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Here's a video of a guy trying out for a part in an action movie... but things don't go well for him at all. The guy performs so badly that you'd suspect the scene was staged, but apparently it's a real audition tape. did some detective work and discovered that the man in the video seems to be stuntman Mark Allen Hicks, and the video shows him auditioning for a Nike commercial with Allen Iverson and Jim Kelly. Reportedly Hicks left the audition with a bloody nose, and the next few stuntmen who auditioned were told not to do any flips.


Posted on Mon Oct 25, 2004

More content from the Hoax Museum:


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Posted by john  in  NH  on  Mon Oct 25, 2004  at  09:13 PM
Well...John. You're never too old to laugh at other people's misery. And happy 15th kiddo.

I think it's hilarious Alex. And he has quite an impressive list of movies he stunted in!
Here's his link:

Judging by the way he looks in that clip, compared to the pictures on IMDB I'd say he was a little down on his luck at the time. But he's got 3 movies coming up including the Triple X sequel. So I assume he's doing better.
Posted by Paul  on  Tue Oct 26, 2004  at  10:31 AM
Isn't Allan Iverson endorsed with Reebok? Why would he be starring in a Nike commercial??
Posted by boom  on  Thu Nov 04, 2004  at  02:28 AM
u sure thats iverson? they way that guy looks like i think he plays for the and 1 streetballers...i think the guys name is Hautsauce.
Posted by john  in  Denver  on  Tue Jul 26, 2005  at  09:59 PM
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