National Kick a Ginger Day

Apparently this started with a character on South Park who described redheads as "evil" and "soulless". This gave a fourteen-year-old boy the idea of starting a Facebook group dedicated to the idea of promoting November 20 as "National Kick a Ginger Day". The group soon had over 5000 members, and unfortunately some people decided to take the idea literally.

Redheaded students at schools throughout Canada reported being kicked and punched by other students on Nov. 20. One student, Aaron Mishkin (pictured), felt so traumatized that he skipped school the next day.

Things like this just confirm my most pessimistic feelings about the human race. Sometimes people really suck.


Posted on Wed Nov 26, 2008


"I don't know what "rassenwissenschft based viewpoint" means to you, but to me it has connotations of white supremacy"

Which shows which of us has read it then, Eric . . . The theory simply states that certain physical features are linked to certain traits of biology, such as moral beahviour the the angle of the forehead; However, the theories granted superior character therefore to people of Arabic and Northwestern Indian descent as well as other non-white races, and theorised that like the Arabs and the Mumbai Indians, the historic Aryans ( Who were real - basically like cauacasian Mongols in central Eurpoe, Turkey and Asia Minor ) interbred with them and improved their genetic pools.

"FB games in real life"-Hahahaha. An oxymoron if I've ever heard one..."

Forgive my typing, I meant to format that has "Having faced down people in real life from FB games . . . " naything sounds ridiculous if quoted out of context I admit 😊

And I would say we would be *more* than friends in rela life, given the type of man you are and my attarction to that sort . . . 😉
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  05:23 PM
Hahaha (now thats a genuine belly laugh, not a sarcastic ass one). You've got good taste, I'll take that as a compliment. Forgive me for assuming that a german word that looks like "white race" is linked to white supremacy; you seem to be more well read than I. Who is the author of this theory?

I admit that I'm trying to stir things up. I truly do find the concept of "kick a ginger day" funny though; its too ridiculous to not be. I got sick of seeing indignant comments about it calling for hate crime prosecution, litigation against South Park, etc. It is fun to take revenge on confused people by upsetting them further.

Eric C.=Eric Cartman, South Park's propagator of hate
Posted by Eric C.  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  06:14 PM
Forgive me for assuming that a german word that looks like "white race" is linked to white supremacy

The word, like most German words, breaks into syllables with specific meanings - 'Rassen' meaning race, and 'wissenschaft' meaning specialised study area or science.

Who is the author of this theory?

Authors contributed to it for some time - the first was arguably Francis Galton, Charles Darwin's cousin who took Spencer's 'survival of the fittest' and his comments about the Englsih and formed a theory of breeding for human superiority that became eugenics. The German school of Rassenwissen shchaft and Rassenhygiene ( Pretty clear what the latter means) was formed by Alfred Ploetz, who among other ideas, claimed that the world's problems could be solved by ensuring the peoples of the world stayed in the areas the had originated in since they had developed to suit the environment there best. Actually a liberal opposed to colonisation and slavery, Ploetz campaigned for repatriation of foreign-born citizens of the newly-formed Second Rich ( The Kaiser's government of Germany ) in the 1890s; Part of this movement also lead to the formation of the welfare states in the Scandinavian countries to assist people with illnesses and the poor as a state-based charity. However, to define race needed a systematic approach, and this began to be gathered in with other eugenics theories from around the world, phrenology and such fringe ideas, until the final formulation of the so-called 'race prototypes' by Otto Reche and others, based on body measurement and later by blood typing. ( A good book on this is RACIAL HYGIENE: MEDICINE UNDER THE NAZIS by Robert N. Proctor )

Because of this, and general xenophobia, the Blood Protection Law was passed and the German people were divided into pureblooded Aryans, 'mischlings' ( half- or less-blooded Aryans ) and others. Immunisation was halted, as it was seen as an artificial and unnatural way of adjusting blood to make the person suitable for living in an an unsuitable environment. This eventually lead to the nastier parts of the Nazi regime . . .

The problem is, that it has tainted any study of the genetic difference between the minor variants of humanity we call 'races' almost taboo; Yet, differences on a cellular level exist - such as the response many people of African descent have to families of drugs that differ from other ethnic groups - and are valuable things to know from a medical in the same way blood groups are.
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  07:26 PM
woops - running out of room.

Although the Nazis even that as a weapon - In 1939 Peter Dahr, for example, cited a case in which a (non-Jewish) woman married to a Jew had three children and wanted to claim that one of them stemmed from an extramarital relationship with a "German" and should therefore not be considered Jewish. Dahr showed how blood types could be used to determine paternity and resolve the racial status of the child. The mother was type OO, the father AB. Because the child in question was type OO, it could not have been fathered by the woman's husband. The child could therefore be considered German under Nazi law (From the book quoted above )

Anything can be used to justify hate it seems.

