Unfortunate Last Names

I've always thought my last name was pretty bad. And I mean that in the literal sense. 'Boese' means 'bad' (or angry) in German. But its meaning wouldn't matter much if only English-speaking people could pronounce it (it's 'burr-za', as if it had an 'r' in it... not 'boose'). But I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself, because this guy in Brazil, Mr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck, has me beat hands down. As far as I can tell, that really is his name. He must get endless jokes about it.


Posted on Thu May 20, 2004


There's a famous Czech poet called
Posted by Paul Farrington-Douglas  in  Prague, CZ  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  09:39 AM
I used to work with a guy whose name is Richard Weiner. He does not like to be called Dick!
Posted by Wally  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  01:44 PM
I worked with a guy named Matt Morrow. He has a brother named Tom.
Posted by Tim  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  01:48 PM
I used to work for Hertz Rent-A-Car and we rented to a man whose last name was "Pussey". He pronounced it Poo-say. It took everything we could do to control our laughter when he arrived at the counter.
Posted by B. Shields  in  Tallahassee  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  04:34 PM
I knew a guy named Harry Wolf.

Oh, and we can't forget the racecar driver named Dick Trickle.
Posted by Jen  in  Ohio  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  06:31 PM
Here are a few names I have run across:

l) Harry Ball
2) Dick Handworker
3) Dickie Quick
4) Bob Glasscock

Honest - none of these were made up. Parents should be ashamed!
Posted by SUSAN  in  MICHIGAN  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  10:51 PM
I knew a girl named Megan Passwater. Also, my mother's friend was named Richard Dick Dickinson.
Posted by The Armani Ninja  on  Wed May 26, 2004  at  11:48 PM
rolleyes I have a client at the bookstore I work at her name is Honey Poole. She is a teacher in one of the local school systems.
Posted by Eric  in  Indy  on  Thu May 27, 2004  at  07:41 AM
Here are a few good ones. My grandpa's coworker was named Harry Boddom pronounced bottom. My friend's stepmom named Fanny married into the Weiper family (Fanny Weiper). A girl I went to highschool with was named Ada. Ada Cok. She pronounced it "coke" but everyone knew how you REALLY say it.
Posted by Andy  on  Thu May 27, 2004  at  02:40 PM
There was a Japaneese foreign exchange student in one of my college classes named Kimiko Takeashita. I'm sure it wasn't actually pronounced take-a-shit-a. But I had to do a double take when I saw that name on paper. She was a very cute girl by the way.
Posted by Aaron  in  Oregon  on  Thu May 27, 2004  at  04:51 PM
I work in a tradeshow office and one of my exhibitor's last names is Ahrenhoeresterbaeumer. My boss laughs at me all the time because I refuse to type it more than once. I always copy and paste.
also, my bf used to work w/ a guy named Harry Woodcock. no joke.
Posted by Kristen  on  Thu May 27, 2004  at  05:02 PM
At my hometown, one of the local radio stations decided to haved "Weird Name Wednsday." A nurse who worked in maternity called in and spoke about twin girls whose mother had named them Syphilis and Gonorrhea(pronounced Si-phylis and Ganaria). There was another little girl named Pajama, pronounced Pa-ja-may. I feel especially sorry for the twins, though.
Posted by Missy  in  AR  on  Thu May 27, 2004  at  11:44 PM
Posted by RICKK  in  NEW YORK  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  10:31 AM
In Pennsylvania, the past president of the state financial aid agency, PHEAA, was named Richard Willey. He went by Dick, so he was known as Dick Willey...talk about a double phallic name. Kinda like Peter O'toole.
Posted by Mike  in  PA  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  10:41 AM
a friend of mine is a nurse at a local hospital and had a patient who didn't speak english and named her new-born baby Shithead pronounce (sha-theed)
Posted by Fezzik  in  Philly  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  11:40 AM
I work with a guy named Jack Hard. And his fathers name is Dick Hard. My grandparents introduced me to a guy named Richard Cum, he pronouced his last name cuum
Posted by Tyler  in  New York  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  01:06 PM
I worked at a place where one of our frequent clients was Proctor Coffin. My niece's name is Mia Mann. We don't know why, and my sister STILL doesn't understand why this is bad. My grandfather's name was Zenas (and used to get mail addressed to everything from Zena to Zenith to Jesus), I had a great grandfather named Magnus and the woman living down the street from me growing up was named Casio. Better than all this was a girl I went to school with called P.J. or Jane. I asked her why she was called P.J. sometimes and Jane other times, and she said her actual name was Probably Jane, due to a clerical error at the hospital where she was born.

