Unfortunate Last Names

I've always thought my last name was pretty bad. And I mean that in the literal sense. 'Boese' means 'bad' (or angry) in German. But its meaning wouldn't matter much if only English-speaking people could pronounce it (it's 'burr-za', as if it had an 'r' in it... not 'boose'). But I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself, because this guy in Brazil, Mr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck, has me beat hands down. As far as I can tell, that really is his name. He must get endless jokes about it.


Posted on Thu May 20, 2004


My step dads name is alan wackett, try and get him paged..... al wackett come to the courtesy phone, al wackett....

Posted by lori geidlinger  in  ontario  on  Sat Jun 05, 2004  at  10:42 PM
The registrar at Stanford University is named Roger Printup.
Posted by Anon  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  12:59 AM
i have an uncle whose name is Harry Moose. This man blessed his son with the same name. My grandma once showed me a guy in the phone book named Harry Balls
Posted by kid  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  01:15 AM
My dad knew a guy in college named richard weiners ... his friends called him Dick.
Posted by Priya  in  New York  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  11:09 AM
I can't let all you Colonials have all the strange names <bg> so here are a few I have come across over the years here in the UK.

First then, I went to school with a girl called Marie Gotobed pronounced exactly how it looks. Then I joined the British Army. Whilst on a course we had 2 outstanding charactors from other units, the first had the surname of Christmas, his sister was called Mary. The second was a chap from the Royal Artillery, his surname was Rhear (pronouced Rear) his rank was Gunner, he was therefore Gunner Rear.

After leaving the army I bumped into someone whose surname was Head. His initial was "R"and I didn't wasnt to ask what his christian name was for feel it might be Richard but shortened to Dick. Thankfully it turned out to be Rob.
Posted by Kevin Stevens  in  The UK  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  03:17 PM
I have just been reading right back and chuckling at some of the names. Here in the UK we have a breakfast radio programme called "Wake Up to Wogan" hosted by a certain Terry Wogan. He encouraged his listeners to write/email in but to hide their real identity as no one wants to admit to listening they come up with all sorts of nicknames such as:

Mandy Lifeboats, Heidi Vodka, Annette Curtains, Sir Jerry Ree-Quired and Ma Mite.
Posted by Kevin Stevens  in  The UK  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  03:37 PM
My mother worked with a man named Harry Lipp. The worst part of that was he had a hair-lip. Also at the same place of employment another co-worker had the name of Peter Erection and he married a woman from South America whos given name was conception<not sure if that is the corect spelling of her name>.
Posted by ivory  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  05:38 PM
My poor cousin in Grand Rapids, Michigan was born April Morning Smith at birth. She was adopted a short time later by my aunt and uncle. She then became April Morning Salmon. We also have an oral surgeon here in G.R. with the unfortunate last name of Payne.
Posted by Melanie Hird  on  Sun Jun 06, 2004  at  07:58 PM
I know a woman named Carol who married a man with the last name Carroll. No joke.
Posted by Miko Takanawa  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  12:14 AM
I thought I might share this joke with you:
Dr. Livingston I Presume
Full name of Dr. Presume
Posted by David  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  01:27 AM
My father's boss was called Mr Case. He christened his son, I kid you not Justin.
Posted by Dave  in  Uk  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  02:58 PM
While working in a billing dept. found a complaint filed by a customer named Ben Horney. My colleague suggested as she had too, perhaps they could meet. Also, there were local doctors name Safety First, Sr. and Jr. (You'd do that to your child?). Also a family with the last name Nail, father, "Spike", children, Rusty and Penny.
Posted by Moonbeam  in  Oklahoma  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  03:25 PM
We have a pediatrist here in my home town named Dr. Harry Fee
Posted by B Mitchell  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  03:53 PM
I worked with a guy named Harry Finger. Of course his name was Harold, but he insisted on being called Harry. He was an industry leader and worked in D.C. so he was often interviewed on national TV and the national newspapers.
Posted by D  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  05:21 PM
Last year there were election signs about for a gentleman running for office (I forget what- probably City Counciller), named Dick Sweatt. If I had a name like that, I'd avoid putting it on signs. LOL
Posted by Katey  in  MA  on  Mon Jun 07, 2004  at  08:24 PM
I don't know if the link is to the same guy, but while I served in the US Navy, I had a dentist with the name of Dr. Richard Finger. I see that now there is one by that name at the University of North Carolina.
At least he didn't go into Proctology!
Posted by Rob  on  Tue Jun 08, 2004  at  07:16 AM
There used to be a veterinarian in Pembroke, MA named Dr. Sniff. My pediatrician was named Dr. Rudolph Cox.
Posted by Ga  on  Tue Jun 08, 2004  at  10:07 AM
I do not know how true this is, but my dad claims some years ago he knew of a mechanic who did some work for the police force that he works for. This guy's surname was Cock and his parents had a sense of humour when they named him Everard.
Posted by Adam Spurrier  in  Birmingham, England  on  Tue Jun 08, 2004  at  06:10 PM
There's a guy in Connecticut called Richard Broadhead, though most people I know refer to him as Dick just out of contrariness. There's also a woman who runs a textile museum named Laura Knott-Twine, which though unfortunate, at least isn't obscene. 8-)
Posted by K  on  Tue Jun 08, 2004  at  07:57 PM
I used to work with a guy called Richard Sak.
Posted by John B  on  Wed Jun 09, 2004  at  07:52 AM
I work with a woman whose husbands name is Peter Dicks. She hates her last name but her maiden name was just as bad. It was Peacock.
Posted by Linda  on  Wed Jun 09, 2004  at  07:58 AM
A very smart and attractive lady named Kok-Choo Ng, who interestingly worked at Siemens
Posted by John B  on  Wed Jun 09, 2004  at  08:00 AM
My mom's maiden name is Knight. Her first name is Starr. We have a relative, Twyla Dawn Night.
Posted by Xylo  on  Wed Jun 09, 2004  at  04:17 PM
I've only come accross three strange names in my short existence, there was a guy that worked at my local supermarket by the name of Michael Hunt, no one dared called him Mike in staff announcements! I'm also friends with a Jenny Taylor, it wasn't till i was older that one day it clicked! I'm sure there's also a football player in the English Premiership called Paul Dicov!!!
Posted by becky  in  UK  on  Thu Jun 10, 2004  at  02:11 PM
I once had a doctor named Dr. Payne. First time my mom told me I was going to him I freaked out.
Posted by Jellybelly  in  Dark side of the Moon  on  Thu Jun 10, 2004  at  04:18 PM
I went to High School with Brother and sister
last name Fagg Roll call in class was a hoot!
Posted by roxie  in  USA  on  Thu Jun 10, 2004  at  05:54 PM
I just remembered another one - there was a girl in school with the last name Tootin. She was subjected to a lot of bodily function jokes.
Posted by Jellybelly  in  Dark side of the Moon  on  Thu Jun 10, 2004  at  05:57 PM
I went to school with a Richard Strain, fortunately for him people just called him Richie.
Also, not a last name, but...
My cousin called his baby daughter Sativa (which sounds very nice until you realise it's the proper name for cannabis)
Posted by Soph  on  Thu Jun 10, 2004  at  11:17 PM
I had a friend when I was young by the name of Melissa Coffey. Her baby sister got named Ebony. I didn't get the joke until many years later...
Posted by Sarah Kirkham  on  Fri Jun 11, 2004  at  04:26 AM
There is a young man that graduated LaGrange High School in 2000 that has a first name of Shithead (say it Shuh-Theed)

LaGrange High School is located at
3420 Louisiana Ave
Lake Charles Louisiana

You check and see if its a rumor!! I already know it isn't.
Posted by Alex  in  Lake Charles Louisiana  on  Fri Jun 11, 2004  at  06:54 AM
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