And if you ever find yourself on the way to New Zealand, Eric, let me know, won't you? 😉
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Wed Dec 02, 2009  at  07:30 PM
Stand up for yourself gingers, Gingers are funny............................................................................looking!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by bob  on  Mon Dec 07, 2009  at  04:10 PM
Stop making me laugh, Lise. I bet you're a redhead...

D F, thats some interesting stuff, I'll definitely check it out once finals are over. See you in Auckland!
Posted by Eric C.  on  Mon Dec 07, 2009  at  10:45 PM
D F Stuckey:

Lobotomies are not performed for psychiatric disorders anymore, only for severe neurological disorders such as severe epilipsy where medication does not elicit a response from the patient.

Counselling for this type of behaviour is not brainwashing or lobotomising, it is allowing the individual to work through anger issues that they may have in many aspects of their lives. People aren't born hating redheads, or black people, or gay people or any other minority group, it is a learned behaviour. A psychologist will listen to their beliefs and ask them to question them with logical answers. It's all about challenging beliefs with facts, not forcing someone to believe something different. Differences in values are acknowledged, but extreme beliefs are not usually coming from the inner self, they are influenced by external factors, which in turn create the extreme behaviour.

If a behaviour is damaging to others and to themselves then it is not benefiting the person behaving that way to continue with this behaviour, it is antisocial. Humans are social by nature, so it is going against their own "natural selection" to behave this way, if you want to get into a genetic debate.

"basically changes receptors on cells to change production of melanin to eumelanin, thus preventing dark skin tones and hair colours" DF Stuckey.

This information is not entirely accurate, as there are certain natural redheads who have olive skin (thus have no deficiencies/mutations in melanin in their skin) and even aboriginal cultures who have red hair.

We must acknowledge that "fact" is only science...and science is never absolute. So whilst you may rest your theory of discrimination against redheads on Darwin's, it is just that, a theory.

I realise you are not condoning violence to redheads, you are trying to present the other side of the argument, but do you see that by trying to justify the other side you give more fuel to those who see it as ok behaviour?

We have all scene what scientific studies have done to African American cultures when it was supposedly shown that they weren't as intelligent as Caucasian simply sparked reason for whites to show more discrimination "we won't hire you, not because you're black, but because you're not as intelligent as the white candidates". Of course when socioeconomics were taken into consideration in further studies it was obvious that it was actually racism, that had perpetuated the cycle of low education that appeared to be low IQ.

Thus again, science is only science if it can be disputed...therefore it is not absolute. I'm sure there is other research which you haven't mentioned that supports the null-hypothesis. Perhaps redheads are a more evolved breed of humans - after all, that is what evolution is isn't it? The survival and thriving of mutations?
Posted by TJ  on  Thu Dec 10, 2009  at  04:07 PM
gingers suck? you dont even know. maybee one ginger you know sucks but not all. your a retarded person who judges poeple by thier hair.
Posted by megan R  on  Fri Dec 11, 2009  at  02:56 PM
JT, You clearly have not read this thread.

Firstly, I mentioned my lobotomy experience was in the 1970s; Today, microsurgical techniques and brain mapping make this a more accurate tool for specific neural disorders, but then it was considered routine for not being part of the social norm, and by definition, anti-social.

Secdonly, you seem to be setting science up as a straw man to be knocked down. You point out how laypeople who have a preference for absolutes have misused scientific studies for their purposes, forgetting the cardinal rule of statistics - What is true for the group is false for any random individual in the group. ( Sadly, not enough characters available here to disprove thsi by example ). Havign spent decades waking up int he morning to face the 'fact' that everything I knew yesterday is wrong today and having to check everything against a yardstick ( Well, metric measure . . . ), which in its turn has to be checked it gets annoying when someone comes along with set, fixed and unchallengable ideas and claims that *I'm* arrogantt for quoting verifiable data. Likewise, I did not go into the hair colour genetics of non-caucasian peoples because I don'y know enough about it, plus which it's irelevant to the topic.

