John Goodman Isn’t Dead

A fake news story about the death of actor John Goodman raced around the internet today. It's hard to understand why people believed this for a second, since the story was filled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar. Here's a sample:

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) - Actor John Goodman, star of such hits as Monsters Inc and Beyond the Sea, found dead today in his home. Cause of death is not known. Recently seen in the Kevin Spacey epik Beyond the Sea, Goodman was deemed in fine health by his doctor just three days ago. Cause of death is not yet known, but it is suspected natural causes. Goodman was most notably known as the blue-collar patriarch Dan Conner on the hit TV show Roseanne. Goodman also lent his vocal talents to such films as The Emperor's New Groove and Mosnters Inc, as well as being a semi-regular guest on Saturday Night Live.

Defamer debunked this pretty quickly, even managing to grab a screen shot of the original fake news story before it disappeared. I'll add this to my growing list of celebrity death hoaxes.

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Posted on Thu Jan 20, 2005


I love how the authors misspells 'epic' but manages 'patriarch" just fine.
Posted by Jamie  on  Fri Jan 21, 2005  at  09:44 AM
Didn't anyone notice how repeatative that was? Shouldn't that have been a tip?
Posted by Cathy  on  Fri Jan 21, 2005  at  09:38 PM
Just another hollywood scam.
Posted by Michelle  on  Sat Aug 06, 2005  at  10:49 AM
Oh thank goodness! This scared the squat out of me, I love this guy's talent!
Posted by Mare Garrel  on  Thu Aug 18, 2005  at  05:11 PM
oh ok! i never seen the story but someone told me he was dead! thank goodness!
Posted by keeana  on  Sat Aug 12, 2006  at  10:22 PM
John Goodman is the funniest guy ever. I never miss watching Roseanne on Oxygen. No matter how many times I watch an episode it always makes me laugh. I hope he lives a long time.
Posted by pooky  on  Fri Jun 13, 2008  at  07:53 PM
Me & My Boyfriend Had A Bet Going That John Goodman Wasn't Dead - I Win! =)
Posted by Mandy Marie  on  Mon Dec 22, 2008  at  01:23 AM
Apparently this rumour got around fast because I heard it from a resident @ the nursing home I used to work at.
Posted by Christie  on  Sun Mar 22, 2009  at  05:47 AM
he has heart problems but he is alive and kicking. He s gotten too big and he smokes
Posted by Anna Wolford  on  Wed Jul 07, 2010  at  12:51 PM
Yes ! John Goodman is the funniest guy ever. I like so much his play in Roseanne but I remember also a movie with Melanie G. where his play was very interresting. Well, what Pooky said, I'm saying the same, I agreed:"No matter how many times I watch an episode it always makes me laugh. I hope he lives a long time."
So, I like him as actor, so, so much !
Please, do whatever, everything you need to do for your health and be there to play, to enjoy those who like you !
Posted by shv  on  Wed Aug 25, 2010  at  01:25 AM
Don't know about John Goodman, but I did hear that Ken Dodd's Dad's dog's dead. Is this true ?
Posted by MTB  on  Thu Sep 16, 2010  at  03:20 AM
The rumour probably got started because a relative of mine past away on the 9th and his name is John Goodman from the St Louis area and thats where John Goodman the actor is from.
Posted by Tom McNaughton  on  Sat Oct 16, 2010  at  02:17 AM
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