Nigerian Bulldog Scam

image The latest in the long series of what are known as 'Nigerian Scams' is one featuring bulldog puppies.

Three red flags went up when Mindy Gorman enquired after a $500 bulldog advertised on the Savannah Morning News website. When she emailed the sellers, they replied with an announcement that the puppies had been sold, but:

"... You're lucky to have mailed at this time because the puppy has just been placed on adoption by one of my customers, who went on a veterinarian work transfer with the West African veterinarian commission Lagos Nigeria, West Africa. He is giving the pup up for adoption because he cant take good care of the pup due to his busy and tight state of work. All he wants is someone that's homely and with a good christian home to adopt this young and lovely human best friend."

Then there was the fact that the seller was in Nigeria. Thirdly, when she offered to pay to the transport of the puppy using Pay Pal, the seller, who identified himself as 'Pastor Harry', said that he would only accept a $500 payment sent to Lagos via Western Union.

Ms Gorman did not go through with the transaction, but another customer in the area lost $900 on the scam.

Jeff Thomas, with the Savannah office of the U.S. Secret Service, was unaware of the Nigerian puppy scam. But the details, including the offer of English bulldogs in a state where the biggest football mascot is the same breed, didn't surprise him.
"These folks are not dumb," he said. "They may do their homework in terms of regional interest. People here are nuts about Georgia football."
Thomas suggests puppy lovers approach any Nigerian offers with skepticism.

The website no longer runs the advertisement.

Animals Con Artists

Posted on Mon Oct 09, 2006


12/26/06: The Helen Rowe ad appeared in the Raleigh (NC) News and Observer a couple of weeks ago exactly as it appeared here except for one thing:
Neither the ad nor the email I received in response mentioned Nigeria specifically. If the TV show 60 Minutes hadn't done so many pieces on scams out of Nigeria, I don't think it would have occurred to me to check it out.
Information on this scam is not easy to get. We need to encourage search engines to show information about the scams in the first few results that appear when searching for "Puppies from Africa", "Bulldog puppies + Africa", "Helen Rowe", etc.
Posted by Still smiling  on  Wed Dec 27, 2006  at  01:57 AM
Another scam that is making the rounds again, at least I just got another email on it after not getting one for almost two years now, is the "You won a lottery you never entered!" scam. The first time I got one I went along for a while since I entered so many lotteries on-line back then and saved all the emails. That one started in Africa, not Nigeria, and went all over the world with emails. I had to confirm to London, and a couple of other places but there was always a problem. Finally I was told that I needed to pay the Netherlands Non-Resident Tax (which does not exist). That was when I collected all the emails and went to the FBI. Since I hadn't paid anything, they could do nothing. If I had paid, they could try to prosecute but probably wouldn't get anywhere. At least, that was what the Special Agent told me.

This time the email is starting from Italy. At least I presume it is Italy since the email has the .it ending.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Thu Dec 28, 2006  at  11:16 AM
There's a thread featuring the lottery scams going on in the forums here.
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Thu Dec 28, 2006  at  06:18 PM
My husband fell for this scam and sent $450.00 by wire to Nigeria. The initial call was from Julie The man that supposedly had the bulldog pup was pastor Collin Desmond.
Posted by Judith Young  on  Thu Jan 11, 2007  at  10:06 PM
I replied to an add over a bulldog puppy and a pug puppy free to good home, when the woman replied she said that she was currently in Lagos, Nigeria and that it would cost
Posted by Trisha Marles  on  Sun Jan 14, 2007  at  06:25 AM
Trisha, yeah it's a scam. Africa may not have as much internet access as Europe or the Americas but the finanicial infrastructure is developed enough so that personal checks would work and I'm pretty sure PayPal works there also. Think about it, throughout this thread similar stories have been posted, there are only a few (and very minor) differences between what is happening to you and what has happened to others. Save your hundred pounds.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Sun Jan 14, 2007  at  08:22 AM
Thanks christopher, after reading your response i sent an email to the person to say that if they were genuine then they would accept the payment methods i was offering, i am going to look for a reputable breeder
Posted by Trisha Marles  on  Sun Jan 14, 2007  at  11:26 AM
You are welcome Trisha, glad I saved you the money.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Sun Jan 14, 2007  at  08:41 PM
Trisha, I was almost out $900 (for 3 puppies) but this thread saved me, too! I was shocked to see the same wording and everything on the emails I had received as the ones shared here. I am VERY glad you didn't get your money scammed fom you. This thread has helped a LOT of people! So, thanks EVERYONE!!! 😉
JoJo 😊
Posted by JoJo  on  Sun Jan 14, 2007  at  10:15 PM
I have been looking at a few adds and i noticed that scammers always call the puppies their babies and they always say puppies for adoption instead of puppies for sale
Posted by Trisha Marles  on  Mon Jan 15, 2007  at  03:15 AM
i forgot to say that the email addresses for the people involved in this scam are
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), pets travels gave an address which was 21 Airport Road, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
Posted by Trisha Marles  on  Mon Jan 15, 2007  at  06:57 AM
They usually refer to them as "babies" and say "adoption". The english is usually very bad. They also usually have some "Christian" association (volunteering for a church, or they are a pastor, etc.), and they usually make a big deal how it isn't about the money...that it is about finding their precious "babies" a good home, and sometimes offer to pay part of the shipping to prove it isn't about the money.
JoJo 😊
P.S. We should somehow flood the internet searches with warnings for anything with those associations. (Babies, pastors, adoption, Africa, etc.)
Posted by JoJo  on  Mon Jan 15, 2007  at  09:26 AM
I found this guy through an email I had sent to someone else looking to give away her bulldog's like they refer each other to scams!
Hello ,

