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Hunting for Bambi Officially a Hoax
It's official. Michael Burdick, the guy behind that whole 'Hunting for Bambi' thing that turned into a media circus about a year ago (you remember, the Las Vegas company that claimed to be hosting paintball games in which you could hunt naked women), has finally admitted that the whole thing was a hoax. Not that anyone was in much doubt of that. As part of a plea bargain deal "Burdick acknowledged that claiming the paintball hunts were real was part of an advertising strategy for the videos and apologized for 'any embarrassment to the city of Las Vegas caused by such false or misleading promotional activity.'" I'm sure we'll all be able to sleep easier now that this has finally been laid to rest.
Posted by The Curator on Thu May 27, 2004

Gee, the city of Las Vegas seems a wee bit touchy, especially for a town whose economy is based on gambling, alcohol and female impersonation shows. They really had to look hard to find a charge they could hit the guy with, didn't they? Appatantly, what happens in Vegas DOESN'T stay in Vegas.
Posted by Bob  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  05:07 AM
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