Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape

Marilyn Monroe seems to attract hoaxes, in the same way that Hitler, Bigfoot, and Paris Hilton do. I guess it's because any news about Marilyn is guaranteed to get attention, which is what many hoaxers are looking for.

The latest Marilyn news is that a sex tape starring her was sold for $1.5 million to an anonymous wealthy businessman, who swore he would never make it public. The tape is said to be a copy of a film that has been kept classified by the FBI.

The promise of the businessman to not market the tape sounds very noble, but nobility probably has little to do with it. The tape is probably being kept from the public because it doesn't exist.

Defamer, with the help of Marilyn Monroe expert Mark Bellinghaus, has put all the pieces of this story together. (If I'm a "hoax-pert," does that make Bellinghaus a "Monroe-xpert"?)

The key point, as Defamer argues, is that the sale to the anonymous businessman was brokered by Keya Morgan "whose main objective is to promote himself and the Monroe documentary that he is working on." Defamer argues that "What Keya Morgan is promoting equates to questionable stories generated simply to sell another book or push another cheesy documentary." Some of the questions that Defamer and Bellinghaus raise:

· The film was supposedly made of Marilyn Monroe as a starlet. If filmed in this time period of Monroe's life, why would the feds have cared about the activities of a young starlet, considering that Marilyn Monroe had not reached the heights of fame at the time this footage was claimed to have been filmed?

· "You see instantly that it's Marilyn Monroe - she has the famous mole." This is a quote by Keya Morgan, which is one of the flimsiest pieces of evidence ever presented. Just because this alleged film has a person with a mole, it's instantly Marilyn Monroe?

· Essentially Morgan is claiming that this is a bootleg copy of a classified FBI film. So if an original is classified, why would the FBI allow this public brouhaha in the press and not stop this sale from taking place? Why would this film copy not be destroyed?

Keeping key pieces of evidence hidden (such as the tape itself!) is the classic modus operandi of hoaxers. So I'm definitely with Defamer on this. It smells like a hoax.
(Thanks Bob and Joe!)

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Update: The Smoking Gun has conducted research that also casts doubt on Morgan's claims.

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Posted on Thu Apr 17, 2008


Keya Morgan is a respected authority on the identification of photography. He can explain photographic processes since the start of photography. He has authenticated photographs from Bush to Lincoln and many others.

He has found national treasures in the most obscure places and his ability to chase down every clue with with almost obsessive attention to detail is commendable. In his persistant search for the truth he has once again rocked the world with the Marilyn Monroe sex tape.

As always there are people who wont be ready for the truth, but that doesn't mean it should be suppressed. I think Keya has and always will be a steward of historical information. We need more people like him around.

On the other hand there is Mark Bellinghaus is the originator of the Church of Marilyn, and claims that someday Marilyn will be bigger then Jesus. Bellinghaus is obviously jealous and wants to be seen as the ultimate authority on Marilyn Monroe.

Bellinghaus has to realize that making such ludicrous claims about Marilyn Monroe will not do his credibility any good. How can you begin to compare a God to a mere mortal? How can you start a church on the back of a fallible human being?

I'm not taking anything away from Marilyn, personally i'm a big fan. But u have to be a deluded individual to worship her as a God. Bellinghaus is just an obsessed lunatic who lives in his own fantasy world. I hope for everyone's sake he can come to terms with realiy at some point.

Right now he's doing the Marilyn Monroe legacy a lot more damage then good by uplifting her to God status. I'm sure if she was around she'd be embarressed to be associated with this nut.
Posted by monroe77  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  09:28 PM
I have a mole (none of your business where, Raoul), so I must be Marilyn Monroe, too.
Posted by Big Gary  in  Buda, Texas  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  09:29 PM
Excellent piece, no I mean really and I was sucking up each word. I have also been following this drama of never ending hoaxes for quite some time. I am a Monroe fan as I am a Madonna or U2 fan.

But what really moved me is, how the Mark Bellinghaus talent has detected yet another super hoax. And since you are the museum of hoaxes, I am glad you recognize his success. Now in all respect for Keya Morgan's amazing success to fool the entire world with this dumb stunt; I would just recommend to give it up right now.