"Calvary greeting to you.Regarding to your mail, i quite apreciate your interest in adolpting my little baby.I have actually been looking for a caring parent to adopt my baby. I have prayed fervently about it and I believe the Lord has answered my prayers. I believe you are a God fearing person? She's a loving pet that love to play with kids, she's Akc registered, recently dewormed and had all their shot up to date.

The puppy is still very much available and she's here with me in west africa where i went on a veterinarian work transfer with the West African veterinarian commission. I want you to know that am not happy to give my lovely English Bulldog puppy out for adoption, but i have to do this because of the weather here is harsh, and in resent times, l have been going through 24-7 busy working conditions, and due to my great love for my puppy l am giving her out for adoption to a very nice and decent God fearing home with love for pets.

If you know that you are interested in adopting the puppy, send me your name, your delivery address, phone number including nearest Airport of where you want the puppy to be flown into and also i will be shipping her through Express Pets Delivery on next day delivery which i use in bringing him down here on next day delivery. Exactly i am giving the puppy to you for free.

And i want you to know that you will handle only the shiping fees to your desired destination.

She's 12 weeks old now and she will be 4-5lbs at full grown. I will like her to stay with a lovely family that will take good care of her for me.kindly make sure you take along your id card to the Airport when the puppy land at your nearest airport. I have attached you her current pictures. You can email me right away if there is any other thing you will like to know.

You can reach me on +234 808 253 4172

May God bless you..................

Posted by Nina C.  on  Wed Jan 17, 2007  at  01:18 PM
I am afraid I have been caught by the "Nigerian Bulldog Scam". A man by the name of Rev. Adewunmi sold me on a $500 bulldog named "Dolly". The man won me over by speaking from a "Christian Perspective" it's sad that he played on my faith to make me believe him, he even sent pictures. And the original ad was in my local newspaper! Anyway, I am out $500, that I also shouldn't have spent. But for future prospects PLEASE BEWARE, the screen name he used was .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Ashley  on  Fri Jan 19, 2007  at  08:21 PM
thanks for the response and inquiries about the
puppies.They are English bulldogs and are two females
and one male.The two females are Nira and mellie while
the male is cane.They are all 10 weeks old and weigh
an average of 16.7 lbs and have just taken thier
shots.They have Wonderful personalities; fun, playful
and loving. AKC registration. loved and socialized
with people and other pets. They have had the best
possible care in raising; Vet supervision, quality
food, all vaccinations current and regular
worming.They have fat beeffy heads,thick wrinkled
badies and are very active and always play around
especially with a macro-cheap tennis ball.This babies
will come along with,all health papers,some of their
-Are you from a Christain background?
-Have you ever had a dog before?
-Do you have children and/or other pets?
-Are they well socialized with dogs and other pets?
This is just to ensure that the puppies are in save
hands and don't feel bored at one time or the other.To
have these puppies,you are only required to pay for
their shipping cost. which is $250 each.
I am from Alington,VA and presently doing a 7 months
voluntary missionary service in the Republic of
Cameroon with the American Lutheran Missions.i
volunteered to serve in Cameroon and have been here
since three weeks ago.I will be shipping this puppies
from the Douala International Airport and will gladly
make the shipping arrangements with the help of the
pets' Director of the airport if you are able to
answer me the above questions and assure me that you
will be able to provide love and care to one or all of
the puppies.
I will be in the States in 7 months time and i will
like to come take a look at the puppies to see how far
you have gone in caring for the puppy.
The reason why i am giving out the babies is that i
absolutely have no time to offer in caring for them
right now because of the nature of my job. I have many
difficulties in sending this babies to a loving home
for a couple of days now because of the nature of
things going online but i will prefer you call if you
are willing (011)237 5938546. To have her airport pick
up,you will be required to send me your
-phone number,
-full contact address and
-the name of the nearest airport to your location
where you will pick up the puppy.
-I will also like to know what times work for you for
the pick up,as i would not like the puppy to arrive
the airport and stay for a while before you are able
to pick her up.Well i will end here while hoping to
read from you.Do have a nice time and accept God's
blessings .

