17 going on 41

Very odd. The controversy is that this guy, if the allegations are true, is too old to be playing in a youth league. And he really doesn't look like he's 17. But wouldn't a guy in his 40s actually be at a disadvantage playing against much younger guys?

Lazio threaten legal action after claims Cameroon 17 year-old Joseph Minala is actually 41
The Telegraph

Lazio have threatened legal action against anyone who questions the age of their 17-year-old Cameroonian player Joseph Minala. The Serie A club have even been forced to release his birth certificate, which they claim is "absolutely legitimate", following a report by Senagalese media that he is in fact 41.


Posted on Fri Feb 21, 2014

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Is it just me, or does his head look disproportionately large?
Posted by Bruce Carroll  in  United States  on  Thu Mar 27, 2014  at  12:45 PM