That Girl Emily: Wife Plots Revenge on Cheating Husband

Status: Probably a hoax
image The latest mystery to capture the short attention span of the internet is ThatGirlEmily. It's a blog, supposedly written by "Emily" who during the past two weeks has discovered that her husband "Steven" is cheating on her. Coincidentally she started her blog just before all these interesting things in her life began occuring. Yesterday she decided to get even with Steven by placing a large billboard near where he works with this message on it:
Hi Steven,
Do I have your attention now? I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky, immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slimeball. Everything's caught on tape,
Your (soon-to-be-ex) Wife, Emily
p.s. I paid for this billboard from OUR joint bank account.
Emily's blog and billboard, as almost everyone who has posted about it agrees, just screams viral marketing. has summarized some of the reasons why it's probably a viral marketing campaign:
1) Emily has gone to some effort to conceal her identity;
2) Her blog is too well written (grammatically speaking) and the story unfolds a little too neatly to be real;
3) Since she started her blog, someone using the username ThatGirlEmily has been comment spamming numerous message boards. See here, and here, and here.
4) In addition to the billboard in New York (which seems to be real), an identical billboard has also been spotted in LA. The dual billboards, in my opinion, is the real clincher, because why would Emily, if she were real, pay for billboards in different cities?

I don't know who's the mastermind behind ThatGirlEmily, but here are the leading theories:

1) It's a viral created by an outdoor billboard company, to demonstrate the effectiveness of billboard advertising. (kind of like the Outhouse Springs campaign.)
2) Or it's a viral for a Court TV show. Possibly Parco P.I. (this is Gawker's favorite theory.)

Emily vows 14 days of vengeance. So I'm sure we'll eventually know the real story behind this.

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Posted on Tue Jul 18, 2006


Just look at the video on the blog. Totally fake. The two in it are clearly acting, and they seem slightly uncomfortable about it too.

Actually Laura kinda looks like one of my teachers from when I was at high school...
Posted by Soldant  on  Tue Jul 18, 2006  at  10:30 PM
Also, "Emily" writes so that where she and the ex supposedly live is kept vague. That, of course, is explained by the fact that "she" has purchased billboards in at least two cities.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Wed Jul 19, 2006  at  01:24 AM
Yes, the blog, movie, etc., are obviously fictional.

I agree that a publicity stunt (or "viral marketing" to use the trendy term) by a billboard company or other advertising outfit is the most likely source.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed Jul 19, 2006  at  09:19 AM
14 Days Of Vengance,B&W,1978, Directed by Fernando Llama, starring Priscilla Brazil, and Mildewe Fleecem as Sparky. ****1/2.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Jul 19, 2006  at  11:08 AM
At Least I have chicken is from a World of Warcraft video entitled "Leroy Jenkins"
Posted by Mary  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  07:41 AM
According to a video clip I just saw through Yahoo news, this is an ad for a new television show. They didn't say what show or when it would be on, though.
Posted by thephrog  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  12:23 PM
Did anyone notice that "Emily" posted on the message boards about having kids on the SAME DAY " she" found out about "Steven" cheating.
Posted by Darrien  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  02:20 PM
Now one of the billboards has appeared in Times Square. These do not come cheap, and the blog now has a video of "her husband with the best friend" this has a very prominent You Tube logo on it. How about a new reality show on Fox?
Posted by Pat  on  Fri Jul 21, 2006  at  10:49 AM
I totally disagree that this blog is "well-written". In fact, that's how I knew it was fake, the writing is so bad that I couldn't handle to read anymore.

The real question is, if it really is an advertisement, what company would allow thier blog writer to use such vulgar, obscene language?
Posted by PhoenixHearse  on  Fri Jul 21, 2006  at  11:11 AM
The real giveaway was her husband's fantasy baseball team: There's no way anyone has A-Rod, Beltran and Pujols on the same team unless you're playing in a league with like one other person (nor could you dump them off on waiver, anyway).
Posted by mannix  on  Fri Jul 21, 2006  at  09:41 PM
Clearly, this is from the entertainment industry. The LA and NYC billboards are the giveaway.
Posted by knickerbocker  on  Tue Jul 25, 2006  at  09:42 AM
there is one of these billboards in chicago also
Posted by Kris  on  Tue Jul 25, 2006  at  03:01 PM
Our local natioanl newspaper reports on posters like this all the time; And the same thing is always made much of, that it is ALWAYS a man accused of cheating.

Are women genetically incapable of having affairs? or does it not count?

Just a query for the audience.
Posted by DFSTuckey  on  Thu Jul 27, 2006  at  10:56 PM
I saw the billboard in Chicago...near a nightclub but no "office building." I became suspcious and found this:
Posted by becky  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  02:30 PM
Yes, Emily's 14 days of vengence are over. I was Parco P.I./ Court TV . This is what she had on her blog.

"Also, if you think someone is cheating on you, I definitely recommend the private investigator my brother used, Vinny Parco from Intercontinental Investigations. He
Posted by Darrien  on  Sun Jul 30, 2006  at  08:56 PM
parco is the best p.i. in n.y.c. i hired Vinny for a job and he turned out to become a personal friend of mine. he is a real person. i recommend him to anyone.

Satisfied in New York City.
Posted by Satisfied in N.Y.C.  on  Fri Aug 04, 2006  at  08:10 PM

I Love Vinny Parco!!!!

He is amazing!!!!!! he helped me alot and I owe him my life. God bless you Vinny!
Posted by Lucky  on  Fri Aug 04, 2006  at  08:14 PM
On the subject of the last few posts: Is it not interesting that this discussion is about someone who organises a viral marketing strtegy, and now suddenly the discussion is turning into a list of testimonials about how great the person who started the promotion is?

Call me a paranoid lunatic with a great ass, but this has a strong odour of the rodent about it; We may have opened a door to a new kind of self-advertising.
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Fri Aug 04, 2006  at  09:47 PM
There's one another subtle tipoff that this is a hoax, although it's pretty obvious by now that it is one:

One of Emily's links is to "loveenarajalaxshmy". If one goes to that page, one of the updates discusses the adulterous husband and encourages her to remain strong.

That update was written on July 10, two days before Emily talks to the PI and finds out about the cheating husband. Oops.
Posted by Bill  on  Sat Aug 05, 2006  at  01:48 PM
Joe Simonsen is a cheating bastard. do a forum search for MT_HERMIT on the Realjock website or check out topic 57186
Posted by revenge for my freind  on  Thu Dec 06, 2007  at  04:56 AM
Posted by revenge for my freind  on  Thu Dec 06, 2007  at  05:40 AM
i have the proof that this is a hoax..

here is the billboard on an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BUILDING


i know its an imagechan link.. but i swear i'm not rickrolling anyone, i was just surfing and i came across it and remember seeing it before, and i remembered it not being so blurry or from that angle..

so there's your proof its some kinda viral marketing
Posted by the truth  on  Sat Jul 12, 2008  at  03:24 PM
A good private investigator can find out the real truth.
Posted by Private Investigator  on  Thu Nov 26, 2009  at  10:11 AM
Wow, I wish I am as brave as you to do all those things to my cheating husband. But I prefer to stay calm now until things happen to my favor then I may be more vindictive.
Posted by Kathryn  on  Fri Sep 10, 2010  at  09:48 AM
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