10:40 PM
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