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
jenifer moore []

They have sent me the exact same e-mail from all those names.
Posted by Ashley  on  Tue Jan 30, 2007  at  09:55 AM

am really sorry for i am on a missionary job transfer to West Africa(Nigeria) by my church i am a member of the Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, Texas.So the reason why i want to give out this puppy is because i dont not have time to take good care of my puppy and i need to be dedicated to my missionary job here in West Africa(Nigeria) that is why i am giving her out . So i do want someone with love and open heart for pets to have one of my baby puppy who is very affectionate towards children and other pets ..

The puppy is with a Current vaccinations, vet exam,health certificate from a licensed vet and a written guarantee of health ( 1yr). resently checked by a licensed Vet Doctor for heart, knees, skin, correct bite, and eyes,see attachment for resent pics .

Age :13weeks and 1 day old.

She should eat out of a pan which has a flat bottom and straight sides. use stainless steel because it lasts longer. Do not use plastic either for her food or water. she likes Nylabone and Gummabone toys but Never ever give her a rawhide toy.
And for grooming, Brush weekly and bathe as it needs also Keep her hair trimmed out of her ears and eyes.and her bedding material should range from straw or wood shavings,or beds of all types.

The most common is cotton rugs or blankets which can be washed with ease. Not much grooming is required, however a good combing.
should be trimmed professionally and always make sure her ears must be checked and loose hairs must be removed from ear passages.

The earlier you start her training and consistent, the better, you can wait a while so her settled comfortably into her new home before you begin.she need not lots of exercise. Long walks, jogging, playing catch, or agility or skil ls trials keep it happy.
l feed with Nutro's, Iam's, and Eukanuba.

These kibbles produces a nice coat, keeps the puppy round but not obese, and produces solid stools. But Do not feed her with a kibble which contains soyabeans.

lt's good if someone can always be on the look out for the puppy since it's still young and tender.puppy will be shipped along with a bath and a brand new crate, toys, carebooks, food sample, and dog kits.

So i will want you to get Full Name,Address,Contact Phone Number with your nearest airport for the delivery for the puppy and the payment method that is allowed now through western union money transfer and as soon as your payment is confirmed by my shipping agent the puppy will be shipped out to you urgently and i will like to inform you that's the best way of making the payment it is secured and faster.The puppy is asking for $450 including shipping. Thanks God Bless"""""""""" Happy New Year.

Posted by Ashley  on  Tue Jan 30, 2007  at  09:58 AM
Of Course & ANOTHER

must say that appreciate your concern over my babies. I also want you to promise me good home for the babies. I actually sent the breeder to find a caring parent for my babies here in west africa and I prayed over it and I am sure that this is a prayer answered.

My babies names are Chapman and Beauty. They are 2months old plus respectively,They are AKC registered, all to date on all shots, loves greater attention. I am asking for $800 for my two babies. I can arrange for their shipping to your home as soon as their payment is confirmed for their shipment.

Let me have your full mailing address and the nearest airport to your home for immediate shipping arrangement as soon as all terms are settled.

Find the attached to view their pictures.

Once again, I appreciate your genuine kindness over my babies. They are going to make a great babies and companies for you. I would also want you to send your telephone# so as to speak with you to be sure that I`m doing what is right for my babies.

I will miss them but will always remember you and them in my daily prayers.

