Is Jim Morrison Alive?

image Most people think the musician Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors, died in Paris on July 3, 1971. But Gerald Pitts says that he "discovered Jim Morrison Living on a Ranch in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1998." According to him, Morrison is living a quiet life as an American cowboy "away from the Hollywood scene." Even though Morrison evidently engineered an elaborate death hoax to escape publicity, he agreed to appear on film for Pitts. You can buy a copy of this film for only $24.95 (shipping is extra). Pitts' site includes a video comparing the features of Jim Morrison the fifty-something cowboy to Jim Morrison the twenty-something singer. However, no matter how many times I watch the video, I just don't see any similarity.

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Posted on Mon Jan 03, 2005


To a fan on earth: This sounds so much like my investigation down to a TTTTTTT.Exactly you nailed it...The Morrisons refuse to do a DNA,I wonder is there a way to court order Jim's dad Stephen for DNA?Because this is really crazy,he was a legend,the morrisons will not look into the grave nor do DNA as if they know something,And then this Cliff guy comes out saying he is Jim's son,he looks nothing like Jim at all,and we have spoke many times until he found out I was married and realised I did not want to go out with him he stopped talking to me!He called me everyday,texted me 500 times a day!This guy in Oregon has been gone he went to Vegas because his wifes dad had a stroke.A big part of me really believes he is Jim,Why I will tell you,his fingers are the same,and his ears,and his teeth.I look at things Gerald Pitts does not realise to look at.Now if this is Jim what do we do? If the Morrisons will not do DNA what can be done,being we are in different states I say we all call an attorney in our area and see what each attorney has to say.Im really tired of the B-SHT this is so frusterating a never ending battle.He did not die of a herion overdose that is such a crock.If he never would of said he wanted to disapear and be done with music then I would believe it but really he knew what he was doing,he just so happened to be 27.
Posted by keri  in  ILLINOISY  on  Tue Aug 26, 2008  at  06:41 AM
I think Jim would like this to be posted only because he tryed to save the world. And if you are still alive Jim, there's still time to save it, we all should

Within the plains of life I grasp in my hand,
Will the war of greed, religion, seeking the taste of oil, a fossil that has death written, scribed, and chiselled into a freedom a forgotten yesterday that returns death for today.
Hear the cries from the babies, women, and men.
Your family and mine,
We follow a word, chase a rhyme, to find another lie.
Baited hatred for the poor to feed,
Not to succeed or exceed,
But to reach a boil point
Posted by Mark D McKelvie  in  S.J., N.B. Canada  on  Tue Aug 26, 2008  at  12:49 PM
Mark in Canada,

Your verse is superb..I love your short poem!especially such expressions as " baited hatred for the poor to feed"...sublime stuff..I suspect in French it would be English it is strong..strong verse.

Have you any more Mark? I guess you are a lover of Rimbaud as I am and I'm sure Morrison would have loved what I just read..I just love poetry full stop. Continue Mark..I loved it.

Keri, God bless you..I understand you want to see those pictures but they are not in my hands now. My family lawyers have found a connection to Morrison estate and will present them for their consideration only. I wish I could help with your book I really do.
But all along my Uncle has been very insisting on the right of privacy..which is very important in the USA yes?

Goodnight all..Mark keep writing ok?...Keri I wish I could do more to help you.

Posted by Andreii  in  Pyrenees, France  on  Wed Aug 27, 2008  at  05:00 PM
Keri its familys atoerney have had a ...hmm blockade? a rebuff from the Morrison estate today saying that legal action will ensue if any release of any photo or "artifact" of Jim Morrison occurs.

Personaly i dont believe this can happen within international law...and whatever Americans think (Excuse me for this) the world does not neccessarily follow. I believe I can publish photos without consent of a family that refuses to examine evidences.

I will consult my family lawer...and if I do not hear from the Morrison estate by a week of this day..I will release this story to "Paris Match" along with photos...

