Is Jim Morrison Alive?

image Most people think the musician Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors, died in Paris on July 3, 1971. But Gerald Pitts says that he "discovered Jim Morrison Living on a Ranch in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1998." According to him, Morrison is living a quiet life as an American cowboy "away from the Hollywood scene." Even though Morrison evidently engineered an elaborate death hoax to escape publicity, he agreed to appear on film for Pitts. You can buy a copy of this film for only $24.95 (shipping is extra). Pitts' site includes a video comparing the features of Jim Morrison the fifty-something cowboy to Jim Morrison the twenty-something singer. However, no matter how many times I watch the video, I just don't see any similarity.

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Posted on Mon Jan 03, 2005


Yes, Jim Morrison is dead. However the date and time of death is not widely known. James Douglas Morrison passed away on October 7th 1983 in North Hollywood under the assumed name Robert Trimwell. Cause of death: Acute Cocaine intoxication.

Posted by Maxwell Pink jr.  on  Mon Mar 14, 2005  at  10:51 AM
Shit... i might be out of a job soon.
Posted by Ian Astbury  on  Wed Apr 06, 2005  at  10:58 AM
That guy aint Jim period - Jim is where he has been for the last 34 years - Pere LaChaise - and it looks like he is going to stay there because the lease on the gravesite was for 30 years and "his parents" elected to let him stay over there instead of bringing him home. The Pere LaChaise people dont want him because the grave is a "nuisance" to them regarding it's shrine status and his "parents" said that it would only be the same thing over here. So Poor Jim couldnt find peace on either side of the Atlantic it seems, his parents didnt want him, Paris didnt want him, only his devoted fans want him - and we are still here 30 odd years later.
Posted by Rhia  on  Thu Apr 07, 2005  at  03:33 PM
That is not Jim Morrison! I can make anybody look like anybody else using that technique! (Remember the Jackson, 'Black and White' video? I don't believe Jim died in Paris, but I do believe he's probably dead by now. Besides, if he was going to let someone sell his image, I think he would have done it less subtlely (sp?)
Posted by Mary  on  Fri Apr 08, 2005  at  08:49 AM
If Jim Morrison was alive...he would never let pamela courson be so hurt by his death. never. He loved her. He wouldn't have ever let her gone through that and where the fuck is he getting money from then? Before he died he had legal problems. and he drank so much and did drugs you think he's alive and healthy? Thats such bullshit getting money off of that. I don't understand why Pamela Courson's parents dont fucking sue that nutter because They have control of his estate.
Posted by Sarah  on  Fri Apr 08, 2005  at  06:10 PM
hahaha that guy makes val kilmer look like jim morrison.
Posted by mike  on  Fri Apr 08, 2005  at  06:13 PM
Ian - you will never be out of a job - it will never happen baybee - too much talent!
Posted by Rhia  on  Fri Apr 08, 2005  at  06:26 PM
is not a fake story he is alive i was at his places lots of times, i can say more but the thing is beter to forget the thing he well talke one day 😊
Posted by jame j  on  Tue Apr 19, 2005  at  01:29 PM
Posted by Jim M.  on  Thu May 19, 2005  at  06:24 PM
He had every reason in the world to disappear.

I think this is the guy in the video:

JAMES D MORRISON, Mar 1949, 2491 BIEHN ST KLAMATH FALLS, OR. He's listed as 5 1/2 years younger than the singer though. Probably a different person though. It's easier to change your name then your birthdate. One takes a court the other a fake birth certificate and paper trail.
Posted by Andrew  on  Fri May 20, 2005  at  03:53 AM
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the time on this fake!,
Also try this, get the song Unhappy Girl, and play it backward, i've heard of backmasking songs, but this is the king of backmasking, "love people join us in sympathy, i love it"
peace out!
Posted by evildaz  on  Fri May 20, 2005  at  09:09 AM

