Is Jim Morrison Alive?

image Most people think the musician Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors, died in Paris on July 3, 1971. But Gerald Pitts says that he "discovered Jim Morrison Living on a Ranch in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1998." According to him, Morrison is living a quiet life as an American cowboy "away from the Hollywood scene." Even though Morrison evidently engineered an elaborate death hoax to escape publicity, he agreed to appear on film for Pitts. You can buy a copy of this film for only $24.95 (shipping is extra). Pitts' site includes a video comparing the features of Jim Morrison the fifty-something cowboy to Jim Morrison the twenty-something singer. However, no matter how many times I watch the video, I just don't see any similarity.

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Posted on Mon Jan 03, 2005


if your alive mr jim morrison, could you please do the dna with cliff. thanks.
Posted by jesus  in  earth  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  01:13 PM
First of all asshole I never said I was Jim's daughter,2nd of all I am married,3rd of all I never even met cliff retard he is in California so if you know the truth what truth is that,So kiss my ass
Posted by keri  in  Illinois  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  01:23 PM
who the fuck said I was a morrison?
I never even met cliff,who the fuck is elizabeth
I am married fucking retard! Im married
Posted by keri  in  Illinois  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  01:25 PM
Ok now I know who is writing this stuff,lets clear this up right now! My father is dead,my mother is dead,And I don't know why you got these weird ideas and why? Maybe you don't believe him.Maybe he is a child molester,but I don't know I never met him,ever in my life,Do what you gotta do,but leave me out of your weird situation!Do not write me again!
Posted by keri  in  Illinois  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  02:11 PM
I am even more confused now then ever before,I heard yesterday there is a man that claims to be Jim's son and no one will do DNA,thats the big problem people can run around and say they are morrisons and no one will give them DNA,Well my real name is Elizabeth Morrison my mother and Jim had an affair back in 1969 and I was concieved.So I am Jim's daughter I guess it's that easy!
Posted by keri raymer in rockford IL on Tue Aug 12, 2008 at 03:56 AM ? ??????????????????????????????????????then what is this??????????????????
Posted by free  in  earth  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  02:54 PM
if you have wasted your money on the video, it doesnt take much to see its not jim. its a hoax ok people. a way to profit off of the morrison's. its propaganda. no wonder people hate pitts. fans get angry after seeing this video!!!!!!!! please people this is annoying. jim is gone .let him go.
Posted by after  in  the rain  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  02:58 PM
I think there are two keri's here from Illinios. Just a misunderstanding it looks like. everyone. BREATH. RELAX.who cares. no one really cares. lol
Posted by dan  in  florida  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  03:08 PM
I agree with free. Then which Keri wrote she was Elizabeth? Very confusing.
Posted by samm  in  smithtown  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  03:12 PM
Ok you know what I apologize,but you all read my post from along time ago I was being sarcastic,what it says is there is a man going around saying he is Jim's son and they won't give him dna then I wrote:WELL IN THAT CASE I AM ELIZABETH MORRISON JIM"S DAUGHTER BORN IN 1969....
I am 33 I am to young! Sorry for the confusion! LOL I made up a name being FUNNY!
Posted by keri  in  Illinois  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  04:58 PM
And what I meant was it really is that easy,you could go change your name to Morrison go around saying your a morrison and nobody can do nothing and the morrisons would'nt give you dna anyway so you could pretent all day long your Jim's son or daughter,just like the guy in Oregan saying he is Jim,9 years what happened,he got offered to come into a studio,why did'nt he take the millions because he knew if he did that eventually he would have to prove he was Jim,,,Keri in Illinois is not a lier,I believed that fool in Oregan was Jim....SHAME ON ME! But I do believe Cliff is Jim's boy, do to alot of conversations ALOT! I never met him but I will someday and he knows how I feel about Jim,I look at Jim like my husband on the other side
Posted by keri  in  Illinois  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  05:06 PM
well ok. i see. but there is so many people claiming shit. it pisses people off. maybe you should concentrate on your man then and not cliff morrison so much.alot of conversations with cliff! thats scary.hope for your sake someday doesnt come too sooon!!!!!
Posted by understood  on  Sun Nov 09, 2008  at  05:16 PM
I've lived in Rockford before; everybody's as dumb as Kerri. The Pimps have a song called my child support and when they play it the whole town erupts.
Posted by JLizard  in  Indiana  on  Mon Nov 10, 2008  at  03:20 PM
Dont take these comments seriously..We all understood that you were being ironic when you saids you were Jims daughter..well those people who followed the debate anyway. (I hope my English is ok ..cos I'm writing this with an English guy sitting next to me) I wish people wouldn't butt in to the debate without reading what said before..and just slamming those folks who have an opinion..whether Keri, Lizard or Aries.