God bless you
Rev. Austin
Posted by Ashley  on  Tue Jan 30, 2007  at  10:01 AM
i have been spking to doug richards he told me that he wanted 250 for one dog and 450 for two. i was not sure of what i should do so i wanted to look up the WAVCN WEST AFRICAN VET COMMISSION IN NIGERIA. i also told him to gv me the contact number for the shipping company and the contact person and he gv me a 15 digit number. he told me his name is richard kelvin doug @ 947 jubril martins ave ikeja lagos state nigeria 23401. thank godness i looked this up or else i would have been a victim.
Posted by jasmine castillo  on  Wed Jan 31, 2007  at  05:13 PM
My fiance and I were scammed $870.00 from a "Pamela Hayes" out of Cameroon Africa. She said she was working there with the US peace corp and didn't have time to care for the dogs. We believed we were getting 2 English Bulldog Puppies and sent her money on two occasions! OUCH on us! We were heart broken about it and very upset. The money we sent her was from our wedding account and we promised ourselves we would pay it back after we got the puppies..well now $870 later were BROKE! I just want to get the word out to BE CAREFUL! and its illegal to transport animals internationally!
Posted by tabitha  on  Fri Feb 02, 2007  at  11:10 PM
Yup, me to. I am reporting their info.
Pastor Paul Jackson wanted me to send his $300 to David so and so.
Idiot I must be, right? Thanks guys for reporting this otherwise I would have been out $300.
Posted by Katie  on  Mon Feb 05, 2007  at  01:32 PM
i fell victim to this scam, lost over 800$. and then another 200$ in phone bills after trying to contact them and harassing them. I wish there was more being done to stop it,...oh well.
Posted by Katie  on  Wed Feb 07, 2007  at  01:12 AM
Dear Victims and Would-be Victims-
I'm just blowing off someone from Maryland in Nigeria for work who has an English Bulldog. He still keeps emailing me asking me why I am so skeptical.
His email address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
I don't know for sure if this is a scam, but how can I not think it is when my story almost ended up the same as all of yours?
He can't spell (or speak English very well), he wants the money "yesterday" via Western Union, he wants to make sure I'm blessed ("God Bless you and your family"). He ALMOST had me. As a matter of fact, he just responded, again, asking me if I was still interested because he has another interested family. I said no, and that if he was legit, he might want to advertise and accept payment in a different way.
Son of a bitch! He just emailed me AGAIN saying he's sorry that I'm skeptical, but send him the money right away so I can get the puppy tomorrow. Not only can he not spell worth a damn, he also doesn't understand English.
BEWARE OF THIS GUY! Want proof? Email me, and I'll email you our conversations from the very beginning.
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Stephanie  on  Wed Feb 07, 2007  at  04:54 PM
Hi Stephanie!
I am SO glad you saved your money. I have to tell you one other point my husband and I were talking about when WE almost got scammed. You see, we ended up getting a little Coton de Tulear from a reputable breeder, and from the time we sent the money to the time he was able to ship him was 2 or 3 days, and we were kinda rushing him because we were going to be near the airport to pick him up that weekend. So, we were talking about it, and I don't think it is POSSIBLE for them to send the puppy that fast, especially from Nigeria. (They have to be Vet checked before they can fly, they have to arrange it with the airline, etc...all stuff we didn't know until later.) When we were almost scammed, they told us we could have our "precious babies" in 12 hours. YEAH RIGHT!!! Thanks for sharing your story. It will help others!
JoJo 😊
Posted by JoJo  on  Wed Feb 07, 2007  at  05:39 PM
Hi Jojo-
I think I'd rather pay $2000 for the real deal than $350 for nothing at all.
On a side note, I think he's done emailing me, I had to get mean but sometimes that's what it takes!
Take Care-
Posted by Stephanie  on  Wed Feb 07, 2007  at  06:06 PM
On Feb. 5, 2007 I contacted a breeder on The breeders name was Michael James, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), phone: 5635826449, location: Chicago, IL. Michael informed me that he had just sold his last puppy but referred me to another man that he had just sold 2 puppies too. This mans name was Pastor Brian Park, and was presently in Africa doing missionary work. He stated that the Pastor could no longer keep the dogs because had "committed his life to god" and the African weather was too harsh on them. He gave me the Pastors info as email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), phone: +2348062928274. I then got in contact with the pastor. The Pastor told me that he had two puppies (Betty and Blake, he also provided pics) available for $700 each, plus $200 for shipping. At first I thought this was an amazing deal, I was soo excited, since these pups are usually $1500. However, I was a little apprehensive. So I then went online to and searched the Pastors name. In my shock the man actually existed. Google returned a page on a Korean Pastor, named Brian Park. I was then sure that I wasn't being scammed. I kept in contact with the Pastor over email for the next two days. I then asked him to phone me with information about payment. This is when I realized it was a scam. Pastor Brian called me, but instead of having a Korean accent, he had a Nigerian accent. I know this because I have several friends from Nigeria and I recognize the accent. He then told me he needed my payment ASAP. He told me to send the payment via Western Union money tranfer. The info he provided to wire the money is: Name : Oladimeji Olaribigbe. City: Itire Surulere. State: Lagos State. Country: Nigeria. Zipcode: 23401. The first alarm is the name of the person I am sending the money to. Pastor Brian informed me that Oladimeji is his manager and that this man was taking care of all the arrangements for the Pastor because the Pastor was so busy with his "god work." Pastor Brian continued to call me multiple times throughout the day asking when I was going to send the money. He began pressuring and yelling me saying he had other offers, but I wasn't buying it. At this point I told him I was no longer interested in the dogs. I think he called me seven times in one day. The Pastor tried several ways to manipulate me into sending him the $900 ASAP. I just do not want anyone else to be taken advantage of. I found multiple advertisements by James Michael on the web regarding his french bulldogs. He didn't only post on I also found similar stories to mine (except the people lost their money) of a US breeder referring people to a Pastor in Africa doing "god's work." The stories are all the same except different used, some are Pastor James, Pastor Harry, etc. Before buying ask to see a pic of the Pastor with the dog, or tell him that you have colleagues in the area that would like to come by and look at the dog. If they say no, you know it
Posted by Me  on  Thu Feb 08, 2007  at  11:58 AM
Hey Stephanie!
Yeah! I TOTALLY agree with you! We payed about $850 for our Coton, shipping and everything (Which I hear is pretty cheap for the breed, but it was this breed's first litter, so we lucked out. They have raised their prices since.). Anyway, the GREAT thing was...we actually GOT the dog! So, like you, I had NO problem paying more from someone legit. We got the dog, and he has been AWESOME for us!!!
And, yep! Sometimes, mean and to the point is the only thing that will get through...especially to people that are dishonets and SCAM!
I wish you the best in finding the dog that you are wanting. We found out that there ARE good reputable breeders around, it is just a matter of finding them. 😉
JoJo 😊
Posted by JoJo  on  Thu Feb 08, 2007  at  12:03 PM
Hee, Hee, I meant "dishonest" not "dishonets"...but hey! Close enough! 😊
Posted by JoJo  on  Thu Feb 08, 2007  at  12:06 PM
Well they are still at it, with a different email address. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)... Luckily I can spot scam, but some people cant. These people need to be stopped, using puppies and God to scam good people out of there hard earned money is about as low as you can get. Here is the email they sent me.

