Unfortunate Last Names

I've always thought my last name was pretty bad. And I mean that in the literal sense. 'Boese' means 'bad' (or angry) in German. But its meaning wouldn't matter much if only English-speaking people could pronounce it (it's 'burr-za', as if it had an 'r' in it... not 'boose'). But I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself, because this guy in Brazil, Mr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck, has me beat hands down. As far as I can tell, that really is his name. He must get endless jokes about it.


Posted on Thu May 20, 2004


I almost dated a guy whose last name was Schnegelberger
Posted by Amber Jones  on  Thu Oct 08, 2009  at  05:11 PM
In the 8th grade, I had a teacher named Sylvia Pussey. She pronounced it pew-say, but to a bunch of 14-15 years old, that didn't make a bit of difference. She didn't last the school year. I wondered how she made it through her school years.
Posted by Charlene Dussy  on  Mon Oct 12, 2009  at  01:43 PM
I wanted to comment on the second comment on the first page. The comment about Speedy Nutz, he is my grand father and he is indeed real, however his brother was not named Fuzzy, it was James, he was also a dentist but he was a dentist in Escondido, CA.
Posted by Zachary Bahen  on  Fri Dec 25, 2009  at  05:54 PM
clearly, you got it way ahead of the Brazilian guy. lol. :lol:
Posted by clarissea  on  Tue Jan 12, 2010  at  09:23 PM
my second name is hooker
Posted by neil  on  Sun Jan 17, 2010  at  10:24 AM
always thought my maiden name was pretty bad--it is Steinke (pronounced stein-key). Yeah, my nickname was stinky. At least I was a girl and could marry out of it...so I married "up" to Cornforth...HA!
Posted by M  on  Fri Jan 29, 2010  at  06:54 PM
I have a friend who's last name is Drunkinbrod....I bet wis wife gets a lotof jokes.
"Hello...I'm Mrs. Drunkinbrod."
Posted by Alan  on  Sat Jan 30, 2010  at  06:21 AM
my second name is hooker and i got a make called caelan (KlAn) and every 1 calls him gaylan cos it sounds like his name (i forgot the words that means they sound the same :grrr:
Posted by neil  on  Tue Feb 09, 2010  at  10:52 AM
I had a teacher called called Mr Death. It was pronounced "Deeth", or so he said. If you had the nerve to call him Mr Death, you were issued with a detention. So we kept it behind his back.
Posted by waldron76  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  05:09 PM
There's also a Scottish footballer called Paul Dickov, who doesn't get nearly enough praise for his name. And Thomas Crapper, who didn't actually invent the toilet, but certainly manufactured them, is a brilliant aptronym. And the word "crap" predates him, which makes it all the better.
Posted by waldron76  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  05:28 PM
Wikipedia has a whole list of aptronyms! Bernie Madoff, who "made off" with investors' money, made me laugh.
Posted by waldron76  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  05:31 PM
@ Lee in Boston, you may have worked with Dik Blewitt, but I dated him. Even my then senile grandmother said "what kind of name is that? Is he a porn star?"
Posted by palegreeneyes  on  Tue Mar 02, 2010  at  09:04 PM
new a guy named Dick Upright
Posted by john  on  Wed Mar 03, 2010  at  03:03 PM
There was a teacher in my high school Mr. Raper.

My dentist was Dr. Payne.
Posted by Mac  on  Sun Mar 21, 2010  at  04:21 PM
One of my sisters had a Merry Christmas in her high school class. Cute, though probably not "unfortunate."

There was a Bill Crook's Food Town in Nashville, Tn.