I hope that the stuff that I had closes something for the fans..but I cant guarantee it so..I cant even guarantee that it will ever be showed..I hope so, just so I dont seem..and my Uncle dont seem a liar.

I know nothing exept I think it disgraceful to mock a womans miscarriege so stop this now! This debate is turning so horrible it is unseemley and own girlfriend had a miscarriage a month ago and I am very upset.

Lizard I completely mis understood your reference to more fool me!...I will also concur that plagery isn't a suitable word..I dont see Lizard has plagerised anything..and I further announce that John Donne cant wipe Rimbauds butt..Rimbaud!was at least in Africa!!!..think of "wild Child" and you have the essence.

Keri ..I'm so sorry for the loss..believe me..I'm so sorry

Posted by Andreii  in  France  on  Tue Nov 11, 2008  at  05:53 PM
Hi guys,

I see everyone is being nasty to eachother again...or maybe I should read all comments before writing.

Good Night al...sweet dreams

Posted by andreii  on  Tue Nov 11, 2008  at  06:00 PM
I like to give snakes hi-fives
Posted by presterjack  in  outsideyowindow  on  Wed Nov 12, 2008  at  06:09 PM
ok i talked to this guy tonight gery hes full of it. all he wated to tell me to do is buy the video. i offered him 300000 dollars to hang out with jim with 4 freinds and all he had to say was buy the video. andrei is full of it two these people just wanna lead you on and keep you going. i wanted to think he was alive more than anyone the onyl thing this site and other sites have done is that hes dead and people are trying to get famous off a sorry death. so i hope everyone reads this and thinks straight and the people making stuff up finally gets a life and gets over it. there no proof hes not dead and there never will be. so till someone can prove it and stop writing about it shut up thanks
Posted by shawno  in  pa  on  Sun Nov 16, 2008  at  01:15 AM
Ok, "this guy" has a web site, audio, video, and documents. This has been talked about by the Doors, Alan Graham,
Gary Patterson, Coast 2 Coast Radio, and more. To my understanding, nobody has said that it is NOT Jim.
Well in any event... You are telling us to believe that you offered "this guy"/"gery", 300,000 dollars to hang out
with Jim with 4 friends and he said buy the video. AND based upon your anonymous rant and claim we should
believe you over anyone else regardless of the evidence and hard work they have done, and give up this debate.

My gosh, you are a bit of an idiot if you think your opinion passes muster.
Further, your post is an insult to anyone's intelligence that you expect to believe it. INCLUDING Gerald Pitts.

I am not saying that I believe that the guy in Oregon is Jim but...

He, as I, probably think you are a nutcase and a bull shitter. And although he would like everyone in the world, including nut cases,
to buy his video, he probably wants nothing to do with meeting you or setting up a meeting with you.

And I doubt any of us seriously believe that you would deliver on your 300,000 promise.

Further, Jim isn't hiding, and I happen to know that he WILL hang out with you and some friends for 300,000 dollars.

He is easy to find, just Google him.
Posted by Skeptical  on  Sun Nov 16, 2008  at  02:28 PM
Oh, and ELIZABETH/KERI whatever you call yourself today. You are out of control, seek help, seriously. You are a bit obsessed. Are you really that unhappy with who you ACTUALLY are? I took a look at your web site and the claims you make there, and all of your previous posts here. You flip-flop between being his spirit wife, daughter, and "just kidding for fun". Cut it out, find a psychotherapist, and get well.
Posted by Thomas  on  Sun Nov 16, 2008  at  02:33 PM
I did a lot of research on the death of Jim Morrison. There are some, if you read the Doors official website (who knew him) that don't believe he is buried there. Another writer who knew him, interviewed him suggested perhaps Jim committed suicide. Thats in the John Densmore's site.

