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Each week Adobe -- the creator of Photoshop -- will give you five images to test if you can differentiate between the real and the fake. I got them all right! WooHoo!


Posted on Mon Dec 08, 2008


I got all five right too (woo hoo!), but in all honesty they seemed a little too easy. If they wanted to show off how good some people can fake pictures, why do their fake samples look like something from a beginner photoshop contest?
Posted by Salamander Sam  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  12:56 AM
I got all 5...but I recognized the REAL photos from images I have seen elsewhere.
Posted by Maegan  on  Tue Dec 09, 2008  at  02:17 PM
Well, I'm the dud on this one I only got 4/5.

My problem was the answers went real, fake, real, fake, real. By the time I got to five I was going "No way would they just alternate, this has to be a fake" Silly me.
Posted by Joel B1  on  Wed Dec 10, 2008  at  07:37 PM
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