From: Jeffery Boden []
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 4:24 AM
To: Chris
Subject: Re: English Bulldog

Thanks for your interest in my lovely baby.She is still very much available for new home.She is 11 weeks old,she will be 60lbs at full grown,her parents weighed 55-60lbs at full grown, She is AKC registered and her shots are given up to date,she is vet checked and healthy.All her papers will accompany her, But right now i am in africa on a Christian mission with my wife and we have her right here with us.We are going to ship her to you via Express pets delivery on next day delivery after shippment through a shipping agent , i am leaving her for $600 Including shipping.If you are interested in having her, i want you to get back to me with your full name,address including the nearest airport to you.Please if you know that you are not going to take very good care of my baby do not reply me because i am only giving her out because we dont have time to take care of her again due to the mission work before us here.Await your response. View attached file for more pictures.

Thanks and God Bless
Mr & Mrs Boden
Posted by Chris  on  Thu Feb 15, 2007  at  03:24 PM
Hi this is one of 2 emails i recieved from a man called "Tony Mike" email address .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) when i enquired about a bulldog puppy

Hello ,
how are you ,i am very happy reading from you.i am actually giving
mimi out because she used to belong to my daughter (jenner) but
jenner died last month in a car accident on her way back from
school.i really need someone who could take mimi ,give her love
,care and attention just as i normally do.
Mimi was born on the 08-27-2006 she is Registered ,has taken all
Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination ok, Health
certificate available,she comes with a one year health
guarantee,very excellent Pedigree,she also has a Travel crate
please i am so busy wih work now and i really need a home for mimi,
email me back if you are ready to take her.i am in the UK.please where
abouts in the UK are you
located??????????????????????.maybe we could be close and you can
come pick her up.i have attached her most recent pictures
Posted by Trisha Marles  on  Thu Feb 15, 2007  at  03:42 PM
This is the other email, he was offering the puppy for free, and i thought that i would email him as i knew it was proberly a scam and i wanted to see what he would say to delivering the puppy himself

Hello Trisha,
i am very happy reading from you.
please note that you must accept the following conditions listed below
before i give her to you:

1-To provide warm, dry, draught-free, clean, spacious sleeping quarters
2-To provide good and sufficient exercise at least twice a day.
3-To provide sufficient good quality food at regular intervals appropriate
the dog's age, size, state of health etc., and constant access to fresh
drinking water.
4-To provide qualified veterinary treatment in case of illness or injury,
to pay for all bills ensuing. Relevant insurance is highly recommended.
5-To worm the dog under veterinary advice (at least every four months)
6-To fit a collar with name, address and telephone number (where possible)
inscribed on it to be worn at all times.
7-Not to let the dog roam unsupervised.
8-Not to keep the dog chained up, confined or left alone for long periods
(guidelines: 2 hours while she is still a puppy and 4 hours as she grows
to be an adult dog)
9-To have the dog inoculated against parvo-virus, distemper (hard-pad),
hepatitis and leptospirosis etc. plus any other recommended vaccinations
e.g. kennel cough, and to have the annual boosters done for the rest of the
dog's life.
10-To provide proper care in the event of absence (e.g. holidays, sickness

since you dont drive ,i could ship her to you at your expence,the shipping
from here to you in bristol will cost
Posted by Trisha Marles  on  Thu Feb 15, 2007  at  03:45 PM
Below is the text of an obviously Nigerian scam. The guy sent it to our paper ( the Abuse address. Great idea!). Now they are pretending to be located in the States. Why can't 419ers afford a spell checker?

Hello Editor,

New Year wishes to you all, I am emailing you to let you know that i am interested in placing an avdert in your newspaper. Below is the advert details.

HEAD LINE : English Bulldogge-Puppies Now Available We offer you very beautiful puppies bulldog,Puppies will have had their first well puppy check-up, shots /worming appropriate for age of puppy, and come with a Certified Health Certificate from our Licensed Veterinarian.Our bulldogs are breed for looks, health, and tempermant. Dogs are registered through AKC REG.
Take a look, I am sure you will find them to be adorable.Contact me on my phone (757-217-2876) or
Email: (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