I had a math teacher in college Dr. Swindell. Usually pronounced "Swindle."
Posted by Mac  on  Sun Mar 21, 2010  at  04:35 PM
The German name "Fokker" means "breeder," exactly what our word "fuck" literally means. In German or Dutch, the owner of a stallion that is stood at stud or a mare that is bred is the "fokker." (Doesn't mean that (s)he does it personally.!!)
In German the same word that is legitimately used is also an insult or a slang term.
Probably "fuck" came through the Germanic language Frisian or Friesian, the Germanic language closest to English. There is, or was, a Dutch aircraft engineer named Anthony Fokker. Many models of his aircraft were used by the Germans in WWII. There are many Fokker planes in production and use now.
Posted by Mac  on  Sun Mar 21, 2010  at  04:42 PM
I once worked in a lockshop and a customer who used to come in every year, dressed in some tribal gown, black as the ace of spades signed his cheque book Chief Banjo.
For some reason he used to buy a hundred Yale cylinders at a time, I guess for export.
Posted by Wittybebop  on  Mon Mar 22, 2010  at  07:02 AM
I went to school with the son of Dr. Speedy R. Nutz from Chula Vista, Ca. He was Dan Nutz. His roommate at the time was a guy by the name of Dave Cox. They thought it rather amusing at BYU to place the sign on their door that read "Cox and Nutz".
Posted by Randy  on  Sun Apr 04, 2010  at  03:06 AM
My last name is Plague... can't get much worse than that
Posted by Andrew  on  Thu Apr 08, 2010  at  08:21 AM
There is a woman on the Japanese volleyball team named Yoshi Takeashita. It's not pronounced like we all want to pronounce it though. =/
Posted by Drew  on  Sat Apr 10, 2010  at  12:00 AM
My name is Drew Helbig... it's really not that unfortunate but I do get the occasional... Har Har you Drew Helbig not that I mind it really. 😛
Posted by Drew  on  Sat Apr 10, 2010  at  12:03 AM
haha, i like the knocka name stated in the comments, here is a funny joke i saw about bad last names
Posted by Travis  on  Sun May 02, 2010  at  06:32 AM
One of my mother's childhood friends was a girl named Candy Cane.
Posted by Kathleen  on  Sat Jun 26, 2010  at  07:41 PM
That is is real name, he is a professor in my university(UnB), geology teacher indeed, he is a "fucking" good teacher and researcher, P.h.D since 1975. Take a look at his curriculum: http://buscatextual.cnpq.br/buscatextual/visualizacv.jsp?id=K4787180T7
Posted by Vitor  on  Thu Aug 26, 2010  at  06:32 PM
I got you all beat ... no pun intened =)
Posted by Hugh G. Rekshon  on  Thu Sep 30, 2010  at  04:24 PM
Sorry, Hugh - we are going to have to see a birth certificate and driver's license before you can claim a prize there. 😊
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Thu Sep 30, 2010  at  04:26 PM
I was looking up Miley Cyrus' family tree to see if she's 100% pure white trash or not, and I think she had an ancestor named Hooe... HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THAT? Hoo-ie? Hoo? Hoe? Or are all of those wrong? And is it German? Because Haas is German, and it's fairly similar because it's another 4-letter last name beginning with H and has a double vowel in the middle, and sounds silly (but not as silly as Hooe).

There's so many people called Butz and Cox... and who could forget Smellie? I actually know an Oliver Smillie. Poor man...

And is Farton a real last name? It sounds convincing to me :lol: I know Glasscock is real!
Posted by Amala  on  Thu Nov 18, 2010  at  01:01 AM
"100% pure white trash"

Salt of the earth. The elite would have to wipe their own butts if there weren't any white trash. Probably couldn't tell the difference between their upper and lower orifices.
Posted by Mac  on  Mon Nov 22, 2010  at  12:48 PM
There was a Glasscock's Grocery in Farmington, Tennessee many years ago.
Posted by Mac  on  Mon Nov 22, 2010  at  12:50 PM
I once met a person whose name was richard butram he knew how it sounded and went by dick to be funny. Can't believe parents would actually do that to their child. Now you have people naming their kid after fruit and the material jeans are made out of. Ridiculous.
Posted by breast augmentation  on  Thu Dec 02, 2010  at  10:31 PM
Richard "Dick" Armey
Posted by Courtney  on  Wed Dec 15, 2010  at  10:58 PM
You mean people are naming their kids "Myrtle" and "Jean"? ('Cause, y'know, that's what those names are--"Myrtle" is a blueberry and "Jean" is the stuff that jeans are made out of--not denim as many suppose.)
Posted by Mike King  on  Sun Jan 16, 2011  at  10:47 PM
I know a girl called Kisma Butt. And another one called Rida (like Ride a) Butt. No kidding! Though I wish they were sisters! What a pair of Butts they would make!!
Posted by Murtaza  on  Fri Feb 04, 2011  at  09:48 PM
I make up alot of last names so if you want to hear some, hear are 5 of my faves that I made up.