Under bizarre spellings, I went to school with a girl named Kjellander (pronounced Shellanda) and another girl named Kaijsa (pronouced Kai-sah).
Posted by Ga  in  MA  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  01:26 PM
Went to school with Merry & Melody Tune. At my company (at another branch) there's a Dick Likeness. And also a Mai Ho.
Posted by Doug  in  Ann Arbor  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  04:05 PM
My ex-boyfriend's name is Stoney Walls. His two younger brothers are Adobe and Brick. I fell especially sorry for Brick because he really is big an not too bright.
Posted by Lesley  in  Texas  on  Fri May 28, 2004  at  05:00 PM
Had a science teacher in high school. His name was Dick Pew! Students used to come into class singing the Skynard classic The Smell: "Ewww..that smell. Dick, where'd ya get that smell?"
Posted by Dave  in  Oregon  on  Sat May 29, 2004  at  09:19 AM
There's a urologist in Toledo named Richard Tapper.
I met someone named Eric Shen in college.
Posted by Phil  in  Ohio  on  Sat May 29, 2004  at  02:30 PM
a teacher at my school is mrs. dickie. her husbands name is harry. also, my dad works with someone named dick smalls.
Posted by Lauren  in  Connecticut  on  Sat May 29, 2004  at  04:15 PM
Posted by D.DOIDGE  in  ENGLAND  on  Sun May 30, 2004  at  05:58 AM
I once worked for a guy named Dick Eaton.
Another woman I met at a trade show introduced herself as Fonda Peters. All I thought was
" I bet you are... "
Posted by C.  in  Ohio  on  Sun May 30, 2004  at  10:27 PM
I went to school with a girl named Susan Ridge.... uh huh!! people called her Sue ... we have a client at work who's name is Richard Cumming :-X
Posted by Tony  in  Scone NSW Australia  on  Tue Jun 01, 2004  at  05:48 AM
For the last few years I worked for a large data warehouse and we had a derogatory name flag in the database which is essential to avoid liability. I remember seeing the surname Christmas and it turned out that there are a few with the firstname of Mary.
Posted by Jo  in  Cape Town, South Africa  on  Tue Jun 01, 2004  at  08:01 AM
I currently work for Ingersoll rand and in there email address book there is an employee called Backflush KRACK.
Also when i worked at GEC we had an employee named Gordon Bennett.
I also have a friend whos mother knows a lady called Annette Curtain.
Posted by Damian Walker  in  Salford in England  on  Tue Jun 01, 2004  at  09:48 AM
My husband informs me that he works with a man named Cliff Ball. When Cliff's son was born, Cliff thought he had it all worked out so that his son would never be made fun of. Apparently, Cliff was wrong. He named is son Zachary, which the hospital shortened on the baby's ID bracelet to "BALL, ZACH." Think about it.
I also know some boys with weird names: Coco Choctl, Sudro Brown, Jr. (yes, it would appear there was more than boy named Sue), and Huckle May.
Posted by Ga  on  Tue Jun 01, 2004  at  12:30 PM
I went to elementary school with a guy Named Mike Hunt....I swear, no joke.
Posted by j cardenas  in  Arnold, MO.  on  Tue Jun 01, 2004  at  12:36 PM
I went to college with a Christine Hordyke. She got
married and now her last name is Ix.
Posted by Mark  in  Virginia  on  Tue Jun 01, 2004  at  03:49 PM
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