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Heart-In Baby Diamonds
Anybody for an artificial diamond made of baby hair?

Squirrel Sabotages Opera Singer
A squirrel broke the nose of Finnish opera singer Esa Ruuttunen when it ran into the spokes of his bicycle.

Flat Parents
Life-sized cardboard cutouts of deployed service members are being given to their spouses, children and relatives by the Maine National Guard.

Designer Underwear
If you wish to sport the more... hirsute look, this pair of underwear may be for you. (Link not suitable for work.)

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Posted on Fri Sep 08, 2006


I grew up with a Flat-Ulent Daddy...went with us on long family drives, made strangling-pig noises whilst in the loo, and requested hourly that his finger be pulled...sniff...i miss my flatulent daddy, stinky old coot
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  08:50 AM
People should take Flat Daddies and Mommies with them to campaign events, especially when the President appears. Who can say they are for or against the war?
Posted by Phred22  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  09:08 AM
The end of that squirrel article made me laugh... it's as if they just HAD to state the fate of the squirrel, but it was done so quickly, it was funny.

Now, the flat mommy/daddy thing scares me personally.
Serioously... the LAST thing I would want would be a giant cardboard whatever. It might be an irrational fear, but they like... peer endlessly into your SOUL.
I don't like things that have human-like eyes. Dolls included.
Posted by Mera  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  02:42 PM
Why would anyone want a diamond, real or fake? Emeralds and saphires are much better looking. Besides, the point was made in the linked article - how many times must you cut the hair of the child to get the amount of carbon needed? And how long does it take after you turn the hair over before you get the stone, and how can you be sure the stone is from your kid's hair?

As for the opera singer, once again nature triumphs over humans.

Flat parents? Are we teaching our kids now that parents have to be unemotional and unresponsive?

And,of course, the panties with hair on just half of them. Gee, why not one or the other? I'm reminded of the old joke about a girlfriend nagging a guy to shave off his moustache but deciding that it looks OK once he's got it half off.

Hey, when was the funeral for the squirel?
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Fri Sep 08, 2006  at  03:49 PM
The American company that does the cremated diamonds, LifeGem, says that you can go and watch some of the steps of the process if you want to visit their facilities. Also, according to their site, just a handful of hair is enough carbon for a diamond (they suggest making diamonds out of bride/groom hair combined, for that sentimental touch). Lifegem was the first company I heard of (doing memorial diamonds), several years ago, so I find it interesting that New Age Diamonds can receive a patent on the same idea.

As a jewelry person, I too prefer sapphires, but it is interesting that the created diamond companies are only offering colored diamonds (Lifegem offers blue and yellow/orange, this Russian company offers red through yellow-green). Either the white ones are too hard to make cleanly, or they're going for a more unique look than "white sparkly stone." My guess is both.
Posted by Ponygirl  on  Sat Sep 09, 2006  at  02:07 AM
On the flat parents - some of the responders obviously have no military deployment experience, and that's okay, folks. But I can tell you that having one of those in the house would have been a great comfort to my 8-yr old son when I was suddenly sent off to war in Jan'91. I think my wife would not have driven it around, tho. But little Bobby sure would have liked to see some of his Daddy every day. And no, we didn't have satellite uplink to home 'puter stuff, then - just an occasional expensive phonecall, and letters - yeah, the paper stuff, snail mail, with free postage.
Posted by stork  in  the spiracles of space  on  Sat Sep 09, 2006  at  05:28 PM
I knew quite a few guys who had their kids run from them after an unacompnied tour. Deployed in SE Asia we had MARS. Everyone loved Radio Free Scotsdale when he was on, he paid for the collect calls. Radio Free Scotsdale was Sen. Goldwater.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Sat Sep 09, 2006  at  05:34 PM
"Stork in peril" may well feel that a cardboard cut-out representation of him would have been a comfort to his son, but what would the effect have been had he been killed in action? Can you imagine being a young child who was just told that their parent had been killed and then seeing the cardboard cot-out?

The whole flat parent thing is simply grotesque.
Posted by Don Sucha  on  Tue Sep 12, 2006  at  12:55 PM
Well friend, I do know quite a few folks who only have a few 4X6 photos, and a couple 8X10's maybe, to remember their parent by who was suddenly taken from them in childhood, for whatever reason. Nowdays, deployed soldiers' families often have the opportunity to talk via live feed (see last week's Doonesbury series). I'm sure a lot of much larger photos and videos are being saved on HDs and discs all over the country. And would anyone want it another way? You just couldn't do that during Gulf War I.
Posted by stork  in  the spiracles of space  on  Tue Sep 12, 2006  at  04:05 PM
that squirrel reminds me of that bird that fabio hit on a roller coaster
Posted by kristina  on  Sun Sep 17, 2006  at  03:43 AM
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