A Few More Of This Year’s April Fools

Unicorn Cookbook
The British Library's Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts Blog announced the discovery of a long-lost medieval cookbook that included recipes for unicorns: "Taketh one unicorne," marinade it in cloves and garlic, and roast it on a griddle.

Bacon-Scented Cat Litter
Fresh Step announced the introduction of Organic Bacon-scented cat litter: "The power of activated carbon meets the scrumptious scent of freshly cooked bacon."

Mars Attacks: The Musical
Topps and IDW Publishing announced on Facebook that they were producing a broadway musical based on Mars Attacks, to be titled Mars Attacks: 21st Century Slaughter. It was going to be, "a science fiction version of West Side Story: a human and a Martian involved in a star-crossed romance, set against the backdrop of a violent interstellar war - with all of humanity caught in between." Actually they made the announcement two days before April 1, so they violated the rules of April Foolery. And given how many weird musicals there really are (such as Thalidomide: The Musical), this one sounded quite reasonable.

Spielburgers Restaurant
Both a website and a press release announced there was going to be a new chain of Steven Spielberg-themed restaurants called Spielburgers. It would be kind of like Planet Hollywood, but focused entirely on Spielberg's movies. Another hoax that wouldn't be a bad idea if it were real. I'm not sure who was behind this hoax, but I think it may have been the site beyondthemarquee.com.

Japan's Public Broadcasting Adopts North-Korean Style
NHK (Japan's national public broadcasting organization) tweeted on its official PR account that it was going to merge with all the Japanese commercial broadcasting stations to form a state-run network, on which the news would be read by a kimono-clad announcer "in front of a blue background in a slightly alarmed voice." It was a tongue-in-cheek reference to North Korea's media. But the tweet caused enough complaints that NHK took it down and issued an apology.

Invasion of the Geese
132 plastic lawn geese, dressed in various outfits, appeared around Portage, Wisconsin on April 1st. The geese cost around $30 each. So whoever did this spent almost $4000 on the prank -- unless they got a volume discount on the geese.

April Fools Day

Posted on Thu Apr 05, 2012


Spielburgers was probably inspired by Wahlburgers - which is a real life burger joint owned by Mark, Donnie and some other family members.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Thu Apr 05, 2012  at  09:48 AM
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