Aicha Kid Suicide Video

image One of the many random viral videos that floats around the internet is this 'Aicha Kid Video' that shows a skinny teenager singing and dancing to the song 'Aicha'. But before you click on the link to see the video, first read about the urban legend that accompanies the video, because I think it makes the video itself much more interesting. According to the UL, there's an 'uncut' version of this video, and in this uncut version... well, this poster from ebaumsworld summarizes it better than I could:

it is hard to get the unedited one, most of them stop after he is dancing. In the full version after he dances, he gets a knife out from under his minnie mouse comforter and slits his throat. He bleeds out all over his adidas sweatshirt and falls on the floor. The camera keeps taping for another 5 minutes until the tape runs out. I think you can get the full version on Ya it is sad.

So does this uncut suicide kid video actually exist? I don't think so. At least, if it does I can't find it anywhere. Though in a variant of the UL, the non-existence of the extended video is explained away by the fact that the skinny kid's parents supposedly filed a lawsuit to get it removed from the internet. If the video does exist I'm sure that I'll hear about it eventually, but I'd bet good money on it just being a stupid rumor.


Posted on Thu Jan 20, 2005


he didn't kill himself. there are videos of him now on youtube
Posted by jaco  on  Sat Jan 31, 2009  at  12:05 PM
so this kid kills himself then as his dying wish in his suicide note tells his friends to edit it and put it on youtube? I think not.
Posted by chris  on  Thu Feb 26, 2009  at  12:01 AM
Im sorry but if you honestly think that the video's of the apparent 'jelliman' are real then you must you must have been staring at your computer screens for far to long coz your vision is FUCKED! for a start they look nothing alike, and the jelliman in the youtube video's of him apparently all grown up are made by an American! they guy is from Belgium or something dipstick!
Posted by Shiny  on  Thu Mar 05, 2009  at  10:05 AM
i cant believe no one has pointed this out, if the kid really killed himself at the end, then the entire video wouldnt be edited, or uploaded to the internet. lmfao
Posted by wayne summerford  in  nh  on  Sat Mar 14, 2009  at  07:37 PM
Yeah... i highly doubt that this kid would kill himself on video, even though many have done it before... he isn't dead, me and my friend Chelsea went on a trip to Brussels, Belgium about a year ago for a special college seminar.. and he was there, and i remember seeing him and i remember it being him because once me and chelsea saw him we started singing Aicha and making fun of his acne... so yeah, all the rumours are fake and there is no uncut video.. people are just too bored with their own lives that they go and make up a rumour about some kid'ds Aicha video... jesus.
Posted by Rianna  in  Kansas City  on  Thu Mar 19, 2009  at  11:25 PM
ahah if its a suicide video how the hell did he edit it. obv. a rumour.
Posted by jess  on  Mon Mar 30, 2009  at  03:35 PM
I made a remake of Aicha!
Posted by Joxdan  in  Oklahoma  on  Tue Mar 31, 2009  at  02:06 PM
i think he did not kill him self

1 it would be on the news

2 who would put the vid if he is dead

3 no one has seen the uncut vid

i think he was like star wars kid he just moved

but he could kill him self because they made fun of
Posted by jack  in  tx  on  Wed Aug 05, 2009  at  04:28 AM
If he committed suicide then who uploaded the video?
Posted by Anonymous  on  Fri Oct 30, 2009  at  03:52 AM
To angelik
The english version is by Outlandish
Posted by Joben  in  Jobenville  on  Sun Jan 31, 2010  at  01:47 AM
I doubt a person on the verge of suicide sparked by major depression or mental issues would sing a song and dance like the video shows.

The person was just singing a song to a girlfriend or something.
Posted by Rogercordia  in  Sydney  on  Thu Mar 11, 2010  at  09:57 PM
Is there any problem with BELGIUM Dru ?
Posted by Elle  on  Wed Jun 01, 2011  at  11:40 AM
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