90-year-old Kung Fu Master Does Finger Stand

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image Check out this video of Monk Hai-Tank (wmv file). He's 90-years-old, but he still has "finger skill." Which means that he can stand upside-down supported by only one finger. The video obviously has to be fake. I assume they're supporting him with invisible wires. Special effects like this are pretty standard in kung-fu movies. (via Ceticismo Aberto)

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Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2006


Same guy said:

"Your rebut against my obama analogy is pointless, you do not get the point of my argument,if I change it to "I refuse to believe that this man, Obama, is the president of the US"; it is still valid."

But what you originally said was:

"hmmm so explain to me about 9/11 and Obama (which is black and that is why 97% blacks voted for him, regardless of his heritage people see him as black)"

I don't read minds, so I don't know what you MEANT to say. I can only respond to what you ACTUALLY say and in that case, it was nonsense.

Let's cut to the chase here. Although you refuse to believe that the duly-elected Barack Obama is the president of the United States (which is completely irrelevant to the topic under discussion here), you DO believe that a 90-year-old man can STAND ON ONE FINGER WITHOUT ASSISTANCE. Fascinating.

"you clearly said in previous posts stating that unless you see him performing it live in front of you without wire you will not believe."

No, I never said that, but I DID say that IF I saw him do it in front of me, I would probably be able to figure out the trick involved.

"GOD, its like talking to caveman who can speak english, i certainly do hope someone else will open you mind."

Yeah, I'M clearly the one who has problems with the English language here.

I'll respond to your other points later today. I have to run a few errands right now.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Apr 12, 2009  at  02:10 PM
"1. AGAIN, So how does flying link with physical training?"

I believe my comment about flying was in the context of you seeming to believe in whatever you WANT to believe in even when there is no evidence to support it. It was sarcastic.

"2.Your rebut against my obama analogy is pointless, you do not get the point of my argument,if I change it to "I refuse to believe that this man, Obama, is the president of the US"; it is still valid."

Addressed previously. Your silly opinions on the legality of Presiden't Obama's election are irrelevant to this discussion.


You may actually have a point here. I probably misspoke by saying that. I still maintain, however, that the surface area of a fingertip is so small that the pressure of the man's whole body on it would be more than he could endure. Also, remember that virtually everyone who reaches the age of 90 has some evidence of arthritis. Oh, I'm sure there's some "explanation" of how the Chinese, using their magical "chi," don't get arthritis. Uh, no.

"4.Also seriously, how could you compare WWE to martial arts, those guys eat roid bars and gain weight so they can look tough... Bruce lee could probably punch through them."

Um, once again, I was employing the linguistic device known as "sarcasm." You seem to be unfamiliar with it, oddly enough.

Bruce Lee, by the way, while he certainly had studied martial arts, was also a performer and could not actually do many of the stunts he was depicted as doing in real life...you know, just like wrestlers.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Apr 13, 2009  at  02:01 AM
Okay to conclude everybodies thoughts, this is a VIDEO of a man doing "finger stand". You can never prove anything with the video, because it can easily manipulated. However, the same goes for the contrary, you CANNOT prove that it is not true. In fact, we'll never know if anything is real as a matter of fact (see skepticism). BUt that is where our common sense comes in. This feat, accomplished by an old man, may defy our common sense, but who is to say that they are always correct? There has been numerous videos of UFOs for example, sure we can't explain them, but we can't discredit them either (that's why they are a mystery).

Unless under controlled environments, we cannot conclude anything from the video, thus making ALL of your (by that I mean everybody) points "moot".

I do however believe that a lot of video should be removed from this site UNLESS they are proven to be hoaxes (by that I mean carefully designed experiments, not just arguing over what you see on the internet.)
Posted by LOl at cranky + all  on  Tue Mar 09, 2010  at  01:22 PM
this is real. Monk Haiteng died in 1989 as the last monk able to perform this skill. (its common for any monk to be able to do this with 2 fingers but monk Hai was the last to be able to with only 1)
Posted by monk  in  norway  on  Wed Apr 14, 2010  at  10:38 PM
if u want to check out more he is also referred to as monk Hai teng
Posted by monk  in  norway  on  Wed Apr 14, 2010  at  10:40 PM
sry... monk Hai Tank *
Posted by monk  in  norway  on  Wed Apr 14, 2010  at  10:41 PM
Lol said:

"Okay to conclude everybodies thoughts, this is a VIDEO of a man doing "finger stand". You can never prove anything with the video, because it can easily manipulated. However, the same goes for the contrary, you CANNOT prove that it is not true."

That's true. So what? See, the way things work is that if you make an extraordinary claim, the burden of proof is on YOU. Would you like me to show you how the other way around is unfeasible? Sure, no problem. Here goes.