" Thus again, science is only science if it can be disputed...therefore it is not absolute. I'm sure there is other research which you haven't mentioned that supports the null-hypothesis. Perhaps redheads are a more evolved breed of humans - after all, that is what evolution is isn't it? The survival and thriving of mutations?" Oh, this is full of falsehoods which ARE absolute! I said in my post on 30th November -The genes involved in redheadedness may seem to be detrimental under the current conditions, just as being blonde is a bad thing in the tropics. However, it is possible that under other environmental conditions redheads would be in a good position to survive and thus be desirable mates. I think that supports the null hypothesis. In any event, your definition of evolution seems to be based on a Great Chain Of Being idea of genetic superiority, when evolution is not about fixed measures - Evolution is a process of gradual changes in populations due to genetic drift, and rarely by sudden mutations, the majority of which can be deleterious. For someone who denies 'facts' as absolute, like the ENRON boys did with the 'fact' that 2+2=5, this is an odd statement to make and smacks of rassenwissenschaft again.

I would like to have dismissed you with a simple rude remark, which would have come in under the 3000 word mark, but I respect people with some brains which makes me anti-social of course; So, forgive the length of answer.
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Fri Dec 11, 2009  at  03:03 PM
fuck you ginger haters you are all fucking sick and I hate all of you you can all fucking burn in hell for all I care. it is racist and sick if youve got a problem with gingers you should be shot a million times and had your hair burned to nothing you sick perverted bastards
Posted by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on  Wed Jan 06, 2010  at  07:35 PM
me!!!!!!!, it seems as though you have justified the hatred "ginger haters" have for you with all these threats and insults.

You sound like that guy who set his underwear on fire on that plane when he was talking about Americans . . .
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Wed Jan 06, 2010  at  09:05 PM
everyone who thinks gingers are stupid, fuck you and get a life!
Posted by Colin Walsh  on  Mon Feb 08, 2010  at  04:15 PM
I got kicked even though I have brown hair, it's kids that are always mean to me, and they used my freckles to justify it, later, I was discussing this with some friends, and this ginger guy heard me say ginger, made an assumption, and kicked me. So, basically, some people are assholes, making that group wasn't a great idea, and people should stop complaining because a lot of them would be doing the exact same thing if they were on the other side in a similar situation.
Posted by Eamon  on  Wed Feb 10, 2010  at  07:08 PM
it nov 21 dibshit
Posted by bob  on  Sat Apr 10, 2010  at  06:41 PM
why people are so angry
gingers can't feel anything becouse they have no soul.
i think we must eradicate the ginger ras becouse they are evil and ugly.
Posted by D.D.  on  Fri Apr 23, 2010  at  09:38 AM
go dye your hair if you dont wanna participate!!!
kick a ginger kick kick a ginger ginger !!
Posted by LILYHATESGINGERS  on  Wed May 12, 2010  at  02:16 PM
Uh. Im not a ginger, but i disagree with this day.
Its kinda funny...but mean
Posted by Marcus G  on  Sat Jun 05, 2010  at  10:16 AM
every one here is saying all this absolote bullshit about gingers because of their hair colour but whats different about ginger hair to any other colour...nothing it really makes me laugh how sad some people can be infact it makes me think that maybe allll u haters are jelous of the ginger gene. how about we make a u kick a "ginger we break ur fucking nose day"? because thats what im going to anyone that want to fucking try and kick me
Posted by fuck u all  on  Mon Jul 19, 2010  at  10:48 AM
slight typo in that post i meant "u kick a ginger we break ur fucking nose day" on the day after 😉
Posted by fuck u all  on  Mon Jul 19, 2010  at  10:50 AM
Posted by Hellview  on  Sun Sep 26, 2010  at  02:04 AM
Thanks, Hellview - the intellectual level of this thread was dropping rapidly until you showed us the way, in the same way your brave nation's soldiers are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Japan.
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Sun Sep 26, 2010  at  06:11 AM
this is bullshit
i have red hair and this episode of south park has made me the butt of all the jokes with everyone all of the natural redheads in my school are made fun of for being "Gingers" and having no souls and being pale and freckled
not cool
Posted by Ashlynn  on  Tue Nov 16, 2010  at  09:26 PM
Go ahead! Kick me if you have a death wish. You'll be eating liquids though a straw after I'm done with you. I'm a ginger, I have no soul, so I can beat you to a pulp and have no remorse. You're committing a hate crime that I'm quite willing to punish you for.
Posted by Hells Fury  on  Wed Nov 17, 2010  at  01:13 PM
i agree im a red head and i dont think red heads should have to risk getting hit or not wanting to go to school because of this my mom even said me and my red head friend can stay home because of kick a ginger day and thats just sad...
Posted by schwartzie11  on  Tue Feb 08, 2011  at  05:46 PM
I have red hair and tons of freckles. Anyone that wants to give gingers shit can come try to give me shit. They will have to deal with a 230 lb angry Ginger that has mma training. Noones ever bothered me about bein a ginger.
Posted by IRISH  on  Tue Feb 22, 2011  at  04:20 PM
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