$25 an Hour, Anyone Hired

Status: Probably a Ponzi Scheme
Cranky Media Guy (aka Bob Pagani) noticed this story in the HawkEye about a job offer that sounds an awful lot like a Ponzi Scheme. Terrie Brown, who owns a limousine business in Burlington, Iowa, is offering to hire absolutely anyone at the rate of $25 an hour. Here's the part of her offer that sounds like a scam:

The hiring process includes filling out an application and then paying a $10 processing fee, according to Brown. Everyone who fills out an application and pays the $10 fee receives a time card and is hired on the spot, she said. In fact, she added, anyone willing to work who pays the processing fee will be earning $25 an hour. "Everyone is paid $25 an hour whether they work one hour or 40 ... and everyone will receive benefits," Brown said. The benefits include health, dental vision and life insurance for an undetermined fee.

So you pay her $10 to get hired, but I bet that only a very few people will actually be put to work and earn that $25/hour. Still, hundreds of people have been signing up for the job:

Since Tuesday, owner Terrie Brown has been inundated with hundreds of job applications from high school students to senior citizens. On Thursday, parking at the business on the corner of Roosevelt and Sunnyside avenues had to be directed due to high–traffic volume. "We had hundreds in here and we want hundreds more," Brown said. "As long as you are willing to work, we want you."

She's even giving people incentives to recruit other suckers to sign up for this job. The Burlington Police are aware of what she's doing, but won't comment on any investigation.

Con Artists

Posted on Sun Jan 08, 2006


Just in case this point isn't clear, she isn't telling anyone what the jobs actually are. That's right, you're expected to pay $10. for an application for a MYSTERY JOB. We should start a pool on when this woman will suddenly leave town with everyone's application money.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Jan 09, 2006  at  02:54 AM
Yes, that sounds like a more or less classic Ponzi scheme ... but then, so is the stock market as it's currently constituted.
Posted by Big Gary in the northern hemisphere  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Mon Jan 09, 2006  at  12:00 PM
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