What people don't know is that it is claimed that Jim's body was in the Medical Institute In Paris. Theres a book out by someone who went to Paris and to the Institute..and Jim's name was no where in the database, yet the doctor who examined his body there said he remembered seeing Mr. Morrison. The book I believe was published circa 1990.

There are other reports by people who said they were at the apartment, that Jim was laid out on the bed and dry ice was used to keep his body cool. Bill Siddons flew to Paris but never looked inside the nailed cheap coffin.

IF he did die, surely Pam would have had him cremated knowing a flurry of people would forever flock his grave, something Jim did not want..he wanted privacy and peace.

About the picture in Rodeo West. I have one that was on that site of the Jim look-alike standing next to the blonde man. That picture was only on the site a day or two, then taken down permanently. THAT picture looks very much like Jim did where a young JM smiled in a goofy way. This elder JM pic is exactly the same way.
I certainly dont look like I did 20 years ago..most people wouldnt recognize me.

My conculsion is that either Jim did die, suicide or bloodclot in the lung OR he went to a hospital, recovered and is living in Europe with funds being directed to him by a third party. Who really knows? We never will because IF he is alive, he will never reveal himself.
Posted by Barb  in  NY/NJ  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  12:38 AM
Barb,what you wrote is so true,A few pictures on that rodeo west did look like Jim,but a few did'nt
I believed it to for a while,And there has been so many things said its crazy,but really in the end if he died he's gone,or if he's alive he don't want to be bothered,It's just funny how these idiots ramble on over and over and over! AND THOMAS,KISS MY %%%,I HAVE A GREAT LIFE YOU DON'T KNOW ME AND IT'S MYSPACE I CAN PUT WHATEVER I WANT ON THERE,IF I WANT TO SAY JIM IS ALIVE AND LIVES IN MY BASEMENT I CAN,IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT TO BAD SO SAD! AND I NEVER SAID MY NAME IS ELIZABETH RETARDS,I SAID ITS PRETTY EASY TO CHANGE YOUR NAME AND SAY YOUR SOMEONE YOUR NOT,IF YOU COULD READ YOU WOULD KNOW WHAT I WROTE....
Posted by keri  in  Illinois  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  01:45 AM
Hi Ken..thanks for the positive comments..

Today I finished reading ALL the posts on this site. It really makes me wonder why the Morrison family does not have the body exhumed to make sure there is a body in there, and if there is, DNA to see if its Jims.

From what I gather, Admiral Morrison does not speak about Jim (except in a few statements from "The Doors by the Doors" book.) When Jim was placed in the Medical Institute in Paris, I wonder if there was any autopsy or photos that we don't know about and sent to the Admiral to confirm his son was indeed deceased. I would never be able to take the word of a foregin embassy that my son/daughter died in another country unless I saw proof or had the grave exhumed.

Now that I've read all the posts, yes, there are two pictures from the Gerald site that resemble Jim. How could Jim even be in this country when Florida has not yet given him a pardon. He surely would have had to go through the appelate process and get those charges dropped so he doesnt face jail time. IF the government knew he was alive, they would find him would they not?
Im just throwing questions out there.

Heres some other intresting facts: When Brian Jones died, Jim wrote and dated his "Ode to Brian Jones" July 3 (the day Jones died). That handwritten note by Jim is in one of the latest books with some poems, pictures given by his family. If Jim committed suicide, perhaps he wanted to do it on the same day as Brian Jones, July 3. Then again, there are pictures on the internet of Jim and Pam only about a week before he died. (he's wearing the eggplant colored shirt and she in a long black cape/coat). He looks FINE to me here and he is not overweight at all... he is slim. He is smiling as he and Pam are photographed, sitting at lunch and walking about Paris. How then, does Mr. Raisson (spelling), one of the fire-brigade attendees say he saw a "fat man in a bathtub". Jim was not fat as proven by pics taken just before that.
When we are in water, we look heavier, but this gentleman also states they took his body out of the tub and placed him on the bed. Would he not see how slim Jim was at that point.

So yes, there are a lot of holes in the story. The timeline. Pam's drug dealer the Count, who flees the country when he finds out Jim Morrison is dead and takes MaryAnn Faithful with him.
No one is telling the truth. Not Pam, and she is the only one who could ever have told the truth.

So the solution comes back once again...exhume the body (if there is one in there) find out what killed this person, take DNA. And if it is the great Jim Morrison our answers can finally be put to rest.