I hope you like them! If not, oh well. I tried. 😊
Posted by Reid  on  Mon Mar 14, 2011  at  05:04 PM
There is a woman at church whose first name is Bovina. I'm not sure how it's spelled, but that is how it is pronounced.
For those who don't know what the generic term for what we usually call "cows" and "bulls" is: bovine

Bovina, NY 13740 The town name is derived from the traditional bovine dairy economy.

Bovina, Mississippi The 1988 film Mississippi Burning was filmed the area.

Bovina is a city in Parmer County, Texas 79009

Bovina, Colorado

Elena Bovina. Rus. Info
Posted by Mac  on  Thu Apr 14, 2011  at  12:38 PM
@pittle I believe you about Naughty SeaMonkey because he is my mum's cousin. His name used to be stephen but he changed it by deed poll to Naughty. Odd right! He was a member of parliament in Wellington also for a while.
Posted by Chris  on  Mon Aug 06, 2012  at  02:05 AM
Russian male last names end in either -ov/-off (e.g. Pavlov) or -in (Putin, Yeltsin etc.). To form a female last name from the stock male surname, you have to add –a to the male surname (e.g. Mr. Putin & Ms. Putina; Mr. Pavlov, Mrs. Pavlova)

One of my mates knew a fellow with the last name “Vagin”. So when he got married his wife became Mrs. Vagina. Its pronounced “VAH-ggeena” though. But its still funny to picture the faces of immigration officers when they got to travel to English speaking countries. “Welcome to the UK, Mrs. Vagina!”
Posted by M.Tidd  on  Tue Oct 02, 2012  at  11:52 AM
I knew a guy named Peter Stroukoff. I shit you not.
Posted by Mary Nelson  on  Mon Dec 31, 2012  at  11:12 PM
My last name is Head. And my Uncle's name is Richard. No joke.
Posted by Laura Head  on  Thu Jan 17, 2013  at  04:23 AM
I have a coworker who's name is Cody Hathcock. I always ask him what else he hath.
Posted by Rick Mccartney  on  Fri Jan 25, 2013  at  12:49 PM
There was a girl that I'm good friends with and her name was Lyna Man. there are other people who knew her would make fun of her last name, because her last name was Man! So her uncle would always say to her,"Ha ha ha, Lyna, you are a man!"
There was a classmate I knew since 7th grade and his name was Noah Gutzwiler (pronounced as, Goots-wiler)! He hated his last name, so he would go around and call all of the other girls that he knew by their last names! Well, he doesn't realize and know this, but acutally, "goot" and "ca-beh-goot" are the Cambodian word for butt! So I told my older sister about him hand she said that his last name, Gutzwiler sounds like the words, butt swell up! I got so mad at him back then when he would call me by my last name without saying miss/ms. that I acually did start calling him Gutzwiler and I did it long enough that it acutally did get him to stop and to get him to start calling me by my first name only!

I really find it really hard to belive that Gutzwiler was acually his real last name now that I think about this nowadays!:D
Posted by Krystaline  on  Tue Feb 19, 2013  at  07:20 PM
There's a girl in the year below me in high school called Rachel Blower, her name matches her personality
Posted by Bethany Forde  on  Sat Jun 22, 2013  at  08:18 AM
I love these! Here are some of my favorites:
I'm sorry if I misspell some of the names, but its the pronounciation that really matters.

Back around 2001, there was a US spy plane that went down in China and there was a lot of news coverage about it at the time. It happened because 2 Chinese fighter jets flew up to it to escort it to the ground. One of the pilots turned wrong and collided with the spy plane, damaging it. The Chinese pilot's name was Wong Wei (Wong way!)

Congressman Anthony Weiner got it trouble for sending people pictures of his... Yeah you know...

During the 2012 Olympics, a Chinese swimmer won gold after disgracing the other swimmers with her speed. She did so well they investigated her for doping. Her name was Yeshiwan (pronounced "Yay! She won!")
Posted by Dan Greene  on  Sat Jul 13, 2013  at  11:58 AM
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