Keri I will not have my family seem like liars, so please persuade the Morrison to accept these photos as that is all my family want now.They dont want money and they're really (pissed?) ..upset for me debating this..Keri you know these me please.

Goodnight all. The Pope is only a few weeks away from near my home...I pray for you all..Goodnight

Andreii Charpentier
Posted by Andreii  in  France  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  05:32 PM

I was re reading your earlier comments about exhumation of corpses within the precinct of Pere Lachaise...It is totally possible with an application to the local Mairie (Mayor)

Despite what others has said, the Parish Council in charge of that Cemetary would be delighted if Jim Morrisins remains were removed...the site is filth and other tombs..graves near bye are grafittied and spoilt...It is not an historical site as some suggest...but one of filth and degredation...the community of Parisians dont need that!...we have Hugo, Balzac, Piaf, Wilde etc etc!...Paris will not go to waste if Jim Morrison remains are removed to his Birth Country..We are proud that he is there...but if he has to go!! what? His family should take care of him...alive or dead anyway.

Keri...If you have reasonable cause to have the grave of Jim Morrison exhumed then I can help...although I am amazed noone has done this thing before. The Morrison family have no right of privacy under law fact the corpse is public property...rather like a statue...or a relic of some kind.

Personally I dont have time to do these things...maybe you do...but if you come to Paris, I will help any way possible. I just want to give the Morrisons a chance first.

Posted by Andreii  in  France  on  Thu Aug 28, 2008  at  05:59 PM
Last week, ROLLING STONE magazine announces:

The Doors
Posted by JLizard  in  Bellvidere, IL  on  Fri Aug 29, 2008  at  10:41 PM
To Keri,
No I never meet Jim Morrison or know him, I wish I had the honour to meet him, but i was only 7 years old when he died in 71. I also don't know if he is alive somewhere. Just doing my reserch on the net. All I did was copy and paste. I also don't know Adriana Rubio, but I'm very impressed about her work and that's why I passed it on here.
You know

Tell all the people that you see,
Follow me, follow me down.....
Posted by A FAN  in  EARTH  on  Sat Aug 30, 2008  at  10:06 PM
Jims son Christopher Bangs had a baby. Look at his wifes myspace page.

That means Jims a grandfather!!hahahaha hard to imagine. The lizard king a papa.
Posted by doors_4ever  in  florida  on  Tue Sep 02, 2008  at  01:58 PM
I broke the case on that Gerald Pitts deal.....
Jim Morrison of the Doors is not living in Oregon and I believe if he is alive he is relaxing and writing,HOW I FOUND OUT.....JIM IN OREGON IS BILL LOYER! He has been in prison also he had a DUI he married this Marsha lady but also divorced her,they said (LITTLE JIMMY) was his son,his name is james but he is Marsha's son and he is 25.They bought that ranch in 1988 and the best part is JIM _BILL was born in 1950.So he is 59.Our Jim was born in 1943 big difference.I called the court house in Jackson County OR. I had a girl looking at all there stuff it was pretty cool.That was pretty easy I must say.Now the funny thing is if he wanted to he could of made up a fake name and a fake birth date according to the clerks office,So I have a choice to have a judge in Oregon court order him and andy morrison to do a DNA test maybe this will get this guy to tell the truth,Someone put on here that some guy named chris bangs is Jims son and he had a baby.I thought really let me take a look at this,Well this guy does look like jim but of course he has a Doors tribute band.GO FIGURE......People are fricking out of there minds.I am starting up a band I am calling it BOT BREAK ON THROUGH as his daughter I will make millions.....LOL..Another thing that caught my attention on this pitts deal was our jim hated snakes he loved lizards,but was deathly afraid of snakes this guy claiming to be him had a whole tank full of them in his living room!
Posted by keri  in  ILLINOISY  on  Thu Sep 04, 2008  at  06:39 AM
One more thing yes the morrisons won't do DNA but when it comes to a legend like Jim Morrison faking his death a judge told me once andy is court ordered which he never has been he must do dna regardless how much money he has..And Gerald truly in his heart believes this is Jim he wants them to come out to his ranch and film the DNA...He knows nothing of Jim Morrison,but I do!
Posted by keri  in  ILLINOISY  on  Thu Sep 04, 2008  at  06:43 AM
he just performed with the band once on Jim's birthday. besides that he just did the tribute band as a kid. he's legit. plus, bangs is his stage name he doesnt go by morrison publicly.
Posted by doors_4ever  in  fl  on  Thu Sep 04, 2008  at  10:48 PM
Keri my friend,

