Auto-Urine Therapy

The urban legends forum has a thread going about auto-urine therapy, which translates into 'drinking your own urine'. Is there really a thriving urine-drinking subculture? Well, yes. As the poster points out, all you have to do is google 'drinking your own urine' and you get all kinds of hits. The reason urine-drinking has so many fans is that it's supposed to offer numerous health benefits, including improving the immune system, giving you nice skin, acting great as a gargle if you have gum disease, and having very powerful anti-aging properties. I think I've mentioned before somewhere on my site that I have personal experience with this urine-drinking subculture. NOT that I've ever drunk the stuff myself (and I definitely never plan to). But I do have a relative who, according to family scuttlebutt, used to do it. She was into all the new-age, alternative medicine stuff like that. In her defense I have to say that she's now approaching 90 and is still in excellent health. In fact, she could probably pass for a sixty-year old. So maybe there's something to it (though I've still got no plans to try it out). I'm actually going to her house on Christmas day for dinner. I don't plan to sample the apple juice in her fridge.

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Posted on Sat Dec 18, 2004


As a long time urine therapy practitioner and occasional advocate, I wanted to add a comment or two to this discussion.

There are numerous benefits to urine therapy. Some are physical/physiological and some are psychological. It is impossible to separate them.

I began with drinking in 1991 while in India. I wanted to test the waters and see if it would help my travellers diarrhea. I was surprised that it did and I felt a little high from it.
Nothing like an affordable high that allowed me to travel without incidents. I continued and it helped to lift a mild chronic depression. I was hoping it would cure my allergies. It did not.
But later I was able to control my allergic reactions with small injections of my own urine.

I have found to the most appropriate use of the stuff to be is rubbing it on the skin. It is good to use the fresh stuff or if you can tolerate it, some that has ripened. The skin immune system is accesible in ways we don't understand yet. The skin converts uv light to vitamin d... and it seems to me it also converts urine to better health. Unfortunately, in order for a person to take advantage of this aspect of the therapy, they have to have something much more valuable than urine and also something much scarer: TIME.

If you ever have the time and a suitable place, I recommend that you suit up.... that is strip down to your birthday suit... and rub a cupful of your pee on your skin. Don't rinse it off for awhile. Let it percolate through. If possible don't rinse it for 5 or 6 hours. Notice how it makes you feel. It should give you a real boost. It is not something I can explain.
Its a real mystery and a nice one as well.

Happy Travels.

Posted by John Wynhausen  in  Joplin, Mo  on  Wed Aug 31, 2005  at  11:30 AM
to all you none believers, read this:

since the age i realized i had toes, (about 3 years old) i would look at them and wonder why they were so DARK and brittle. i didnt ask my mom about them, i just figured they were supposed to be that way.

It wasnt until i was about 37 years old that i realized that i actually had a nail fungus, and i didnt know this until i seen a commercial for Lamasil (you know the one with the weird looking talking fungus on it?).

So i asked my doctor for a sample of the Lamisil and in a few days time, my toes actually started clearing up! i couldnt believe it!! but the stuff is a VERY strong drug and i chose to just put up with my toes being dark, until i did some research on urine therapy

One of the many things that urine therapy is purported to remedy is nail fungus, so for the past week i have been drinking after first a sip and now up to 1.5 ounces of urine 3-6 times a day, and guess what? MY NAIL FUNGUS IS CLEARING UP! toes that had pitch black nails on them now are turning PINK! im also putting urine on my face, which seems to be clearing up my acne and is stopping new acne from appearing. so look at me with disgust if you want to, but im very happy that im using something natural and free to get rid of a fungus i have had my entire life!
Posted by new at this  in  state of confusion  on  Sun Sep 25, 2005  at  12:34 PM
I love urine whehther its mine or my wife's. I have been taking self-drink of urine since my childhood. I am male 47 by profession a college professor of English. I look just the half of my actual age. The result of two glasses of urine in the first morning ritual. My skin is vey soft, no fat on the body. I work very hard for 20 hrs. I am never tired nor having any sense of fear. My sexual power is so much well-maintained; nay, rather Urine drink habits made me a successful professor, author( I write for six hours with my fountain pain atleast 20 pages creative writing. sex is now all pervasive.I have made it a routine I fuck my wife twice every day.I am fair, slim, energetic and sexy.Sex incites the imagination and removes deprression.We occassionaly drink eachothers urine.Its a cosmic Urino World grin
Posted by samiran paul  in  india  on  Fri Oct 21, 2005  at  08:14 AM
Im a urologist many celebrities drink there own urine too keep looking young and healthy many of my clients include Jennifer Anniston ,Brad Pitt ,Tom Cruise , Oprah , DR.Phil,Past celebrities that were users were Jim Morrison ,Jack Klugman ,Steve Mcqueen ,and Ghandi To name a few the list goes on and on .i wouldnt be suprised to see brittany too.
Posted by ladiesman  in  hollywood ca  on  Sat Oct 22, 2005  at  11:38 PM
Samiran Paul, are you really a professor of English? Looking at your spelling, punctuation and grammar, I'm more than little doubtful. Unfortunately, because of that, it also discredits your "testimonial" in my eyes.
Posted by Ms. Anon  on  Sat Nov 05, 2005  at  11:57 PM
Samiran Paul,
I have been trying to get my wife to allow me to drink her urine alas to no avail. Do you have suggestions on how I can accomplish this? I am a very strong proponent of urine massage!!!
Posted by steer  in  Connecticut  on  Thu Nov 10, 2005  at  10:26 AM
From the year of chemistry I did at uni many years ago I would guess that urine is the waste products of metabolism that the body is unable to utilize. On drinking urine I suppose the constituent products would react with gastric juices and be broken down and altered. Eg urokinase(used intravenously for dissolving blood clots through converting plasminogen to plasmin)would be broken down and not absorded directly into the bloodstream through the stomach wall. I may be wrong on that but so far I have not found a mention of orally administered urokinase. If you really want to tie your "noodle" in a knot look at
Posted by keith  in  Sydney  on  Sat Nov 12, 2005  at  10:05 PM