He had fun and he is famous now. Got some good interview $$$$ buddy? Enjoy your money but please do not bother with any docu or even book. On what? How you talk to Mr. Anonymous and then the other man who wants to remain anonymous is saying something?

I never trusted Jeanne Carmen, and to me it seems now since she has passed that Keya Morgan would like to continue this dirty business of slandering Marilyn Monroe and by his stupidity he has just done so. Talking about JFK's 'phallus' isn't very helpful to gain respect for an American President who died tragically enough.

Anyhow, I just wanted to throw this in and I am absolutely sure that the Bellinghaus exposure machine has just booked another success, since Keya Morgan's wrongest move was to threaten with a cease and desist and to claim that Mark Bellinghaus has threatened him. The only thing that truly is threatening these charlatans and tale tellers, liars, psychics, etc, is the truth. Is proof and is a debunking like the defamer piece printed it.

Did anybody watcht this movie in 2007, the one with Richard Gere about the Howard Hughes forgeries? It is called HOAX and it is worth watching, and I can assure you, you will remember the latest Marilyn Monroe hoax that just made it all over the world: the Marilyn Monroe sex tape hoax.

And in regards of monroe77's post I would like to state that if he does not know what SCIENTOLOGY is based on, he should not speak in his hate and jealousy driven try to shut down the most successful hoax debunker in recent history. He certainly is one of them. And I can easily imagine who he is, since he is known to follow Bellinghouse anywhere the debunker goes. Any website, any forum, they all seem to just wait for him. They are obsessed with him. That seems to be a fitting, the right term for their actions and attacks.
monroe77 says:
'Bellinghaus is just an obsessed lunatic who lives in his own fantasy world. I hope for everyone's sake he can come to terms with realiy at some point.'
Posted by H. Oax-Trap  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  11:18 PM
Woah! if that was true, how come he shut down so many scandalous frauds and if he was 'just an obsessed lunatic' why do these people follow him, if he was such a loser?!

For me the most important thing is, that these fights have proven that I will never become member of any of those strange clubs. Fan clubs are a thing from the past. Marilyn Monroe lived in the past, but since he just became public domain, we can enjoy her more than ever. Without being a fan club member.
Just the way she was, knowing that she never did such a crazy sex film and gave 15 minutes head. And if Keya Morgan wasn't so stupid, he would know that no woman is looking 'radiant' after working for 15 minutes in front of the camera and performing a 'perverted act.'
Posted by H. Oax-Trap  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  11:20 PM
I forgot to also mention Laurence Cusak III., a fellow who forged several documents which stated that the Kennedys were paying Marilyn Monroe some money in terms of the claimed 'relationship' they had. The ruling judge gave an extra set of two years to the criminal forger because he defamed a former President of the USA. Cusak III. was just recently released, after serving 10 years in prison.
Wouldn't this be something in this case of clear and proven BS?! Do us a favour Mr. Morgan. Show us your paperwork for this deal, show us something, but don't assume we buy anything, from a man who is photo shopping himeself next to the rich and famous, just because he has the obsession to be one of them.
Posted by H. Oax-Trap  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  11:29 PM
Holy Moley mister oaxtrapper, you got a big mouthful of this Marilyn girl, yes? I don't think I have ever seen so much talking about this poor blonde bomb shell lady. She was so sad some times, Raoul will not make any of the jokes for her, okay? Why the poor mole was involved in this thing I do not know, the poor little animal with the no eyes and the little snickering wiskers, that is just wrong to make these films of the moles and the blondes. Some things are just too wrong. right? This is true. Rrrraoul
Posted by Raoul  on  Thu Apr 17, 2008  at  11:42 PM
You are certainly right on this one. One correction though if I may before I lay down my sensible brain into a beauty rest name is Hoaxtrapper, if you read it like you just did.
Posted by H. Oax-Trapper  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  12:39 AM
trap got a good point here...i mean if the scientologists are a respected CHURCH and do NOT PAY TAXES for having this title, is would be just fair to name a Church in her name. I may even join. I just run away from this sect that was asking me to shower with cold water and to be silent. Two things I just can't do on a regular basis. sorry pals. but what can we do in the monroe church, dress up like her and have chanel no 5 parties and discuss freakin hoaxes like the one Keya Morgan threw at us in hopes not to be caught...dumb monkey with David Gest lookalike-charisma....
Church of Marilyn Monroe? Sweet and sexy I assume. and better than a fake blowjoy like defamer called it lol
Posted by Good point 80's dancer  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  12:47 AM
Somebody wake me up when the Bigfoot sex tape comes out... Once you go furry, you ain't in a hurry... I don't know what that means, but it rhymes, and gives the hirsute some street cred. I don't really know what that means either, I'm just trying not to imagine Marilyn doing... you know... and that's what this titititillating "hoax" (sorry, a couple extra tits there) is really all about, isn't it, ALEX? Just another trash diversion from the real matters at hand, like who killed the Kennedys, after all it was you and me, tell me what I say. See, now I'm all screwed up... Enough, I say, free your mind and the paparazzzzi will follow... sorry, couple of extra zzz's there, bringing us full circle, once again, requesting a wake-up call when they unearth that Bigfoot sex tape. From my backyard. By the willow. North side. Gotcha... suckers
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  02:14 AM
"Keeping key pieces of evidence hidden (such as the tape itself!) is the classic modus operandi of hoaxers."

