Decomposition Cam

image The folks over at have engineered something rather unusual: a webcam set up inside a coffin so that you can see their friend's body decompose. At least, that's what they claim. The 'webcam image' appears simply to be an animated gif that cycles between a blurry and an in-focus image to simulate how a real webcam might behave. Plus, they have rather odd sponsors for a project of this kind... sponsors offering 'live sexy girl cams'. I suppose the logic is that once you get tired of watching the dead girl (they say it's a woman in the picture), you can head over and watch some live sexy girls. The site is registered to someone at 7985 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood. No suite number is given, so it's impossible to tell which business there registered it, but most of the stores in that area are in the 'adult entertainment' business. I suspect that is a weird promotional gimmick dreamed up by someone selling porn. In other words, it's fake.
(By the way, the idea of a decomposition cam isn't unique to Joey Skaggs included this concept in his cemetery hoax. Skaggs's fantastical cemetery theme park was going to include a grave constructed by an artist named Joseph Sullivan that would show Sullivan's decomposing body on an above-ground monitor.)

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Posted on Wed Feb 04, 2004


In The Netherlands there was a movie about this subject some years ago.

It was about a girl with terminal cancer, whose friends thought up the idea to put a camera into her coffin, to honour her.
Posted by Marten  on  Thu Feb 05, 2004  at  02:26 AM
Sick,sick, sick and sick !
Posted by Emily  on  Thu Feb 05, 2004  at  04:35 AM
Corrollary to Abe Lincoln's Famous Saying.

You don't have to fool all the people all the time, or even a large portion thereof, to make loads of money.
Posted by Alan Kellogg  on  Thu Feb 05, 2004  at  11:14 PM
I am a breast cancer patient and if watching an alleged cancer patient who has died decompose is suppose to honor them heaven help us all!

And if you check out the website they alleged that this person died of natural causes.
Posted by Toni Riss  on  Mon Feb 09, 2004  at  10:32 PM
This is a hoax!

Hit file then save as in IE and then load up the pic called headcam1.gif into a fresh run of IE. You can see that it's an animated gif made to look like what a live cam feed would look like.
Posted by Zack  on  Tue Feb 17, 2004  at  10:43 PM
I don't care if it's a hoax...English is not my mother language....but...see me rot? Come on lovely friends and see me rot. Gotta learn some more English...I'm amazed
Posted by Gabriel  on  Mon Jun 28, 2004  at  08:05 PM
Self-proclaimed "Super-masochist" Bob Flanagan had hoped to actually pull this one off. He was one of the longest living individuals suffering with cystic fibrosis. Along with sadomasochism, Bob pursued performance and video art (with his wife, Sheree Rose). He actually did some tests for a decomposition cam, but I guess he didn't pull it off. He passed away in 1996, and to my knowledge, doesn't have his postmortem performance televised.
Posted by Joey Rocket  on  Wed Nov 10, 2004  at  01:05 AM
It is a fake for sure. If you download the image headcam1.gif to your computer and then create a html-file and put an image src tag showing that picture it will look exactly the same. Therefore it is impossible that it is a live cam.
Posted by Nisse  on  Sat Nov 13, 2004  at  04:35 PM
That's a fake picture. That corpse doesn't rot.
Posted by User  on  Fri Jul 15, 2005  at  06:39 AM
Besides...who would be buried in an ugly denim shirt?
Posted by Anne  on  Thu Nov 24, 2005  at  07:54 AM
In a way I'm a little disappointed that it's fake, but in an almost bigger way I'm relieved lol. I do have a morbid curiosity often and it would have surely been interesting to see a real process of decomposition. But, oh well. In the end I'm sure it's better that it was a fake.
Posted by Cinder  on  Mon Sep 11, 2006  at  07:20 PM
Darn...I surely thought the seemerot was for real..I had first seen it on watch me rot...really think its fake?
Posted by DEB  on  Wed Nov 01, 2006  at  06:58 PM
It's supposed to be a 41 year old man. There are messageboards with comment from this from 2004- surely he's start to get black/ blue flesh or have some of that 'soapy- looking' deposit on him by now. For sure it's fake.
Posted by Nat Lockwood  on  Tue Apr 17, 2007  at  10:51 AM
It's 2009 Aug 19 and the lady looks just as fresh as 5 years ago. Also, you can time the two fads by counting to three when it starts fading. nice fake though, funny.
Posted by Paul  on  Wed Aug 19, 2009  at  02:54 AM
ummm- hate to tell ya'll, but it is a fake site...same image has been up there for several years now, and somehow she has never changed...hmmm- embalmers can be good, but not that good! FAKE!!! It's a great subject, but is not real, wouldnt be possible anyway, cameras need a certain environment in which to function, including either cables connecting it to a power source/etc. batteries and or/dry and temp. controlled conditions- this is not possible in a closed grave- sorry folks...a waste of webspace.
Posted by callie  on  Thu Oct 01, 2009  at  02:49 PM
I found the site from QI with Steven Fry
Posted by kenny  on  Fri Feb 19, 2010  at  03:18 PM
I came across the site because of QI too, I agree, pity the researchers didn't research into it more before putting out the 'facts' on the show, because it kind of undermines the show.
Posted by Chris Sneesby  on  Sat Feb 20, 2010  at  03:31 PM
i am yet another person to be sent here by Qi! very dissapointed in the researchers also.
Posted by saha  on  Tue Feb 23, 2010  at  09:30 PM
arnt dead people meant to be pale?
Posted by joo  on  Thu Mar 25, 2010  at  04:14 PM
I have also done my own research into this issue after hearing about it on QI. It's astonishing how little research the "research team" did in preparation for this to be deemed a fact and subsequently aired.