"Urokinase (Abbokinase) is the fibrinolytic agent most familiar to interventional radiologists and the one that has been used most often for peripheral intravascular thrombus. At the time of this writing, urokinase is not available from the manufacturer. Its availability in the immediate future is not known. In the meantime, the FDA has encouraged the off-label use of reteplase and alteplase for local-regional lysis of venous and arterial thrombus at any location.

Urokinase is a physiologic thrombolytic agent that is produced in renal parenchymal cells. Unlike streptokinase, urokinase directly cleaves plasminogen to produce plasmin. When purified from human urine, approximately 1500 L of urine are needed to yield enough urokinase to treat a single patient. Urokinase is also commercially available in a form produced by tissue culture, and recombinant DNA techniques have been developed for urokinase production in E coli cultures.

In plasma, urokinase has a half-life of approximately 15 minutes. Allergic reactions are rare, and the agent can be administered repeatedly without antigenic problems."
Posted by Keith  on  Tue Nov 15, 2005  at  04:53 AM
I feel scary about drinking my own urine. I don't know if it is safe to drink my own urine. I need some help and more information about drinking urine. thank you for taking time to read this one.
Posted by Ed  in  Akron  on  Wed Nov 23, 2005  at  09:42 PM
Ed, Don't do it. In my opinion it is not and educated rational thing to do and is against what your conscience is telling you.

It is better to go out with friends and do sensible things and talk about sensible things.

What you really need is what is called "living water" that gives eternal life . see in the Bible John 4:10

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. If you like dissolve a vitamin C tablet in a glass of water and drink that.
Posted by Keith  on  Thu Nov 24, 2005  at  03:41 AM
hello mates thats just nasty
Posted by bob  on  Sat Dec 03, 2005  at  09:47 PM
This is to ladiesman who wrote that he is a urologist to the celebrities. What ever happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? I would love to find out that drinking urine is the big secret in Hollywood, but how are we to know that you are credible?
Posted by abh  on  Wed Dec 07, 2005  at  11:49 AM
Ok - I tried it - and let me tell you what results I noticed. Immediately, (within the first 2 days), I had a new level of energy. My weight lowered by 8 pounds within the first week with no change in my diet or physical activity. I slept more soundly and woke up easier each morning. My skin, especially my face is begining to become clearer. I will say however that I do not drink the first stream in the morning but rather the second and all subsequent streams until bed. Perhaps not related is the fact that my wife commented on how much more enjoyable sex is recently - my new energy levle or something else perhaps. I am still looking on advice on how I can persuade my wife to allow me to drink her urine - I beleive the benefits will be almost two-fold.
Posted by steer  in  Connecticut  on  Wed Dec 07, 2005  at  12:03 PM
Steer, Your saying you drink the stuff all day?
Posted by Keith  on  Fri Dec 09, 2005  at  01:59 AM
Keith - yes with this exception; If I am not feeling amourous and I'm reletively certain my wife is not interested in sex, I stop by 8:00 PM. I've found that there is a tremendous amount of energy from drinking urine and I liken it to an adreniline rush. It takes some time to "come-down" from the high. the most difficult part was figuring out how to collect and drink my urine while at work but I've accomplished it and it's very successful now.
Posted by steer  in  Connecticut  on  Fri Dec 09, 2005  at  06:22 AM
Interesting steer.
I found another technical data site that has results of various experiments. I think it is mostly trying to justify using urea in sugar-free chewing gum.

Some of it is very technical. An extract I copied mentions excitement as a toxic reaction. It isn't specific about what type of excitement. Too much urea certainly sounds dangerous though.

80 patients were hospitalized after ingestion of urea
fertilizer mistaken for table salt. The symptoms observed were
nausea, persistent violent vomiting, excitement, and severe general
convulsions. Complete recovery of all patients was observed within
a few days (Steyn, 1961).

