Is Surf Junky a Scam?

Surf Junky ( is a service that supposedly lets you earn money simply by browsing the web. The description on its site of how it works isn't very clear, to say the least, but from what I can gather they make you have a browser window constantly open that flashes ads at you... a new one approximately every thirty seconds. They claim that they'll pay you about $0.45 for every hour that they sense you're actively browsing the web with this ad window flashing at you. Of course, it hasn't taken people long to figure out that theoretically you could leave the surf junky window open all day and be earning money while you do other stuff (like sleep). The trick would be to have a program running such as a chat room that would fool the surf-junky browser into thinking you were using the computer. So does this trick work? Can you earn money just by having a browser running? And the larger question: will surf junky actually pay you, or is it all a scam?

The answer is that you're probably not going to make any money this way because it doesn't appear that Surf Junky is very good about paying anyone. At least, there are all kinds of complaints on the web about its non-payment. Apparently they have a habit of cancelling accounts that approach the $25 minimum payment threshold. If you sign up with them you also have to provide your email address and agree to have spam sent to you, so they're making money off you that way as well. All in all I'd say that Surf Junky isn't worth messing around with. There are plenty of easier ways to make a few bucks.

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Posted on Sun Mar 06, 2005


Forget about surfjunky...

Try this out...
Posted by Erick  in  New-Brunswick  on  Wed Oct 12, 2005  at  08:32 PM
Everyone will be glad to know that i have contacted the company who registered surfjunky (domains by proxy) because surfjunky do not answer our emails. i have a balance of $130 and if surfjunky do not resolve the payment they owe me within 72 hrs there hosting company will close them down. so if you want some for your self email the general manager of and get whats owed to you, dont put up with scams they owe me money and by god i will get it one way of the other.

Thank you for posting surfjunky forums hopefully it will put a end to them soon.

Dr Liam Hughes
Posted by Dr Liam Hughes  in  United Kingdom  on  Thu Oct 20, 2005  at  03:10 PM
This is my update, domains by proxy is actually the company that have been protecting surfjunkys real identity.

I after much deliberation with domains by proxy have had surfjunkys privacy removed
I am now happy to give you the real address and phone number of the morons
Who own this site?

Surf Junky

15 West St.
New York, New York 10004
United States

Registered through: (
Created on: 01-Sep-04
Expires on: 01-Sep-06
Last Updated on: 26-Sep-05

Administrative Contact:
Junky, Surf .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
15 West St.
New York, New York 10004
United States
Technical Contact:
Junky, Surf .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
15 West St.
New York, New York 10004
United States

Domain servers in listed order:

I am now working to get there hosting removed.
Please support me by spreading this to every single surfjunkys forum

Dr Liam Hughes

I hope this helps someone email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you want more info or any ideas how we can bring these assholes down
Posted by Dr Liam Hughes  in  United Kingdom  on  Fri Oct 28, 2005  at  05:23 PM
surfjunky uses a site called popup which pays sj for the popup code that we get. and they have a 25$ minimum payout. coincedence i think not
Posted by Jason  on  Sun Nov 06, 2005  at  12:14 AM
surfjunky crash the site if u want they will have it back online it's owened by a company names premocreations number 555-555-5555 i have hired a private investagator and lawyers who are taking steps but we need tv news coverage to crack this some how someone needs to get this on air so a lawsuit can become a reality ..... if anyone has any other info please tell i have names and adress for the culprits thanks to the private investagator department. please give me anything thing u got if u want revenge
Posted by Brandon  in  california  on  Mon Nov 14, 2005  at  05:31 AM
I have still 156$ from september to get paid.
Posted by Tono  in  Spain  on  Tue Nov 15, 2005  at  12:16 AM
According to my wife they owe her $117 and me $27, supposedly payable the 15th of every month. Well the 15th of Nov 05 came by and left with no check from Surf-Junky. Hard to admit I got taken, but others need to know, SURF-JUNKY IS A SCAM!
Posted by Jay  in  Austin, TX  on  Wed Nov 23, 2005  at  10:53 PM
Well, good luck with sueing surf junky... I'm sure that you will be able to close thier website and before you know it, they will find a new hot, buy a new domain, build a new website and fraud a lots of new people.....

I know they also had, and other websites.

I would DDOS them (and belive me I can... I have the power of 10,000 people which can send like few GigaBits per second into thier website and crush it for few minutes up to few days), but I know it will be useless, else I would have done it to which was mentioned before.
Popuptraffic has ignored me, and didn't pay me more than 155$!!!! Popuptraffic does pay people, but they threat them like junk!!!!
Posted by Saragani  in  Just behind you  on  Sat Dec 03, 2005  at  12:17 PM
I have now "earned" almost $270 on my SurfJunky account, and have had my account for a few months. I have not been paid, and I didn't expect to be, as I am not 18 yet, and they do not pay anyone until they turn 18.