My information is written below for record purpose.
Name : Debbie Pat
Address : 1469 Diamond Springs Rd Suite A,Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 , Phone : 757-217-2876 Email : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) =======================================================
I want you to calculate the total cost for 4 weeks and get back to me.So that i can send you my Credit Card details for the payment. Please let me know if you are a daily newspaper or weekly
papers.(.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))
Posted by Mark P.  on  Fri Feb 16, 2007  at  11:17 AM
I just kinda want to add in a couple of things I came across. I've been looking for a english bulldog for a couple of months now on nextdaypets. I thought I would just glance at the rescues. And I came across not 1, but 3 of the same situations. I knew from the beginning when they kept pressing the christian act so strong and the missionary missions etc, etc and insisted on western union that it was a scam. Although I love animals and would NEVER hurt an animal, I even told them my intentions was to hurt the animals, and they STILL wanted me to send the money in exchange for the puppies. Since then, I have been so upset that people would even do this, that I constantly look at the adds on nextdaypets and there are so many daily. English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, and Yorkies. How many people lose their hard earned honest money each year and why can't they be caught. I also had to have Trojan Horses removed from my laptop after receiving emails from them. So who knows if you don't fall for their dog scam and even if you do, if they're not getting every password you enter in your computer when you're paying your bills online.
Posted by Tonya  on  Fri Feb 16, 2007  at  01:18 PM
At other times they have tried to place ads for cars and furniture. Same pidgin English...sent to the Abuse address. A couple of times they have successfully placed online ads at our web site.

Be careful who you buy from.
Posted by Mark P.  on  Fri Feb 16, 2007  at  01:26 PM
Hello, there is a gent by the name of Clementino Lay that is selling bullies for 400 dollars in the Kansas Mo news and says they live in TX but phone is in CA and then wanted me to send money to Malaysia! Says he owes vet money there.His VET is there for a seminar! Thank goodness we did not fall for this. His number is 510-860-4327 He wants money sent to a Emmanuel Ashiedu in Nilai in Nageri Semilan 71800 Malaysia! Told him he was busted and he gave me the old God knows That pissed me off even more!
Beware! If anyone knows of a bullie for a pet at a decent price please wright I have nieces and a nephew that had there hopes up and now are very upset. Please respond
Posted by Pam  on  Tue Feb 27, 2007  at  02:16 PM
I hthink I have been scamed but I am not sure I was contacted as to beneficiary sole to an inheridence of 3.2 million dollars. I have sent money to them to get a dlea clearence certificate then the chase manhattan bank in london was to transfer these funds to account here in the states then I got a letter fron the United Nations say the transfer was stopped due to a anti terriost certificate not being obtained. when I did not send any more money I have not heard from anyone after serveral attempts have been made. I have sent approximately 12775 usa dollars.they sent me an ownership certificate of the funds. I do not know what to do to get these funds or at the very least the money already sent back
Posted by barbara faith every  on  Thu Mar 01, 2007  at  03:16 PM
Barbara; you got scammed. Sorry to say this but if the inheritence had been real, you would have had to pay nothiing up front for any fees or taxes or whatever. You will never see your money again. Contact the FBI, they handle wire fraud cases, with all the emails you got. You should also contact the investigation section of whoever you sent the money through. Both will investigate and be unable to find anything since the scammers are probably close with the local police in whatever country they work from and any investigation will die there. Sorry for you, but true. The fact that someone you don't know left you 3.2 million dollars should have been a red flag to end all red flags. But, unfortunately, for the vast majority of people such red flags never get seen. I was almost scammed by the "internet lottery" one and if I hadn't been scammed many years ago I probably wouldn't have listened to any doubts about the near miss.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Thu Mar 01, 2007  at  03:49 PM
I too got scammed on the "Bulldog". Trust me, I have heard it all on how stupid I am, but it really seemed like a good deal. Once again, I know, I am stupid. I sent "harrydoug@yahoo" $600.00 for the dog and s/h. Once he recieved my money, he needed more to get her out of "cutoms".
That would cost me another $300.00. I e-mailed him back and told him that I just sent him $600.00, he could use that to get her out. This pissed him off. He threatened to kill me if the dog died because of the harsh conditions in Africa. This scared and pissed me off. I called the local law enforcements. Now he is sending me boogus checks wanting me to cash them, keep the $600.00 I sent him, send the rest of it to 2 different people to two different addresses.
He too told me that he was doing "missionary" work.
I hope that he keeps pissing me off, cause the more he does, the harder I am trying to catch him.
Names he gave me and names that he gave to my fake accounts that I made up
Harry Dough, Harry Doug, Sonia Smith, Omownmi Dada, Jeff Nuby, Emmanuel Odusina, and Matt Edwards. PLEASE BEWARE OF THOSE NAMES!!!!!
Posted by Jodi  on  Sun Mar 04, 2007  at  10:16 AM
ppl i just fell for this scam!! plz someone tell me how can this be so? is anyone doing something about it? i am still so confused and upset byt he situation??
Posted by cuaya  on  Sun Mar 04, 2007  at  09:32 PM
I found an add in the nickel want adds regarding a papered registered bulldog puppy and it was by a paster karen in Lagos Nigeria and she wanted 400.00 via western union..her ema-l was .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and stupid me i sent the 400.00 by western union but it bugged me all day and I did research on nigerian bulldog scams and well surprise what I read really matched with what this person was trying to do to me..I stopped my money transfer in time and got my money back before the person had gotten to the money so too bad for them but i will not lose money to an idiot.. you cant overnight puppies from a third world country..does not happen
Posted by joanna steele  on  Wed Mar 07, 2007  at  11:47 AM
Well didnt we have a response from pastor troy who was sent to west africa on a missionary statement. He also provided us with information where we contacted the breeder here in canada who confirmed his information. We were also sent emails from a "shipping" company who were all phoney. They should all be shot stealing from my familys mouth. Sorry to all you honest merchands on the internet but i and everyone i can breath this too will never buy online again!!!
Posted by Phil Beaton  on  Wed Mar 07, 2007  at  04:30 PM
Please be aware of a Pastor Sermon Wright and Bruce Donel. Bruce is posting an english bulldog on He will email you in a couple of days and give you a cute story about how she was already adopted, but there is a Pastor Sermon Wright who has been called into the mission field of West Africa who can not keep the two bulldogs that he purchased. The email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). He wants $700.00 for two bulldogs or $400.00 for one. He wants you to western union the money and he will ship the bulldog right to you. Yeah I bet he will. The emails he sends are in broken english. You will even receive a phone call from Africa. (Country code 234) They are passing off as receiving a PHD from Concordia Theological Seminary. After researching it, Concordia has no record of a Sermon Wright ever attending. I know, Shocking. Please be aware of the livedeal scam.
Posted by Amanda  on  Fri Mar 09, 2007  at  09:17 PM
Don't just think it is just about the dogs. Take a look at the 20/20 article that aired tonight. Still scamming everyone on everything from animals, to houses, to illnesses, you name it!
Posted by Sheila  on  Fri Mar 09, 2007  at  09:21 PM
I always knew that something was fishy about the ad that I was replying to. First off, I was also with an English Bulldog. Secondly, it was going to be $600.00 for two "beautiful babies" with shipping.
Suprise! My person was living in West Africa too!
"I am presently on a work transfer with the international veterinarian commission to Benin cotonou ,west africa chapter. ln resent times, l have been going through 24-7 busy working conditions, and due to my great love for my Babies"
The person's name is Kristy Queen so watch out! The email address .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