Regardless if Jim is alive or not, he stopped making songs and writing in 1971 so he died in the public eyes. I don't know if I am convinced if this is Jim or not, but there are some very interesting similarities, the chin, the position of the eyes, the indentations on the sides of his face, and his voice. The nose appears to be swollen on the end from either old age or alcohol. The facial changes could be caused by plastic surgery. Also the missing mole on the left side of his nose could have been removed. It is possible. Acording to Gerald Pitts, Jim staged his death because of a French conspiracy to kill him, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix with narcotics because they were all Vietnam war protestors. The FBI helped him disappear. I know the FBI have the capabilities to alter ones physical appearance. I am not saying this is or is not Jim. As a Doors fan, i am hoping it is Jim but even if it is, do you really think he is going to rejoin the Doors and tour------NOT, so in the public eye he is dead.
Posted by JB  on  Sat May 21, 2005  at  05:46 AM
It would be nice if it were true! but why isn't the media whores all over the place by now?
Posted by John  on  Sat May 21, 2005  at  02:55 PM
At the time of Jim's ill-fated trip to Paris, I believe I read in No One Gets Out of Here Alive, he had about or over 20 paternity suits hanging over his head - where are these people now? Regardless of whether he fathered each and every one of them or some or most of them were fake claims, it is odd, that not another word was ever heard about them, at least to my knowledge they were never heard from. Can anyone out there enlighten me?
Posted by Rhiannon  on  Mon May 23, 2005  at  08:46 PM
geez that greatly does look anything like Jim Morrison...anyone else concerned for the menatl health of whoever sent that in???
Posted by Nikki  on  Mon May 23, 2005  at  10:01 PM
well, well, is this jim today >? have any of you folk talked to this guy? i think jim did fake his death but i would'nt go around saying that it was 100% him , people do look the same and remember jim did sing about his death in the song hyacinth house from la women album.
Posted by paul grey  on  Wed May 25, 2005  at  09:33 PM
I say "dig his casket up"! The French want his gravesite changed because of all the CRAP left at Jim's gravesite. Jim's dead French neighbors have been complaining for years! 150 lbs of brick or sand? My bet, brick.................
Posted by Kevin B.  on  Tue May 31, 2005  at  12:52 AM
I just can't se how Jim Morrison could have faked his death for over thirty years and gotten away with it. It's completely ludicriss. I really question the credibility pf this freak. Seems to me he's either a Doors fan or was at one time and decided one day at his rodeo to find the (not so) closest looking guy who looked like Jim Morrison and was convinced. PEOPLE CAN'T WE SEE. Obviously the o'l rodeo ain't doin so good these days so this sick puppy decides to make his money however he can. I say let Jim's music live forever. But please for the love of god let the guy Rest in Peace.
Posted by Scott  on  Tue May 31, 2005  at  12:24 PM
From doing a report on Jim, He really didn't like the idea of having a band, He just wanted people to hear his poetry, not to make money.I think we should do a sonar to see if their is a skeleton or bricks. If it's bricks or sands, we have a handfull of explaining don't we 😉?
Course, if they did find out we would probably never know, but words sneek out, like Area 51 😉 haha.. I am a Doors Fan, I would like to meet Jim (if he's alive).It would be stupid to go back on tour, since the French don't even like him when he's even dead, or is he a live....?
Posted by Paul  on  Tue May 31, 2005  at  01:08 PM
Absolute horse shit folks!
Posted by C'maaaaaaaan  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  04:42 AM
I dont like Jim Morrison, I like Bob Dylan.
Posted by Bill Yeager  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:02 PM
I'm so ashamed of you Bill.
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:05 PM
I know he's alive, I met him!
Posted by Mike Bean  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:14 PM
I don't like Bill Yeager, I like Jim Morrison
Posted by Bob Dylan  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:16 PM
My version of Watchtower rules!!!!

