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4-Wheel Segway Coming Soon
image Rumors are flying that the next generation model of the popular Segway will one-up the original by adding an extra set of wheels to the vehicle, thereby producing the 4-wheel 'p-series' Segway. The platform will also be lengthened so that two people can stand on it at once. Of course, as Gizmodo points out, this completely defeats the purpose of the thing since "the whole point of the Segway is that it balances itself on two wheels." But it sure sounds good. (via Gizmodo)
Categories: Technology
Posted by The Curator on Tue May 25, 2004
I hear plans for a 2 wheel Honda Civic are in the tube as well
Posted by Rik Jonsson  in  Minneapolis  on  Wed Jul 06, 2005  at  01:55 PM
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