Has April Fool’s Day Marketing Jumped The Shark?

This e-junkie author complains that April Fool's Day marketing has gotten out of hand. There definitely was a huge amount of it this year. But I don't see the trend going away anytime soon, since marketers aren't exactly known for restraint. And to be honest, I'm not really bothered by it like this author is.

Perhaps I'm just easily amused, but I kind of enjoy looking through all the weird stuff advertisers come up with every April 1. Though it is true that the advertisers don't make much of an effort to actually fool anyone. They're primarily aiming for being funny/cute/quirky.

April Fools Day

Posted on Sat Apr 05, 2014


I like April Fool's day, but I think the author does have a point. Nowadays, almost every company does something stupid for April Fool's, like sending an email with some of the words written backwards. It's not even funny, much less a hoax.
Posted by Joe Schmoe  on  Mon Apr 07, 2014  at  10:20 AM