I feel as fans, we are owed that much to know the truth, and the truth is only an exhumation/DNA away.
Posted by Barb  in  NJ/NY  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  09:56 AM
Thanks Barb for really laying down the facts. Jim has tried to contact the Doors and their new managaer Jampool and no reply to him. A guy from Ohio got a petition going to exhume Jim from the Florida situation posthumously. I emailed all 50 United States governors and told them not to as Jim Morrison is still very much alive. Of course we all believe that he should be pardoned but it will not come at the expense of embarrassing our governors. This was a year ago. I actually emailed Sarah Palin, ha ha. I made a few calls to Governor Crist's office (FL) and they were most congenial.
Posted by JLizard  in  Indiana  on  Mon Nov 17, 2008  at  07:56 PM
There hasn't been a story about this for a few reasons. This guy Gerald Pitts won't let anybody see, or talk to "Jim Morrison" until somebody asks Ray Manzarek why he hasn't responded to Gerald's letters that allegedly proves that Morrison is still alive. What Gerlad has to realize is that nobody cares what Ray has to say about it. People just want to see Jim. And apparently, people have offerred him money to "take Jim away to Hollywood," but Gerald won't let that happen, and apparently, Jim doesn't want to return to that lifestyle. The only way Gerald will let anybody talk to Jim is if they offer him enough money, and then, get this, "Jim Morrison" has agreed to act in his movie for his site "Rodeos West." So obviously, this guy is looking for some money, like anybody would. But another thing is this: He won't let anybody take any cameras to interview him. People can only interview him and take pictures with him with the photos he's provided. To me, this all sounds like a bunch of bullshit.
Posted by Todd Packer  in  Scranton, PA  on  Tue Nov 18, 2008  at  11:01 PM
Hi Todd...I have a comment to make about Rodeos West. There are two photograhs that do resemble Jim. One is still on the site (where he is seated with the guns), and the other was on the site for a day or so..standing up with the blonde cowboy. I made a copy of that pic. You know we have nothing to compare it to, no one knows what would would look like in his 30s, 40s, 50s, so we go a long way.

What I wanted to point out was if this is indeed (one of the men photographed) Jim Morrison why isnt The Doors Corporation and the Morrison family suing RW to put a stop to this? Do they know something we dont? There is also a video out there using advertisement with Light My Fire for the same. Here is something I noticed:

In the RodeosWest statement, they say this is Jim Morrison of the "Doors". There is a big difference between the words, "The Doors" and
the "Doors." RW is using the latter, which may make legal action difficult. John Densmore, as you all know, took Ray and Robbie to court for using the name "THE DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY".
That was because the word "THE DOORS" was inclusive in the title. Gerald Pitts has excluded the word "THE" from the official title saying only the "DOORS". Perhaps this is the way he has avoided prosecution?

Then again, RW is claiming this is Jim Morrison and sent all kinds of correspondence to The Doors Management without any response. You can't pretend to be someone on the internet and claim to truthfully be so without legal problems yet neither The Doors nor the Morrison Family has tried to shut the site down.

Any thought on this one, as to why no action has been taken..the site is still up there.
Posted by Barb  in  NY/NJ  on  Sun Nov 23, 2008  at  10:09 AM
The best idea i have heard yet is 4 someone 2 see if his body is really in the grave or not.Because it is illegal 2 dig his grave up can someone with a sonar device please scan it 2 see if there is a corpse in there or not.Would this be illegal 2 do or would the paris authorities not like this kind of activity at his gravesite.There wouldn't b any kind of damage or graphiti,just a confirmation if this whole thing has been faked or not. If you're a fan of MR MOJO RISIN and THE DOORS then u would obviously like 2 know after all these years.If ur not a fan then why are u reading this message. So long 4 now and hope 2 find the truth.DRH ONTARIO.
Posted by HARLEY  in  ONTARIO-CANADA  on  Wed Nov 26, 2008  at  07:01 PM
That is such an interesting technicality about Doors vs the Doors, but I assure you, even considering the fact that Manzarek was accepted to UCLA Law school, it has nothing to do with the reality of this tragic situation.
On youtube you will find an interview with Ray joking that Jim is alive as a cowboy in Oregon. Other people say why should the Doors investigate RW when it is just a flybynight organization out to make a buck.
The truth of the matter is that RW has been around for almost 10 years and has invested what little resources it has to try to break out what it knows to be true. Until the 5million dollar law suit won by John Densmore (thank you Mr. Densmore!), no one could touch the Doors/Riders On the Storm/of the 21stCentury but now the glass spider is shattered. The truth will be known to everyone. In the meantime, true Jim Morrison fans have made their hearts known.
Posted by Jlizard  in  Indiana  on  Thu Nov 27, 2008  at  03:22 PM
Harley! I very much like your idea of scanning the grave to see if there is anyone in it. Im thinking on the lines of Texas Eqqusearch, headed by Tim Miller...he has the most sophisicated equipment in the US to search for bodies under water or decomposed bodies.