It lets the credibility of the show down.

A startling concept, which in the age of fame, does not surprise me all that much. It does however pique our morbid fascination. However, as mentioned above, the environment casing a decomposing body certainly would not be suitable for a webcam feed.

I'm relieved it's a hoax.

My initial thought - regarding the pornographic advertisements was - "wow, this is really unsuitable" - but indicative of the sites affiliates.
Posted by empathy  on  Sat Apr 24, 2010  at  12:45 AM
omg we're in Porth county community school and we're gutted see me rot .com is fake lol holla to all the awesome people who read this :D
Posted by Chealsea  on  Wed May 05, 2010  at  06:14 AM
This has to be fake. I stumbled onto this "video feed" at least 5 years ago and it hasn't changed in the least. One would think there would be dust, deterioration of the body to some degree and at least a little clouding of the camera lens.
Posted by 0ldman  on  Tue Sep 14, 2010  at  08:58 PM
totaly fake, checked it out over a year ago, then again now, some picture, or there is no decomp in over a year
Posted by mary  on  Thu Sep 30, 2010  at  04:01 PM
Thats not right to put a camera in a coffin. :grrr:
Posted by olly  on  Wed Nov 17, 2010  at  12:04 PM
I first saw this about 5 yrs ago and i have to say the live ( no pun intended) pic looks EXACTLY the same now as it did then !
Sorry to disappoint anyone but its clearly a hoax
though the idea to me has merit .... seeing the usually unseen has a certain morbid fascination !
Posted by pagan UK  on  Sat Nov 27, 2010  at  03:49 PM
was so obvousley fake as soon as you see the sort of ads scattered around the site. Quite sick really! And ys me too found this site after watching steven fry last night.
Posted by sonia  on  Wed Feb 16, 2011  at  05:43 PM
Oh dear. I too came here as a result of QI thinking Oh No that can't be true. At first it looks genuine, but then I thought its a bit of a cheap looking site for some sort of after life service. I also found it intriguing the adverts they had on the site and the fact that the adverts had geo-location as it offerred services in my local area. This led me to look at the picture again even just on my BlackBerry I could see it was just a sequence repeated. So I managed to realise it was a fake in 5 mins on my smartphone, so why couldn't the BBC researches do so. Mr Fry should tweet apologies forthwith. Thanks to all those on this site that more accurately confirmed my initial suspicions.
Posted by rael  on  Sun Mar 06, 2011  at  03:57 PM
Please tell me how you would wire a cam in a coffin in a grave yard? if remote how would it stay charged anyway?
of course it's fake.
Posted by joe  on  Thu Apr 21, 2011  at  04:59 PM
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