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April Fool’s Day Roundup
Apple Announces iPod V Portable Video Player from iPodLounge (would have been cool if true).
The iShave: An attachment to turn your iPod into an electric razor. (iPod jokes seem popular this year).
DeadJournal: The alternative to LiveJournal.
Bob Carroll, creator of the Skeptic's Dictionary, announces he's seen the light and abandoned skepticism.
L-plates for yum cha carts (But what's a yum cha cart?)
Kids Fly Free on RyanAir (for as long as they can hold on)
Theatre-goers weighed before buying tickets (from
Japanese government hands out lottery tickets in lieu of pension payments
Sony Ericsson left-handed cellphone
God holds press conference at Galapagos Islands: denies evolution
Day Lost to Stronger Trade Winds (from
There's a whole bunch more listed over at, but most of the remaining are a bit lame... along the lines of 'site hacked by teenagers' or 'site sold to microsoft'. There's also a list over at
April Fools Day
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 01, 2004

Sorry, but DeadJournal is REAL. (The LiveJournal skin donning the front page today is a parody, however.)
Posted by Proud  in  In Reality  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  06:50 PM
Yeah, DeadJournal has been around for a while, and is quite real. The prank there is that the person running it claimed he'd sold the site to LiveJournal. (And they took LiveJournal's white-and-blue color scheme instead of the normal black-and-grey, leading to a lot of funny 'OMG CHANJ IT BAK' comments on the post claiming it had been sold).

LJ Drama ( did a similar prank, claiming that LiveJournal had bought them, but they removed that message earlier today.

Posted by DS  in  East Coast  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  07:07 PM
I can tell you what a yum cha cart is... yum cha is a rather popular dining option in Australia, basically you get a group of mates together, sit at a table, and waitstaff will come around with carts (similar to the sort of carts airline staff wheel around) loaded with all sorts of Asian food delights in small servings. They'll call out telling you what they have, you choose what you want, they hand it over and mark it on your table's bill. (at least that's the way the one I go to works) This way you end up getting to try lots of different things and you can be as staid (spring rolls) or as adventurous (chicken feet) as you like. smile
Posted by Nefertari  in  Oz  on  Thu Apr 01, 2004  at  11:55 PM
Some good one there.
BTW, what's the point in reading this site on April 1st? You'll never fall for a prank this way. I think we should avoid this site on April 1st only, giving a chance to the pranksters. It's their holiday after all. I'm sure Alex would understand... smile
Posted by Isaac  on  Tue Sep 28, 2004  at  12:04 PM
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