A Rat’s Ass

Found on eBay. Finally, you can give a rat's ass. For only $10.25!

I seriously wonder about the psychology of the person who makes these -- carefully removing the posterior portion of a rat's anatomy and mounting it on a piece of wood.

I wonder even more about the person who buys it. (I thought about it for a second, but then concluded that, no, the wife would kill me if I unveiled this.)

It fits into the genre of gag gifts that take popular expressions literally. The only similar item I can think of are "round tuits," but I know there are others.


Posted on Sun Jul 13, 2008


Thats the perfect gift for someone who is a slob.
"Clean your room!"
"Becuase it's dirty..."
"I don't give a rats ass"
Posted by DJ_Canada  in  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  on  Sun Jul 13, 2008  at  08:07 PM
I've seen "horse's ass" trophies at gag gift shops.
Posted by Narf  on  Mon Jul 14, 2008  at  12:25 AM
It's not a real rat's ass, which adds another layer to the expression. ("I couldn't give a rat's ass, so I gave this fake one instead.")

It's synthetic fur, according to the description, and there's no way that ridiculous-looking fake tail came from a real rat... Also the seller sells "whole" rats that are more obviously fake.

So it's just a stupid gag gift, not a sign of a future serial killer.
Posted by Michael Moncur  on  Mon Jul 14, 2008  at  12:49 AM
I'd prefer to send someone a cat-ass-trophy. Someone I disliked, that is.
Posted by Phred22  on  Mon Jul 14, 2008  at  07:29 AM
Michael, I hadn't read carefully enough to see that it was fake fur. That puts my mind at ease a bit. I was imagining a mad taxidermist creating these in their garage.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Jul 14, 2008  at  12:25 PM
I'm happy that they're fake.
Posted by Sakano  in  Ohio  on  Tue Jul 15, 2008  at  04:04 PM
There is an old saying about a con artist:

'He'd sell you a rat's ass for a wedding ring.'

I dont remember if Damon Runyon said it or someone else.

A guy in college had a con artist friend and said, 'He's the kinda guy who could sell you a dead snake, and you'd think you got a bargain.'
Posted by AK  on  Sun Aug 03, 2008  at  11:50 AM
I always wonder what the factory workers in China (or wherever they make these things) think about American culture as they're packing, say, 500 dozen fake rats' behinds, into boxes for export.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Mon Aug 04, 2008  at  01:41 PM
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