You got that right, Alex. It's not only a "modus operandi," it's pretty much a NECESSITY in many hoaxes. Often, the hoaxer is trying to convince the public of the existence of something which simply doesn't exist.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  02:31 AM
Same sort of thing happened to Jean Harlow - someone discovered a film, the girl looked a bit like Jean Harlow, everyone assumed it was her - and of course, it wasn't.

People like to drag others - especially talented, popular, charsmatic people - through the dirt to drag them down to their level. Bit pathetic really, especially as they're picking on a dead woman with no living relatives to sue them.
Posted by Nona  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  05:36 AM
I found new blog about Marilyn Monroe and her sex tape! check it's bomb.
Marilyn Monroe video
Posted by sharikajacque  on  Fri Apr 18, 2008  at  04:08 PM
Oh my, could any of you souls just imagine to be in that gecko's body right now? He's getting up from bed and looks in the mirror and he sees a hoax.
Not really sure if his black stream 'hair' is a total 'mirage' or 'illusion' as well, it looks to me like one of these swimming caps for grannies. The ones with palm trees and fish heads on it. Keya Morgan is wearing a helmet, it looks a bit to me. Is he going to sue me now too? Did you see that this banjo player is trying to sue defamer, or that he threatened to sue?
Who is going to sue him for fooling all of us and and throwing feces onto JFK and MM?
Raoul, where are you when you are needed the most. Funny thing is that the Pope was here or is he still and nobody really cared. It was all about the Marilyn Monroe sex tape. Funny.
A classic hoax, similar to some famous other ones, just unfolded in front of your eyes and in a year or two, or maybe even earlier, a whole lot of people will think about how stupid they feel, that they even believed this loser Keya Morgan's silly tale of BS.
Posted by H. Oax-Trap  in  on da run, prank street 262  on  Sat Apr 19, 2008  at  09:56 PM
Okay, Mister Oak Slapper, I do not know what you are talking about, okay? The moon is up, it is very warm now out side, and I, Raoul, The Man of Great Confusion can not be part of this, so leave Raoul out of the facts, Jacks. I want only to gaze at the bright, full body that nature brings to me, right? And then I will look at the Moon! Ha, Okay that is only a one-hah joke but may be it will get over the problem, Jimmy! No, Raoul has the serious face, do not place him in this plan of evil that you harbor, for that what it could be only, because you did not say words I know, okay? Hah, ha ha... So there they go... Rrrraooooul
Posted by Raoul  on  Sat Apr 19, 2008  at  11:24 PM
This is not a hoax.
It is reality.
SCIENTOLOGY was founded by a science fiction writer.
The Church of Marilyn Monroe has the same rights that Scientology does. Or not?
Ken Knoll, who peddled a sick book, a caught team of losers and terrible writers and who has been cyber stalking others, he is making fun of people who believe what they want to believe in, whatever makes them happy. Why?
Because he wants to be a famous Hollywood producer, with cigar in his mouth and pool filled with money like Dagobert Duck.
Maybe people can remember what happened to the good old Christians, when they started...yes, Ken Knoll--Marilyn Monroe might just be some day, bigger than Jesus, but you will never witness it, because you are too old anyhow.
Cheers, no tears.
Friends Through Marilyn!

