Amazon Wish Lists

It turns out that quite a few famous people have wish lists on Amazon. For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants a copy of Gladiator (seems appropriate). Warren Buffett, for some reason, wants a copy of his own collected essays. Based on what Bill Gates wants, he seems to be planning a hunting trip. John Kerry wants a pair of speedos (that's a scary thought). George W. Bush wants a copy of the American-English Pronunciation Dictionary. But Dick Cheney's list is by far the most touching. All he wants is a single copy of the album Love Songs For A Rainy Day. Could it be that Dick's feeling romantic? (inspired by a post at J-Walk)


Posted on Thu May 27, 2004

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Osama wants to buy 'kill bill'
Posted by DutchDemon  in  the Netherlands  on  Sat May 29, 2004  at  09:37 AM
god wants to have age of mythology ^^
Posted by DutchDemon  in  the Netherlands  on  Sat May 29, 2004  at  09:41 AM
Posted by Distortion  on  Fri Jul 02, 2004  at  01:10 PM
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