So I had been emailing her back and forth for the past couple of days. I thought something was up but I wanted to talk to her more about these "Babies". She was always refering to them as that. She was very persistant about shipping them (not a suprise) and she rarely answered my questions about the dogs.
Today I got an email from "Wilson Smith" from some airport saying that they had the puppies and were shipping them today! So, obviously this was a scam.
"we want to inform you that we will be shipping to your airport, babies breed type English bull dog, we have two babies in our care to ship
down to you, please verify the shipping information bellow so as to proccess your babies shippings to your airport, as soon as your payment is confirmed at our airport shipping desk today the babies will be ship, and their departure and arrival time will be sent to you immediately the departure has take place,
this will enable you track down the babies at your airport."
Notice the similarities..babies. It set it off.

What i'm worried about is that they have our physical address as well as my name and our phone numbers. I luckily had never proceeded with and information about sending them money. Does it matter that they have this information about me or no? Please reply back. As well, how do I report this or can I even report it to anyone?

Posted by Kirbie  on  Sun Mar 11, 2007  at  01:27 PM
hmmmm....well i can first start i lost my bully in january and iam sooo very sad .but i have been looking for one for my daughter she 3 and she misses him and we all do.we dont have the money for another one we got him 9 years ago.but i have contacted several of theses adds 1 even came from my local newspaper.i have got 5 responses back all saying the same thing about rev this and rev that,i cant keep because of the weather if your a good christin,you can have them (thats 5 )so please dont fall for it i was kinda leary about the first one and then when i got the 2,3,4,5 i was like ohhh can they do that to people is behond me.iam sooo sorry for anyone who this has happened to i hope they can stop it.(or want to stop it)i keep all the people that sent them to me if anyone knows what to do with them and some have phone numbers .
Posted by michelle  on  Mon Mar 12, 2007  at  06:21 PM
WOW! i am so glad that i was curious enough to find out what west african vet. commison was and i am glad that i got to read all of this before i got scammed. i recieved 2 emails from this person and i got a little concerned when they told me that they were in africa for some vet thing and then in another emial they said it was a medical thing. anyway i emailed them back saying that i knew it was a scam and that they will get theirs one day, because God knows that they are doing wrong. and i cant believe that they are saying that they are Gods people. i feel for all the people that they scammed, i am just glad that everyone has posted their experiences so that i wouldn't have to go through this.
Posted by Brittney  on  Tue Mar 13, 2007  at  03:04 PM
I was scammed yesterday and the day before. Here's what they've said:
I am sorry the english bulldogs babies have been adopted,hopefully i will be having a new litter by september year,if you would be interested in adopting else where i could refer you to one of my old client who adopted 3 english bulldogs babies (1 Male and 2 Female) from me 3 weeks ago he is a doctor and was formally with,
International Federation Of Red Cross and Crescent Societies. Dallas Area Chapter,
4800 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas,75234,TEXAS.
Part of their project is a joint initiative of International HIV/AIDS Alliance which is been sponsored by World Health Organisation(WHO) and World Bank.he is part of the NGO(Non Governmental Organisation)movement and have just been transfered to West Africa to head a Center in africa.Before leaving for africa he adopted 3 english bulldogs babies from me,but due to her work in Africa which has created less time for him to take good care of the puppies he has asked me to help him put the 3 adorable babies for adoption for free.all you have to do is pay the cost of shipping,the puppies are currently 12 weeks old and are akc registered,with complete papers.he is presently in west africa with the puppies,contact him immediately if you are interested.You can reach him at
Em.ail:::(.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))
Full name---travis mcdonnald
Address----2800 king street,Lagos.
FROM: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by J.  on  Wed Mar 14, 2007  at  06:25 PM
Hello J,
I have attached a pics of the puppies along with this email,the pups are vet checked and a certified certificate of health have been issued for shipping,i have a copy paper of all paperwork for immediatel shipping,the puppies are all house trained,well scialize with kids and other home pets,the only boy i have is David,he is very calm,like playing around,he is quite gentle and does not bark any how,i would be willing to let you have him if only you can assure me David would be loved and well taken care of.
All proper shipping arrangement have been conluded,the puppies are vet checked and are ready to join a very good home.
Get back to me asap.
Hello J,
thanks for the information,i would be willing to let you have David as long as you promise to take proper care of him,also he is very friendly with cats and other home pets,so he would be a prefect match for your other puppies,all you need do is send payment through western union money transfer to the shipping agent incharge of shipping asap,immediately after your payment is confirmed,David would be shipped asap to a nearest airport to your home.
Which airport is nearer to your home?

