Islamic Hostage Barbie Hoax, Part Two

image As a follow-up to the Islamic Hostage Barbie Hoax, an anonymous poster to a Jihadist message board (he calls himself 'al-Iraqi4') has come forward to claim responsibility for the hoax. He says that:

In the name of God, the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate,
Soldier John Adam is [only] a toy.
I am a 20-year old Iraqi young man. I am unarmed, independent and do not belong to any party or group. I apologize to all the parties and everyone, for I meant nothing by that [no harm].
The picture was a scheme that I made up with a toy that I bought with $5.
Today I am announcing that this news was made up, and that the picture was of a toy that I worked on with the help of some children.
I cannot provide any information about me because, as I mentioned earlier, I am unarmed, and any information about me might jeopardize my life and the lives of my family [members].
My apologies to everyone.

As evidence that his confession is real, he provides a picture of 'Soldier John Adam' taken from another angle. But not everyone is convinced that this confession is real. Confederate Yankee has examined the two pictures and is convinced that they were taken in different places. He notes that the floors don't look the same, and thinks that the banner shape and text look different as well. I can see what he's talking about with the floor, though it could be explained away by differences in the lighting of the pictures. But the banner looks pretty much the same to me.

And Andrew Margarson forwards this image that "may explain why barbie was there..."

Hate Crimes/Terror

Posted on Wed Feb 09, 2005


I think Confederate Yankee's wrong. It looks like the same place. I think the difference in floor colors has more to do with the white balance difference between the two images.
Posted by JoeSixpack  on  Thu Feb 10, 2005  at  09:55 AM
The "Guerra Santa" (Holy War) pack with "Barbie Taliban" and "Ken Bin Ladin" (wait a minute, didn't they break up?) is cute, but did you notice the price? 100 Euros! That's somewhere around $150 U.S., depending on whatever the dollar has collapsed to by now.
They must think we're all rolling in oil money.
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Thu Feb 10, 2005  at  06:01 PM
And you get a real piece of one of the 'black boxes' from the 'plane that hit the towers' according to the Barbie ad...
Posted by Evan  on  Fri Feb 11, 2005  at  12:59 PM
LOL the Yankee is definetly wrong. You can tell by the face of the doll. There's no emotion, no feeling and the gun is most definetly fake too. Only a blind man couldnt see that.
Posted by Shortie  on  Thu Mar 03, 2005  at  11:03 AM
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