J. Hendrix > Alive and well in Canada.
Posted by Jimmy hendrix  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:20 PM
Wait, I am Jim Morrison!!!
Posted by Mike Bean  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:27 PM
I mow his lawn every week.
Posted by Mike Bean  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  02:31 PM
The monk bought lunch...
Posted by Robby  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  03:18 PM
Yeah, he bought a little...
Posted by Ray  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  03:19 PM
Yes he did...
Posted by John  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  03:19 PM
Yeah, the dude's (the promoter) got a page that shows documents signed by the supposed J.M. in '98 and '99 - compare the signatures on his docs to known signatures of the real J.M. (available all over the web).

sigs might change but basic approaches to penmanship style pretty well lock-in after 20 or 30 years (he was 27 when he supposedly died), check it out.

another thing, morrison was a follower of nitchze, into anarchy and anti-authoritarian themes, so what's he doing hangin with a bunch of 'law and order' republican cowboys raising horses and doing rodeos?

since morrison has living relatives, a dna test isn't out of the question either.
Posted by sidora  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  06:14 PM
I dont think jim could live a quite life this is jim morrison were taliking about
Posted by james  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  07:13 PM
Jim Morrison also told the story many times of having felt the spirit of an old Native American enter his body when he was about eight years old. Many of his lyrics include Native American references.

It's also common knowledge that JM participated in many Native American rituals (including the drugs ofcourse), protested against violence, guns and Vietnam as well.

A cowboy? I think not.

Good catch on the sig compare. I did that one too. Did some address finagling too.

That 2491 Biehn St. address is less than 1/2 a mile from our house up there. Howzabout that? Whatcha think we're gonna have a look at when we're up there next weekend? 😉 It's not a ranch in the middle of town, I can tell you that. But it's also not a post office or one of those quickie mail deals either. We'll have a look and let you all know.

Also found some info on the ranch that he's linked to. Prospect OR is what I found after minimal digging. Name? Address? Phone? Yahtzee!

