Animus Cult

The Animus Cult has been spreading posters and sigils around Adelaide, South Australia, recently. These posters proclaim ‘Animus is coming’, and some also contain a link to the website.

They talk about Animus: So who is Animus? Why he is here and what is his purpose? His purpose is very simple. The Wicked are the disease. Animus is the cure. So now I must show you the truth. The strength of Animus lies in the Will of Man. Animus is here because the will of man is to rid itself of the wicked."

They have a few pictures of 'Animus in action' on the website, all of which are incredibly blurry shots of a figure in shadow, and a video which is much the same.
There's an option of 'joining the cult', which I tried, but there's been not even one email as yet, so I'm unsure of the purpose of it.

Needless to say, I'm unconvinced of the existence of a supernatural figure who's coming to rid Adelaide of evil-doers.

The site features a countdown to Friday, October 13th which, according to someone on this site, is when the independent film 'Animus Cometh' (filmed in Adelaide) is released.
Seems plausible to me.

(Thanks, Joshua.)

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Posted on Mon Sep 04, 2006


This type of ad is doomed to become the new spam, everyone stops paying attention but some jerk keeps cranking them out anyway.
Posted by Lonewatchman  on  Mon Sep 04, 2006  at  09:48 AM
Allow me, Swami Hairy, to show you the way of The Egress... or should I say, the Tao of The Egress...follow me, right this way-uh,'s right there, thru that door...go ahead, I'm right behind ya...see ya
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Sep 04, 2006  at  10:55 AM
Oh boy, a satanic superman, just what I wanted for christmas!
Posted by Citizen Premier  in  spite of public outcry  on  Mon Sep 04, 2006  at  11:53 AM
animus sounds like batman...
Posted by joodd  on  Mon Sep 04, 2006  at  02:54 PM
the guy who is making this bulls$%t martial arts film is a guy named allan reid, the film is crap and it is just crappy amateur project to make himself more little than he already is, the site is a set up, posting his own comments to make himself look good, cheap ass posters have been posted everywhere and it has become quite a joke.
Posted by Paul hatzeleinis  in  Adelaide  on  Thu Sep 07, 2006  at  10:28 AM
people at my work and others have been talking about it telling me its a new band coming out?
the site looks too professional to be an independant film!
Ca$$iu$ wink
Posted by ca$$iu$  in  adelaide  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  02:16 AM
So does anyone think this has anything to do with Lonelygirl15?
Posted by Lonelyhoax  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  09:58 PM
Well i dont know much but i have seen this guy. He seemed pretty serious to me.
Posted by harry  on  Sat Sep 09, 2006  at  12:20 AM
the guy can fight his way out of a paper bag, yet alone make a film, so you have seen this guy huh, well apparently it is not important to who he is
Posted by iga  in  adelaide  on  Sun Sep 10, 2006  at  04:04 AM
I just thought it was interesting - Because I have a bit to do in the entertainment industry around here - And normally when an independant film goes ahead (with what appears to be perhaps a "substantial budget" to create such a website) I would have heard about it... If they're going through the right processes and working with the right sources... (with agents and grants, etc)

Funny either way... The photocopied black and white posters look pretty cheap and nasty... Which, I think, makes it more believable for it to be a crazy cult, instead of an independant film lol... Coz you'd like to think that an independant film would put more money into the posters...

It's working anyway though, I suppose - I mean it's got everyone talking...
Posted by Joshua  in  Adelaide, Australia  on  Tue Sep 12, 2006  at  09:58 PM
web pages are easily to make and very little time just get your hands on dreamweaver 8. trust me on this one, its a shit martial arts film with the wrong topic involved, just doesnt make sense a guy doing martial arts on paedophiles, how pathetic
Posted by Allan Reid  in  adelaide  on  Wed Sep 13, 2006  at  08:51 AM
It seems to be working... but a lot of people have been saying it's for a band? eg people at my work! however looking at the website it doesn't seem to be for a band at all. more for a film. but there's quite a few rumours spreading.. i might start a new one. It's for a jazz festival! wink
Posted by littleHAYLS  on  Fri Sep 15, 2006  at  06:30 AM
Littlehayls rumour about a band would not surprise, i actually found the link through a recording site here in lil ol adelaide, if iv done this right iv provided the link somewhere if it doesnt appear its
2 things i think are also relative is the fact that one of the downloadable songs is called smoke (in relation to the title on their site "smoke & gossip"). Also if u look at the bios on the given link it shows pictures of the rnr records guys, with given bios, one of the guys-Matt Long is a visual artist..could have whipped up a site like that with some effort.Also their pictures show that they could easily be any of the guys on the site. Thats my thought on it, what i dont understand is how or why they would tag the entire city including david jones, alot of that would get them in fair trouble..and as i just typed that i also thought, more publicity for the sh!t they get in. So i most certainly dont doubt that its for a band. Anyone think otherwise? Seems pretty evident to me
Posted by Missure Dikih  in  Adelaide  on  Tue Sep 26, 2006  at  01:13 AM
its diffenately an u grade martial art film, with crappy music, just watch the footage in slow mo. its got nothing to do with in injustice of adelaide, its just shit propaganda to get dimwitted people interested in this film, some guys i know from work were in this film and they have all gone there seperate ways, people have move interstate etc, but really the film will be shit and has got nothing to do with what the site is promoting from my understanding. the hero who beats up peadophiles, how original
Posted by Rudy  in  adelaide  on  Tue Sep 26, 2006  at  09:35 PM
definately a band peoples
Posted by Vicky_Voodoo  on  Thu Sep 28, 2006  at  09:52 AM
This is a huge plug for somethin\. Has anybody read rip it up magazine? Apparntly there's stuff in there about it! I can't find the magazine.. can anybody tell me where to get it so we can finally dfind out what this this whole animus thing is???
Posted by Frustrated :/  on  Thu Sep 28, 2006  at  11:17 PM
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