I hope that they will pay me next month, when I turn 18, but I am doubtful. I also hope that the people who have not been paid are just underage, and overlooked the rule about not paying anyone under 18. A note about the accounts being closed: I accidentally cancelled my account without knowing what I was doing. I assume some others have made this mistake, and thought their account got banned. It's very easy to cancel your account by accident. You just go the options page where you update your payment information, and if you enter your password in the box below the payment information update, your account will be deleted. I hope that this mistake of deleting one's own account, as well as cheating, are the only reasons people are having their accounts closed.

I have met people who make money using this site. Apparently they do pay, at least sometimes. But the fact that they haven't answered any of my emails, and the number of complaints I've read here make me doubtful...

You can expect to see me back here warning you all if I still don't receive checks after I turn eighteen.
Posted by Fufu  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  09:54 PM
Has anyone tried contacting the attorney general of New York. I think they would be interested in this company and would have the power to take them down.
Posted by eric  on  Sat Apr 08, 2006  at  05:12 AM
site changes contact info almost every week. you have to chalk it up ass a loss and contact the bbb
Posted by jack  in  home  on  Mon Apr 17, 2006  at  06:33 AM
iam medo and iam in egypt
i started surfjunky to get money iam surfing and i have now 3 $ as i have just started so can i improve it as i get only .45 $ per hour so it will be that forever or what can it be
1$ per hour at lest or what
and have any one recived $$$ realy by checks or not ???

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
can eny one add me i neeeeed help of asking
Posted by medo  on  Wed Apr 26, 2006  at  08:19 AM
if it is scam why they made it up i mean why it make us surf what it will gain from us
the aim of the scam ??
Posted by medo  on  Wed Apr 26, 2006  at  08:22 AM
I'm tryin surf junky but Please if some one knows I haveno credit card no paypal nothin just an address will the cheque come to my adress or to an account in the post office???? coz I heard I must open a cheque account in the post office.... answer this please?????
Posted by jimmy  in  Malaysia  on  Fri Apr 28, 2006  at  06:59 AM
I just joined surf junky. I have like 1.00. I was trying to find something like surf junky. But, thanks to you I delete my account. Thanks.
Posted by Bun Bao  in  Canada  on  Sat May 06, 2006  at  10:13 PM
Hello. I just wanted to add that I hear Wealth Wars is a derivative from the same people running this Surf Junky (though I've never used it.) Anyhow, Wealth Wars is pretty much the same with payments and I got banned for questioning the long delays and how we're supposed to know we're actually getting paid so we know it's not a scam, firstly in their forum, and then in the game, where I lost all the money I had earned in accordance with the rules. ($55)

Wealth Wars is another SCAM as is Surf Junky.
Posted by P206  in  bulgaria  on  Mon May 15, 2006  at  09:34 AM
yea im over 150 bucks on surf junky in the last 2 paypal transfer for me either...

i think im going to try to contactthe general manager of like somebody said before and try to get this resolved....
Posted by Ken  in  jersey  on  Tue May 16, 2006  at  12:45 AM
In les then a month the paying amount was on $48.
They say the pay-out date is the 15th every month. That was 2 days ago and the account is still the same and no payout into the PAYPAL account. With 28 referrals we still waiting for our money. To be sure we'll wait another month to see what will happen. But i'm affraid the answer is already know.
Posted by Robin  in  Netherlands  on  Wed May 17, 2006  at  01:16 PM
me too. Surf junky sux. Plz trust this. I reached $77 bt nothing is done although payment date has past. Go to hell to bloody surf junky. May u bless with illness that drag u forever.
Posted by chris  on  Sun Jun 18, 2006  at  07:21 PM
Yep, Wealthwars is definately a scam as well - I got deleted and banned for asking why the payments were late/non-existant this month and last month. So much for the 37$ they owe me. :/ Primo Creations sucks.
Posted by Jane  in  USA  on  Mon Jul 17, 2006  at  07:51 PM
i am using surfjunky but they aint replying me of emails well can anybody tell me a real n good company to just surf n get money but real one not a fake one then please kindly email me at
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
ill be thanksfull to you
Posted by aDdy  in  Pakistan  on  Tue Jul 25, 2006  at  10:06 AM
Google Adsense, surfjunky, Smart Auto Surf, Peer gomez all the earn money programs are SCAMS!!! Bastard i using my times to do it well but at last i don't get anything... Bastard Google Adsense Suddenly Closed my account!!! Damn IT! I don't know what happen at all some more i don't have did anything wrong with it... i earn $150++ with Surfjunky but they still not paid for me some more i Message Surfjunky they don't have reply my question at all. Damn CHEATING!!!
Posted by Jeriel  on  Sun Aug 06, 2006  at  06:25 PM
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