Try to declare Ron Hubbard crazy as you do it with us, loser KK. You do not have guts at all.
Posted by Church of Marilyn Monroe  in  Hollywood, CA  on  Tue Apr 22, 2008  at  12:33 AM
To 'monroe77' this time not monroe62? We know who these people are, they were praying that this dirty joke, pulled on the dead behinds of Marilyn Monroe and JFK was for real. How can anybody laugh about such disgust. Well, we hope that people will laugh about all of you, when you are done and over, that people make fun, but most likely you will be forgotten if not already way before your life is over. That is why you attack us, you people are craving for attention. Like Pauline Berry, the lonely 45 year old psychopath who is cyberstalking Mark Bellinghaus and who is acting as if she won an Oscar, when she is getting him kicked out of the unimportant sites. What she did not achieve was, to have the information about him erased on Wikipedia, the most important site of them all. Jill Adams tried it, with lies and ugliness and did not succeed.
Maybe there is some fairness?
Mark Bellinghaus is no cyberharasser, he has left these poor individuals in the dust, the smoke he created with his success in debunking one after the other hoax, crime, scam, prank and of course fraud. Jealousy is thriving these bastards just like the last living body is making Zombies hunt the last living flesh. All of these fake and phony Marilyn fans: you are cursed, and you will feel when this curse will take place.
I have spit on you, but now you are cursed, by Marilyn Monroe herself.

This comment is a reflection of a situation that has been going on for the past 26 months and it is no fiction, unfortunately.

Can YOU tell the difference between

Mark Bellinghaus and a stinking

black pot full of cyberharassers ?

by Ernest Cunningham,

author, The Ultimate Marilyn and plaintiff

in the Marilyn Monroe / Queen Mary

class action lawsuit

Mark Bellinghaus and I met by chance at the now-infamous and bogus exhibit of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia aboard the Queen Mary ocean liner. We accompanied two newspaper reporters.

I was puzzled: what th' hell is this junk? Mark was furious: who do they think they're fooling with this junk?! We were both in an agitated state, while the two reporters made copious notes.

Mark said, This is an outrage--someone should report it to the police! I said, I'll go with you--and we were off and running . . . and we slowed down only long enough to pick up Jennifer Dickinson to run with us.

- continued -
Posted by Ernest W. Cunningham  in  Burbank, CA  on  Wed Apr 23, 2008  at  01:55 AM
- cont. -

Time and tears later, we pause to wonder if--knowing what we now know--would we have continued with our fight . . . if we had known the ugliness and the outrage and the criminal behavior -the violence and the threats--we would encounter?

Truthfully, I don't think so. Who would have expected men and women who identify themselves as fans of unforgettable Marilyn Monroe--a lovely, compassionate and gentle woman--to be so violent, and vicious, and deceitful?

- continued -
Posted by Ernest W. Cunningham  in  Burbank, CA  on  Wed Apr 23, 2008  at  02:02 AM
- continued -

Who could have imagined that we (Mark and Jennifer and Ernest) would one day have to file police reports against other Marilyn fans? That we would have to go to the courts to ask for legal protection from these people--they had put their clearly worded threats of violence--and death!--into emails and blogs that were traceable.

But then came the day when the safety of two small children was threatened, and we went forced to file for a restraining order against the sicko responsible. We went with a professional process server to deliver the stay-away order--and they called the police to us. We had the restraining order--would you like to see it?--but they were the ones crying for help.