I have not written much but I watch. My familys laywers have reached a dead end? a conclusion? with regards to some photos that I have previously mentioned...As you said they dont want to know.
I have given the family estate twenty days from yesterday to "put up or shut up!" as I believe you Americains say...and unless they do an injunction..(sorry I cant spell in English)..I will release the photographs in 'Paris Match' Magazine in the November edition.

Best Regards

Posted by Andreii  in  Pyreenees, France  on  Sun Sep 07, 2008  at  05:50 PM
You might me interested to know that my family have been threatened today with threats of " a multi million dollar action" whatever that means!

Does that mean that my Uncle who earns 16 thousand Euros a year in pension will suddenly become a multi millionaire? I suspect not!

I have had many mails from North America recently, suggesting I should shut up and not interfere. We in Europe admire and respect America, but by no means do we feel the need to subject ourselves and "bend our collective knees" to you.

My family have nothing to hide, even if the Morrison family want to reject what they say is nonsense and in the same breath sue us for millions....

Their son is dead and has been for many years...sadly. I had hoped I might bring conclusion to millions of fans...I know my Uncle wants no more to do with this charade. know Jim is a why perpetuate myths..even though you will continue recieving millions every year...Jim is what?...examine your concience and dont threat small guys like me or my family.

I add my mail if you want these photos ..and good riddance!..a biantot from me and bugger you...bastard Morrisons!
Posted by Andreii  in  France  on  Mon Sep 08, 2008  at  05:42 PM
what is ur email then Andreii, let's see these photos u say u have?????
Posted by aries  in  canada  on  Tue Sep 09, 2008  at  09:47 PM
Just give up this bullshit, and forget about it. What business of your is it anyway losers. Son daughter, alive. dead, get a friggin life and forget about it.
Posted by Give it a rest  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  09:50 PM
Don't believe everything Sara tells you. She does not speak on behalf of Jim's best interests. A new video on youtube shows more proof that the photos old and new match up. For your convenience I post it here:
Posted by JLizard  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  08:37 PM
Jim Morrison: The Truth About His Death

That will NOT cost anyone a penny to read. Just your
time to read and put two and two together. Then you
will know the truth and you will be able to see it for
your own eyes.

Do you want to know the truth to what really happened
to James Douglas Morrison of The Doors in 1971? How
about his long time girlfriend and common law wife,
Pamela Courson? We all know what's been written in the
past regarding these instances, but could it be
possible it was something more? Could it be possible
Jim and Pam were murdered? Watch for upcoming

2nd release.

What you are about to learn of the true death of the
late Jim Morrison is going to be very very upsetting,
and also very appalling to the people of the world
that loved and adored Jim Morrison and wished he was
still alive today to have a chance to meet the great
rock star poet and most well known mystical genius
James Douglas Morrison, other wise known as Jim
Morrison of the notorious rock band The Doors.

To actually see with your own eyes, the trophies and
the proof of Jim Morrison's death left behind by the
man himself who murdered Jim Morrison and many more
innocent souls, will indeed shock you. But before
this evidence you see of Jim Morrison we are going to
expose the latest trophies and also evidence of this
one man's connections to all the famous people he
killed after he killed Jim Morrison. From the latest
murder we will start then we will be going back slowly
in time from the most recent murder of today going
back in time one murder at a time that will end with
the first murder of Jim Morrison of The Doors.

I must let you know this is not a book and it will not
cost you one single penny and all the proof and
evidence will be completely 100% free for the world to
look into and it will be free to the people of the
world as well to know the full name of the murderer
night crawling killer himself.