I wonder what it would take to get someone to has one of these types of cameras to look underground. It also comes to mind that Pam may have had Jim cremated and scattered his ashes in one of his favorite places in France. There is at least one person on the Doors board who knew Jim that stated she didnt think he was buried there, she had a lot of doubts. I have serious doubts that he is buried there as well.

JLizard, I have an open mind about Jim's sudden disappearance. Only a few people saw his body. I also have questions about his disappearance like was it suicide or did someone kill him. Notice all the Nixon-era "rebels" were gone in a flash, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison..and even Lennon. It wasn't until Lennon made his last album that he was taken out. Yet his killer isn't in a psych ward and there was no trial. Some people think government conspiracy to take out the "rebels" of our society, especially such influential and charasmatic people like the above.

Do you believe personally that Morrison is alive? I think if anyone wanted to escape forever and leave everything, he would be the one to pull it off. He was beating to a different drum than Lennon or Hendrix or anyone else. I really wouldnt be surprised one day if we found out he was living in Saychilles (like Ray mentioned) or some remote part of the world, having $$$ funnelled to him through a third.

Im going to write more about this subject, read below!
Posted by Barb  in  NY/NJ  on  Sun Nov 30, 2008  at  10:19 AM
Continued! Ok, folks, hope youre not getting tired of my theories. Its just that I am so uncomfortable with the lack of any evidence or details about Jim's "departure".

Let me share a few things with you. I grew up in Long Island and myself and the boy across the street were good friends since age 3. He was also friends with my brother. His sister still lives in the house across the street from my mother. His name is Richie. He had married someone who was very abusive to him physically (my brother used to tell me horror stories) and Richie told me in our early 30s things that were going on. He divorced his wife, she married someone in a crazy cult, Richie was able to get his 3 children away from them and he fled to Florida. He was very close to his sisters, as they all lived in the same house. He told me he was moving to Florida..and that was it..he disappeared. His sister told my mother they have never heard from him since and they are unable to track him down.

His sister said the ex-wife's husband had put a contract out on his life because he had the kids. Yet when I wrote to her two years ago at Christmas, she told me she heard from Rich about 7 years ago but not since.
Funny she told me and my mother two different stories. Maybe thats because I dont live there at the time. Obviously the sister is protecting Rich so no one knows his happens!

Also my husband's grandfather pulled a fake death as well. My father in law lived with his dad until age 8..he was alcholic and told me his father died but he was too young to go to the funeral, he was sent to live with an aunt.

My father in law hired people about 10 years ago to track down where his father was buried and found out, his father had moved to California, got married had children, apparently quit drinking because he lived to be 86. When my father in law was telling me about his father 30 years ago, and how he died, etc. the man was actually alive at the time and living in California! And he had even told me the details of how his father was in a hospital dying from alcoholism and died in his early 30s... so, anything can happen!

JLizard, can you tell me if you honestly think Jim is alive?
Posted by Barb  in  NJ/NY  on  Sun Nov 30, 2008  at  10:38 AM
I just read on The Doors site that Jim's father passed away of natural causes at age 89.

I was hoping that one day his brother/sister would have his grave exhumed or flown to the US. If it were my brother, I would want DNA testing to see what killed my brother. They can do DNA and testing on bones thousands of years old.

Funny thing is the word we have to type in the above box to get this printed is "door". I thought that quite unusual.
Posted by Barb  in  NJ/NY  on  Tue Dec 02, 2008  at  12:23 AM
Please, Jim Morrison is dead, at the P
Posted by Bacci  in  Heaven  on  Thu Dec 04, 2008  at  11:44 AM
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