Now, this rogue element, this group of "cyberstalkers" has increased its emails and blogs and anonymous postings and threats. They continue their dirty tricks, their obscene illustrations, their childish and stupid uses of the Internet to threaten people.

Mark, Jennifer and I are serious writers and researchers. (Resumes on request) We have debunked nonsense after nonsense, while these people, also called jealous haters and Marilyn fans (they are the opposite) mainly a restrained for his AIDS blood threats and threats towards five people: Eric M Woodard, (he referred to me as 'cripple' and mocked me for my handicap and looks when he himeself scared the crowd at the Santa Monica court when he lost his case last November), Pauline Berry, Merja Pohjola, Jill Adams, Heidi Hanson-Hidrobo, Daniel Rutschman aka Bret Ludwid aka 'Danamo,' Melinda Mason, Dorothy Broekaert, Frank Ferruccio, Hillary Jayne Mansfield, Greg Schreiner, Roy Turner, David Marshall, Suzie Kennedy, Andrew Hansford, and many other people who found it 'chic' to join a group of criminals, haters and fruitcakes. I have witnessed that these people followed Mark Bellinghaus to every single website he went, reported him, had him kicked out with their vicious lies and malicious slander. They are like the KKK and the Nazis--combined. They smile in your face and they have manners, if they want. But their motor for all these actions is called CMG Worldwide and their master is an evil lawyer who turned Marilyn Monroe into a salt and pepper shaker. A tacky kitsch item. These people adopted hate and they love it. The group we are protesting are childish, vicious, and obscene. They may have a place on the Internet, but it should be very far away from decent people.

Ernest Cunningham

A postscript: Mark Bellinghaus is not a self-proclaimed Marilyn expert: he has worked long and hard to achieve that distinction. What have the cyberharassers done for Marilyn Monroe, other than to shame her with their viciousness, their hatred, their greed?
Posted by Ernest W. Cunningham  in  Burbank, CA  on  Wed Apr 23, 2008  at  02:04 AM
Sounds like the seller is on shaky ground! Check out this article by msnbc's deep background team . . . very enlightening and very convincing that it's all just a hoax!
Posted by sarah  in  cincinnati, OH  on  Thu May 01, 2008  at  09:46 PM
oops . . thought the link would post smile here it is:
Posted by sarah  in  cincinnati, OH  on  Thu May 01, 2008  at  09:47 PM
okkkk soooo, i have seen part of this tape, im pretty sure, you can check it out on you tube, anyways, yea it really does look like her. BUT
a. shes dead so well never know, for SURE
b. i happen to be a HUGE marilyn collecter and i have many pictures where her mole ISNT there, it could have been something she purposley did to be different or used makeup to cover it. who knows
and who cares anymore, who DOESNT have a sex tape???
i just wish people would leave her alone :(
Posted by jen  in  mpls,mn  on  Mon Nov 03, 2008  at  05:45 PM
Keya Morgan is such a liar always using Marilyn to get himself on the news. Do your research put "Keya Morgan Fraud" in google you will see all the pages of sites that have seen through his smoke and mirrors straight to his bs. No Marilyn fan would ever support, like, buy, or believe anything this fragile ego person says, does, or puts out. end of story
Posted by MarilynMyLove  in  cali  on  Tue Jul 24, 2012  at  04:10 AM
Author and self proclaimed Jayne Mansfield
historian has bern caught red handed again
in selling completely fraudulent items he claims
that Mansfield owed.

MANY people sadly have been taken advantage
by this long time fraudster.

It numbers in the many of $1000's of dollars.

The company that he claimed her bought a bunch
of items at an auction in 1997 has said and written
in a legal affidavit that Ferruccio did not, buy a thing
from them and that the receipt Ferruccio uses
is a forgery of the auction man!

If you have any useful information on Ferruccio
and especially if you have been taken by him,
contact this email asap!

Ferruccio is being brought into New Jersey court
on fraud and a whole host of charges.
Posted by Expose Frank Ferruccio  in  USA  on  Mon Jan 14, 2013  at  08:55 AM
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