The killer is still alive and well today, he always
wanted fame, he always wanted fortune, and he also
uses the names of his victims everyday. Laughing at
the world saying to himself "I got away with it, I did
it, and I never got caught." If you look into the
evidence and see for yourself that all of his victims
died exactly the same way you the people will know in
your hearts for a fact this one man is the killer that
murdered all the victims that are going to be listed
on the internet as soon as this blog is done on Sunday
February 24th, at 15 minutes to three A.M. California
Posted by A fan in earth  in  Earth  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  10:30 AM
There is one other fact you must all know, is that the
victims knew the killer very well, even to the point
of knowing the killer by his first, middle and last
name as well as in person. The killer as you will see
freely and willingly admits by voice, video and
pictures and websites, he knew his victims in person
and thinks he has gotten away with the crimes of the
centuries. Scott FREE.

If anyone reads this puts two and two together, I hope
like me, all of you will seek justice.

In minutes from now the names of the victims will come
first, from latest victim to the first. And in
minutes from that point, the name of the killer, the
murderer, the man himself will be displayed with his
full name, phone numbers and also websites as well.
Along with that will be his title, and how he was able
to become a part of all his victims lives. If you
decide to give the killer a call, do not let him
sidetrack you, because he will try. Do not believe
for a second, he was not the killer. Because there is
now solid proof that he had reason and motive to
murder all of his victims. If he hangs up the phone
on you, call him back. If he hangs up on you again,
start contacting all your friends, and let them know
you spoke to the man who killed Jim Morrison and many
other people. Immiediately copy this blog. Please do
it for the love and justice of Jim Morrison and the
other victims as well.

Victims: The killers victims: Domino Harvey of the
block buster movie "Domino," Althea Flynt, wife of
Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine, Pamela Courson
common law wife of Jim Morrison of The Doors, Jim
Morrison lead singer of the rock band The Doors.

Now are you guys ready for the name of the man who
murdered these innocent people?
Alan Robert Graham. Albert Robert Graham. Ex-Brother
In-Law of Jim Morrison of the rock band The Doors.
Home phone number for Alan Graham 1-619-435-4597.
Cell phone, 1-619-277-1552. or visit the killer at
his website
And .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

HIM BY HIS WEBSITES AND EMAILS. Feel free to ask him
questions like why did you beat the hell out of your
ex brother in law Jim Morrison and break Jim's nose?
Ask him why he got in the fight in the first place,
and listen to the killers lies. Then move to the next
question, why did all the people YOU knew all die in
bathtubs? And ask him why did you kill Jim Morrison
and his girlfriend Pamela Courson both at the age of
27 years old?
Also ask him why he did it in the first place. Then
ask the question why did he kill Larry Flynt's wife
Althea Flynt, and also Domino Harvey of the movie
"Domino." Both on June 27th, on two totally separate
years. If he hangs up on you, feel free to call back
again to finish your conversation.
Posted by a fan in earth  in  Earth  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  10:31 AM
Posted by a fan in earth  in  Earth  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  10:33 AM
I repeat one more time that there is footage coming
out in the next two days. On the 26th, of the REAL
Domino Harvey, bounty hunter, model, extrodinaire.
With Alan Graham in the same footage with her, which
she knowingly by many people told Alan Graham to leave
the movie set of the movie about her life. Because
Alan Graham wanted to be mentioned about being a part
of the movie, or the making. Domino said to him "no
get lost." More proof to come soon. Be ready and
stay close to your computers on the 26th.