Hello J,
Thanks for the information,all you need do is go to any Grocery Store around your home,tell them you would like to send money,a receipt would be given to you,fil the receipt with your full contact information,then send your payment to the shipping agent asap.
Send payment to the shipping agent.
Mr Jarred Hurdly
273 Breadfruit Street,
Also fill a text question and answer on the western union receipt
Question............what am i expecting
Email me with the western union confirmation number(MTCN)so i can forward the information to the shipping agent to confirm your payment,then fixup a shipping date for david.
Hello J,

I got the information,i would forward the information to the shipping agent to confirm your payment,then fixup a shipping date asap.
I would get you all flight information by tomorrow morning.
Posted by J.  on  Wed Mar 14, 2007  at  06:25 PM
Hello J,
I just confirmed the shipping information,the puppy escort wold call you at 4pm GA time as soon as your puppy arrive at AIRPORT,so you can come for pickup.

David have been shipped out already,he is expected to arrive at AIRPORT 4pm,the puppy esort would all you to come for pikup as soon as they arrive at the airport.

Hello J,

I just got a call from the shipping agent a couple of minutes ago,according to him the puppy escort called him to say your David is now in UK amd he is having problems in finally shipping him to you asap,said they had a stopover in Uk and the authorities in UK asked for all paperwork including a vet certified certificate of health also with other relevant document,the puppy escort submitted all paperwork but after a couple of minutes the authorities in UK later discovered that your puppy was up to three months old and have not undergo Antirabies shots vaccination,so the authorities in UK did not allow him to finally ship your puppy to you execept your pup undergo a Rabies shots vaccination or be QUARANTINE for 60days,after much enquiries the shipping agent said he needed $200 asap for the rabies shots,so your puppy can undergo the antirabies shots vaccination then shipped to you asap,pls i do not have a dime as at now,pls kindly send the money for the antirabies shots asap,so your puppy can undergo the antirabies shots vaccination,then shipped to you asap,i would refund back the money immediately after i get paid.
Thanks for working with me

Hello J,
Pls send $300,the shipping agent called me to say the authorities in uk said the health certificate that was included along shipping of david cannot be accepted by the authorities,pls send 300 asap,so david can undergo the antirabies shots,also the health certificate can be renewed asap.
Send payment to the shipping agent.
Mr Jarred Hurdly
273 Breadfruit Street,
fill the western union receipt with thesame text question and answer used on the first paymemt.
Email me with the MTN,so i can forward the infor to the shipping agent to proceed with all arrangement,then ship David to you by tomorrow.
I would refund back the 300 asap.

Hello J,
Thanks for your concern about getting David asap,send payment asap to the shipping agent asap,so david can get to you by tomorrow,i see no reason why i would not allow you to adopt David after all you have done,beside that i'm a christian by religion and it against my religion to take your money,then refuse to let you have what you paid for.
Posted by J.  on  Wed Mar 14, 2007  at  06:27 PM
Pls understand i'm not scamming you of your money,i dont want David to be QUARANTINE

I dont want David to me QUARANTINE,all i'm interestted in is david getting to you by tomorrow

I'm not charging you for more money,i only ask you to send the money aap,i would refund back asap

I asked when he'd be paying me back His answer:

latest by saturday morning,i would send it through western union,all i'm after as at now is David getting to you by tomorrow.

Posted by J.  on  Wed Mar 14, 2007  at  06:27 PM
Posted by claire  on  Thu Mar 15, 2007  at  01:49 PM
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