West M Rodeo' S

51 Mill Creek Dr
Prospect, OR 975369728


There's tons more, but I've gotta eat sometime tonight, so I'll be back later.
Posted by C'maaaaaaaan  on  Wed Jun 01, 2005  at  10:28 PM
Remember this people I AM THE LIZZARD KING I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!
Posted by The_Crippler  on  Thu Jun 02, 2005  at  08:30 AM
Nice try but no lizard. Thanks for the laugh though.
Posted by C'maaaaaaaan  on  Fri Jun 03, 2005  at  06:40 PM
I can not beleive anyone cares about Jim morrison, sure I liked his music and poetry. he was, key word was, an inteligent man. But in the end he became an *** hole drunk who pisses his pants at the local bars. Ahhh The sixties, not SUCH A great of a time for America if you stop and think about it.
Posted by Scott  on  Mon Jun 06, 2005  at  02:05 PM
:wow: You are absolutely right that man is not THE James Doulglas Morrison we all have come to know and love. Besides that..all you have to do is make the man sing and the gig is up. No one can sound like the Lizard King himself. So let us have this *Jim* sing for us and Ill bet you that he isnt our Jim. As much as we all would love to see that Jim is alive and well the truth is his life was painful yet pleasurable and Jim fancied death. We will continue to mourn the loss of such a brilliant poet.
Posted by RisingMorningStar  on  Mon Jun 13, 2005  at  05:58 PM
listen, it's easy, you dont know what this guys been on, but i'll say that if jim took lots of drink and drugs you could be like this guy, the guy sounds like he's been on a trip, but if morrison was still alive he'd be like so fucked up he would be more like me but more fucked up, well just a little bit, sweet fuckin jesus, its a consiprasy let me gogo in my own bar i'll lapdance for clinton and suck his sax, and i'll lick some bush afterwards, i'm a lion in the night outa sight, lights are getting brighter, radios getting louder, it's getting harder to survive, calliing on the Doors, fuck this i'm getting a beer, when all else fails i'll whip the horses eyes,
Posted by Evildaz  on  Sun Jun 26, 2005  at  10:12 AM
omg wat is wrong with you people WASTING 24.95 + shipping for a fake jim morrison tape
Posted by Danny  on  Mon Jun 27, 2005  at  01:19 PM
I think most of you people who posted here are fairly intelligent in knowing that jim morrison is no longer among the living. when i say "jim morrison" i mean the vocalist, songwriter etc since there could be many people with the name jim morrison. in any case, this whole idea that he could be alive is pure physcology. its like most of you mentioned, peoples enthusiasm to see elvis parsly again or marilyn monroe etc overcomes them with wanting to see magic bullshit ( sigh ) The other day at the mall i swear i saw a guy who looked just like my grand-father but i dont see anyone freaking out and ordering videos of him for $24 lol. keep safe all and try not to get conned to often.
Posted by eggo waffle  on  Mon Jun 27, 2005  at  03:45 PM
jim is alive, that is not him.
Posted by ba  on  Mon Jul 04, 2005  at  12:50 PM
ba u r a f**kin retard go get a life and stop wasting money on "Jim Morrison is alive" tapes u stupid A** hole
Posted by Danny  on  Mon Jul 04, 2005  at  01:07 PM
i want proof that the lizard king is still breathing like finger prints
Posted by chris  on  Thu Jul 07, 2005  at  11:25 AM
Maybe it's here, but no one seems to ask about fingerprints. Jim was arrested enough that these must still exist for identification purposes; have the guy in Oregon prove it with his fingerprints. Too simple?
Posted by Rich Gabel  on  Thu Jul 07, 2005  at  05:45 PM
:roll: I didn't read all comments, but why don't they simply do a fingerprint comparison? Jim was arrested plenty of times and the images must be available somewhere. Is that too simple?
Posted by Rich Gabel  on  Thu Jul 07, 2005  at  05:52 PM
yeah ive seen a lot of different rumors and this one is definately the stupidest maybe his name is jim morrison but he is not the jim we all know if the real jim is alive this is definately not him

that rodeo thing is a big fucking joke its definately not him
Posted by aaron  on  Mon Jul 11, 2005  at  09:26 AM
I find it kind of ironic that now even Jim Morrison is alive, maybe he lives right next door to Elvis. Perhaps they go out and shoo away Big Foot together, that is if they don't get abducted by aliens that day. I understand it's hard to think someone we admired is dead, for some they have to hang on to a lie. It's sickening that these people are making money off it, duping gullible fans. Sadly, the Lizard King is gone, just the way he wanted it.
Posted by JessMe74  on  Sat Jul 16, 2005  at  10:56 AM
Last time we went up to Klamath, we checked out the 2491 Biehn St. address not far from our house up there and listed on page one of this thread and guess what? It doesn't exist ofcourse, LOL. There's 2541 which is some crappy apartments with a row of mailboxes, then a vacant lot (which might be it) and next to that is the State Patrol office. Do a TerraServer map of it and see what I mean.

Fake address for a fake Jim. Yeah, that sounds about right. 😉
Posted by C'maaaaaaaan  on  Fri Jul 22, 2005  at  02:34 PM
Jim Morrison is dead. Elvis Pressley is dead. Marilyn Monroe is dead. Just because you were not there to witness the occasion does not mean they are still alive. There are look-a-likes all over the country. So, if you run into Elvis, Jim or Marilyn, you have to face the reality that they are only impersonators and move on with your life.
Posted by Michelle  on  Sat Aug 06, 2005  at  10:42 AM
The Spirit of Jim Morrison lives on inside of all doors fans and as long as this timeless music exists people of all ages and walks of life will be able to enjoy the most talented band ever. For doors fans check out the four cd box set it is extremely well done and is a must have for true doors fans
Posted by Hyacinth House  on  Sun Aug 07, 2005  at  11:23 PM
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