Anything that you can find connecting his name to
these people, any footage that you can find, save it,
pull it into your computer, and be a part of unfolding
the greatest mysteries of all times. The Deaths of
four legends, and with no doubts in my mind there were
many more people killed by this man Alan Robert
Graham. Our information will be going up on the
internet soon. And you will be able to contact us,
the ones that have been investigating these deaths to
the point where it's clearly known that Alan Graham is
a cold blooded murderer. But for our safety, we will
remain anonymous until the very right time and we will
thank all the people of the world for investigating
and looking into the deep truth of the killer,
murderer, Alan Robert Graham, Ex Brother-In-Law Jim

If you are police officers, if you work for the
airlines, passport agencies, or any agency that can
keep from escaping the United States please be on the
alert for this man Alan Robert Graham. Thank you for
your time. Thank you for the justice and God Bless
you all.
Posted by a fan in earth  in  Earth  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  10:34 AM
You are making some grotesque assumptions and won't give YOUR name but are happy to violate someone else's privacy. Guess that makes you ajerk. If the police haven't arrested Alan, and he even hosts a public radio show, then you are screaming murder like a bloody fool who doesn't have a leg to stand on.
The real meat and potatoes of this story is that John has successfully sued Robby and (your ever so credible witness) RAY MANZAREK for 5 million dollars. These are the crooks who used Jim's likeness and image every chance they could to make a buck and not give it to the families that legally deserved it.
Posted by JLizard  in  JohnCougarMellancamp, IN  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  03:25 PM
No, just finding facts for all to see, do you have a problem with others opinion??? Oh please don't answer that cause you do.
Posted by a fan in earth  in  Earth  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  03:58 PM
To a fan in Earth-I agree that Alan Graham has been using and making money off of Jim Morrison's name and his words, but I think you are just trying to get even with Graham for not financially backing your band and your "family heritage." It's time to let it go-don't you think??
Posted by someone who knows  in  U.S.  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  05:05 PM
Fuck that how the hell does anyone disrespect the lizard king like that as much as it hurts me to say this hes dead its bullshit i know i grew up looking up to this dude and it hurts me to say this but america hes DEAD!!!!!!!

R.I.P Jim Morrison

Much love rudolph
Posted by rudy  in  los angeles ca  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  11:05 PM
Ok,I know who is writing this stuff about Allan Gramham,How funny,What I will say to this stuff is if he did kill all these people,don't ya think the FBI would of put 2 and 2 together or should I say all 4? Did pam die in a bathtub? I did'nt know that,That is kinda weird if so, Him punching Jim in the nose is pretty F'd up but what did Jim do? Maybe he was drunk and being Jim! Interesting!
Posted by keri raymer  in  rockford IL  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  07:22 AM
Pam died on her couch, so wtf is this all about, hey fan you got your info wrong.
Posted by Aries  in  Canada  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  09:19 AM
All I did was a copy and paste this subject, I did Not write this, i found this info from a site at

Also I have found that Pam did die on her couch as it states on various sites. My Bad, and I appoligize for this mistake, I have the upmost respect for Jim, and have no intentions of saying this is true, I'm just surfing the net and passing on info like we all are doing. Go to that site , draw your own conclusion
Posted by a fan in earth  in  Earth  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  09:59 AM
HI fan in Earth,

I guess on this website it is better not to to be too absorbed and not to cut and paste stuff...this is probably the most serious site regarding Jim Morrison that you can find in the whole world..despite its stupid Hoax name.

You will find Keri and Aries most agreeable if you stay truth...I have departed from this debate for reasons previously stated..I believe in keri...and I believe that Aries has the point.. I do not believe in J Lizzard because if I did then that makes my Oncle a liar...which is a fault that he never did have or never does. a lie to me or noone.

Keri I hope your book progresses and if I can help then I will as much as I can. Please forgive my English everyone..its very hard for me to express myself in the correct fashion.

Regards Andreii
Posted by Andreii  in  France  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  04:53 PM
I admire your efforts. Your English far surpasses my french.

Posted by JM  in  seattle  on  Tue Sep 16, 2008  at  11:09 PM
Lets face it, the way the guy ravaged his body and poetically seemed to crave death, he is as six feet under as Abe Lincoln.Besides they photographed his ghost for God's sake!
Posted by robert mayes  in  kirkwood new york  on  Wed Sep 17, 2008  at  08:59 PM
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