The other couple of links I posted before were to websites and not the actual articles. So you have to do your own searches from information
Posted by Keith  on  Sun Dec 25, 2005  at  04:17 AM
Myth busted. Did anyone mention gout? It is caused by uric acid build up. So be careful.
Posted by Keith  on  Sun Dec 25, 2005  at  03:22 PM
I really want to drink my girl friend urine, just want to know if it is not having harmful effects, please someone email me to advice me,
I really dream to drink it.
Posted by basim  in  sweden  on  Wed Mar 22, 2006  at  05:44 PM
Hi All, Urine is awesome. I've been drinking my own for years now. I also rub it allover myself. My skin is soft, and I love the way it feels. Occasiaonlly I get a sexual rush by urinating directly into my own mouth although it does tend to make a bit of a mess. Yum. Try it. You'll wish you'd been doing it for years.
Posted by Dirk  in  Canada  on  Thu Jul 06, 2006  at  11:23 PM
ok, all you piss drinkers have some real problems. It will be a cold day in hell when I start to drink my own piss. Bunch o' sick freaks.
Posted by LAAOY  in  Pistone  on  Sun Apr 08, 2007  at  07:22 AM
First it is sterile and can save the life of someone stranded withouy water. It consists of mostly water and the amonia is formed outside the body by bacteria. Small amounts is ok but a steady diet can cause the stomach to become lazy or confused as well as the intestines and especially the kidneies and cause them to not properly digest your food. This would occur in daily drinking in volume and is noticable when the color of the urine will become very clear.
Posted by redman13  in  New York  on  Sun Apr 08, 2007  at  11:13 PM
Have been using urine therapy for a couple of months now on my scalp, legs (external rub) and drinking it, gargling with it and using it as drops for a recurring ear infection all with excellent results. You really have nothing to lose but your inhibitions. I almost gagged the first time. Now I can knock back a glassful no problem. It also helps you get a read on the condition of your body. I highly recommend it. It's good for what ails you and it couldn't be more economical.
Posted by charlie1der  in  spain  on  Fri May 04, 2007  at  02:17 AM
If dogs and other animals eat their own poopey and drink their pee pee Maybe we should just ask them since they are the experts! LOL
Posted by Sophie  in  Turd Sniffer, California  on  Mon Jul 30, 2007  at  12:15 PM
I have been drinking my morning urine almost a year now for the purported health benefits. I have noticed my skin is softer and more pliable. I also noticed that if I am out walking it gives me more energy if I drink some during the walk. Has anyone else noticed this?
Posted by Art Driedger  in  Harleysville, PA  on  Thu Oct 04, 2007  at  04:50 PM
I have been drinking my morning urine for almost a year now for the health benefits publized on various internet sites. Most noticeable my skin has gotten softer and more pliable. I also noticed tha if I am out for a walk and drink some particularly in the morning, I have more energy to contiune the walk. Has anyone noticed this?
Posted by Art Driedger  in  Harleysville, PA  on  Thu Oct 04, 2007  at  05:07 PM
I have been reding about this urine therapy and honestly, I think I will give it a go.

I had very nice flawless skin until a few years ago. I have tried almost everything and nothing seems to work. Well, they seem to work for just a few days and bam!! the acne comes back in full swing.

Although I dont think I can bring myself to drink my own urine yet, I intend to start using it on my face to get rid of my acne.

I'll post my finding when I start on it.
Posted by Lisa  in  Nairobi Kenya  on  Mon Oct 08, 2007  at  08:08 AM
Aside from the supposed health benefits of also happens to be a sexual fetish!

There are guys who piss directly into their own mouths, as a seXual turn on-(which I must admit is pretty hot to see!)

But what about consuming somebody else urine though??
Posted by Corbin69  in  Luthers Bend, ME  on  Mon Oct 29, 2007  at  10:49 AM
I have been ingesting my urine regularly for ten years now. I find it really stimulating, and very effective at boosting my immune system.
Posted by Tunde Aina  in  Abuja, Nigeria.  on  Tue Oct 30, 2007  at  11:11 AM
I have been using Urine Therapy for four months and I will continue to do it until the day I die. The health benefits have been many. Several cultures have been using urine therapy for over 4,000 years so I think we have established that it is safe. It is said that 10 million chinese and many million in India drink their own urine every day. Drinking urine was unbelievable when I first heard about it, now I am one of its strongest proponents. By the way, there is no money in advocating Urine Therapy. So think about that the next time your Doctor tries to push another pill on you...
Posted by Nathan  on  Thu Nov 15, 2007  at  08:07 PM
When Mystress Midnight accepted me as her devotee, she baptized me with her urine, making her fingers wet with it; and then tracing her wet fingers across my forehead as she intoned each of the terms of our pact. Then she handed me the chalice, which was still mostly full of her sacred fluid, and as she stared deep into my eyes, I drank it all, mouth full by mouth full, swishing and savoring it as a connoisseur appreciates a fine wine. It definitely tasted like urine, but it was not a bad taste -- and judging by how much I hated beer the first time I drank that, I think I'm going to really come to love drinking Mystress' golden urine. Also, because it was still warm from her body, this was a moving and sacred experience for us both. However, I'll admit that I'm pleased to hear that urine is sterile.
Posted by Mystress Midnight's Devotee  in  Northern Ohio  on  Wed Dec 26, 2007  at  04:47 PM
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