I say there are flying monkeys on the dark side of the moon. OK, prove me wrong. Remember, your proof has to be completely irrefutable or I'll just reject it. Good luck.

See the problem yet? If you claim that a 90-year-old man can balance on one finger, the burden of proof is on you. So far, I haven't seen the slightest proof of it.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Apr 15, 2010  at  01:10 AM
This feat performed by Monk Tank is 100% true. I think he was the only person who could do this. Simply great and outstanding.

Sunil Wanjare, Pune
Crystal Institute
Posted by Sunil Wanjare, Crystal Institute  in  Pune  on  Sun Jun 13, 2010  at  06:28 AM
There has to be a line course, if you tell me that you can jump to the moon with ease, of course I'm not going to believe that.

I do not think what we see here disobeys any biological or physical law, it is simply an act (or a hoax) of extraordinary feat. I suppose you can compare to when the contortionists fit themselves in a small box. You would of course claim, OMG...But that does not mean that it is false, just as the earth still revolves around the sun no matter what those people believed in the medieval times. Could Galileo show them definitive proof of how Earth revolved? Of course not, every single error would be scrutinized and exploited.

But going back to my early point, how do you prove that it's fake? Just because I can't prove it's true, does not mean that it is not true, just as the Earth will always spin even though I can't prove it (with my knowledge). Thus I still hold my ground that this video should be removed, unless PROVEN to be false.
Posted by LOL at CRANKY  on  Wed Sep 29, 2010  at  05:36 PM
that was some real thing you all are dumass don't know a thing about martial arts i am also a martial artist and practicing light qi gong for a year and now i can perform two finger push ups and i have heard about the guy hai tank who is in the video that he can do that when he was young fifty years back and many wittiness say that he can still do that and the video was made he was 93 .i heard about him in many finger stand videos and he is not holding some thing in his hand he is channelizing his chi and a last thing he is the only one to do that and he is not going to apply for world record because he is a monk .
Posted by gdfgfg  in  india  on  Wed May 25, 2011  at  11:40 AM
I would much like a LOGICAL response to this. Ihave been reading about comments like flying.Obviously This is quite illogical because humans don't have wings.If i went to China and gave a monk a video about 9/11 Would they think it's real? And i guess japan didn't think the atom bomb was real right? Like people believe that robots can't be real right?WRONG! Anyone hear about the SALEM WITCH TRIALS? I'm pretty the girls that accused those people died and were witches?Am I right? But this is other shit right now. This is the 21st century. There are cars not horses. we got skyscrapers not little house made out of sticks and mud. Fuck we got robots!Robots people! I am a 14 year old kid in america and i definitly know what most americans are like especially the old ones. Ignorant. These shao-lin trained since hey were little kids.hardening there bodies.What the fuck were u doing when u were 10. oh right you were in school fucking around and talking!I believe anything can happen in the future especially some old on one finger!
Posted by Rise Do  on  Sat May 05, 2012  at  01:04 PM
This is Monk Hai Tank, of the revered Shaolin Temple, he is known for being a master in the ancient art of kung-fu. Being able to do a hand stand on one finger against a wall means that a master is at the peak of his training and has complete mastery over the skill. This isn't fake, he actually exists and can do this in his old age, because the training of the Shaolin is a way of life. It doesn't end just because you get old.
Posted by Asian  on  Sat Apr 27, 2013  at  08:54 AM
This thread has been going on for years and in all that time, the "proof" of an ancient man being able to stand on one finger is "You can't prove that he can't do it." Wow, that's all you have?

Again, here's how it works in the Real World: If you make an extraordinary claim, YOU have to provide the proof. Period. If I claim that I can fly under my own power, I have to prove it. You do NOT have to prove that I can't. Get it?

Simply repeating over and over the same old crap about how people in the East can do amazing things because...well, because of something or other that Westerners cannot understand is NOT proof. No matter how many times you repeat it or how many times you rephrase it. Throwing around terms like "Chi" or "Shaolin" isn't proof of anything either. Sorry. You have to do better than that.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Apr 28, 2013  at  12:56 PM
Look up the American monk Heng Sure in berkely California. He is a disciple of Hsuen Hua who was the founder of the city of ten thousand Buddhas is ukia California. Heng Sure had the opportunity to meet Hai Tank before his passing when Hai Tank visited Hsuen Hua in ukia california, he can tell you about his experience with the old monk. Heng Sure is not a martial arts fanatic and has no bias for or against shaolin so you can have an honest whiteness. Other than that there is no way to verify the credibility of the feat performed in the video because the old monk is no longer with us, amitabha. I can say that Heng Sure is a man of solid integrity and a reliable witness. To be honest, if you hang around in the right circles, seeing an old man stand on one finger isn't that big of a surprise.
Posted by Robert  in  San Francisco  on  Tue Apr 30, 2013  at  08:57 AM
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