Unfortunate Last Names

I've always thought my last name was pretty bad. And I mean that in the literal sense. 'Boese' means 'bad' (or angry) in German. But its meaning wouldn't matter much if only English-speaking people could pronounce it (it's 'burr-za', as if it had an 'r' in it... not 'boose'). But I shouldn't feel too sorry for myself, because this guy in Brazil, Mr. Reinhardt Adolfo Fuck, has me beat hands down. As far as I can tell, that really is his name. He must get endless jokes about it.


Posted on Thu May 20, 2004


My dad went to high school with a fellow named Richard Head... think about it. He also had a teacher named Mrs. Sipee. My dentist's name is Dr. Fungoose Fut. My brother has had friends with strange names too such as Randy Cock, Guy Mann, and Sheida Mann (no relation to Guy). A man at my church is name Cannu Shet... yes, I can. And my friend's mom is named Tortuga Greene.
Posted by Alex  in  GA  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  12:00 PM
I work for a law firm that does a lot of probate work. The homicide detective assigned to one of our cases is Detective Slaughter.
Posted by JellyBelly  in  Florida  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  04:51 PM
I have known sisters April, May and June. I also knew sisters named Liberty, Justice and Faith. I have heard the name Ophelia Butts. There is a Colorado dentist named Dr. Beavers, and an OBGYN with the same name! gulp
Posted by Amy  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  07:11 PM
in middle school i had a math teacher named Mr Kelly. He got married and his wifes name was Kelly Kelly
Posted by Jes  in  CT  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  09:06 PM
I work for an employee benefits company and one of our clients is called Patrick Loong Fatt Kok. I also have another client called Iona Pigg.
Posted by Nate  on  Wed Jun 30, 2004  at  10:39 PM
I know of a Mr & Mrs Mycock - they called their son Aaron. Poor little bugger.
Posted by Shane Pleasance  in  New Zealand  on  Thu Jul 01, 2004  at  12:28 AM
I knew a kid in grade school named Jim Hsu (pronunced "Shoe") I that was bad enough until I heard his dad's name - Thai Ya Hsu!
Posted by Mike McDonald  in  SC  on  Thu Jul 01, 2004  at  04:48 PM
A few months ago we got a new client - Mrs. Dang Ho.
Posted by Jellybelly  in  Dark side of the Moon  on  Thu Jul 01, 2004  at  08:55 PM
Skinner Advertising Specialties in Lansing MI, is owned by Richard Skinner.....the common nick name for Richard is Dick...can you imagine Dick Skinner as your name in school! the guys parents must have been sick!! I laughed so hard when I called 2 years ago to get pricing for our company I had to hang up.
Posted by amazed client  in  Mid Michigan  on  Fri Jul 02, 2004  at  01:35 AM
There was a man leived near me when I was a teenager name of Charles Whalebelly..I kid you not!
Posted by andy  in  new zealand  on  Fri Jul 02, 2004  at  01:44 AM
These peoples last name was Duda (Doo-Dah) - and they named their dog Zippity! Also, Our friends laast name is May, and he married May. She kept her maiden name. Then our friend Mr.Wally married Polly - Polly Wally!
Posted by Mandy  on  Sat Jul 03, 2004  at  01:24 PM
We had a music teacher named Richard Smack...as mentioned above, common nick name for richard is Dick. =|

Really cool guy and teacher though. Sorely missed when he retired.
Posted by Me  on  Tue Jul 06, 2004  at  01:55 AM
I've had my own share of robo-names, (trust me I've heard em all) but my friend Norman Herman has a truly odd name and even worse his brothers name was Henry.
Posted by Jason Robo  in  san diego  on  Tue Jul 06, 2004  at  08:39 PM
i knew a kid named Johnny Joe in middle school, and his mom's name was Gertrude Iris Joe. People called her G.I. Joe for short.
Posted by bob the tree  on  Wed Jul 07, 2004  at  12:26 AM
I worked at an insurance company and I was doing the filing and saw a name of Richard (Dick) Glasscock. I couldnt believed someone would actually name their kid that. I also used to work for a food manufacturing company and the owner was named Richard Burns. His wife (whose name was Barbara) would call and ask for him exactly like this: "Barbara Burns for Dick".
Posted by Deanna  on  Wed Jul 07, 2004  at  07:45 PM
Works for the school district
Posted by Peter Holder  in  El Paso, TX  on  Fri Jul 09, 2004  at  01:09 PM
wow! this particular weblog is gonna be at the top of the pop list FOREVER!
Posted by john  in  NH  on  Fri Jul 09, 2004  at  07:02 PM
There's a camera store called Adolph Gasser,Inc.,in San Francisco,which isn't really funny, but you'd think the guy would have changed his name. The place has been around just about forever, and is actually a very cool and highly respected camera store.
And a floor covering store in Oakland,CA,is called
"Linoleum Dick's." I guess it's not strictly a last name, but still funny.Also been around forever.
Posted by Dave E  on  Sat Jul 10, 2004  at  05:07 AM
Back in the '70's in Owego, NY, when I was a volunteer fireman, the Fire Chief was Mr. Elzie BURNS. At the same time, the county coroner was Mr. Floyd ANGEL, and one of the officers on the local police force was Officer Raymond COPP. More recently, retiring in 2003 as Chief of Police in Binghamton, NY was one Joseph D. LYNCH.
Posted by AlTheMan  in  Clarksburg, MD  on  Sat Jul 10, 2004  at  11:15 AM
I worked with a Mr Bauld who wore a very obvious wig. There were people who'd worked with him in other departments before his wig wearing - don't know wht he bothered. PS. There was a Mr Head and Mr Shoulders who's offices (and name-plates) were directly opposite to each other.
Posted by Peter  in  London  on  Sat Jul 10, 2004  at  12:48 PM
Well, aptronyms - these are people I have known - Dr Fish of the Marine Department of the Deptof Scientific and Industrial Resreach, and Barry Cashmore, E.O., Finance of the Auckland Education Board, New Zealand. Then there's the owner of TVR engineering, low-volume British sports car maufacturer, called Peter Wheeler.
I had a geography teacher in high school by the name of Gaix (pronounced Gay) Guy. My mother's cousin married a man she told the family, was called Mr Peabody. It was only when he died of old age, that it was revealed that his name was really Chitty. There was a respected historian here called Dr Beaglehole - that was always my favourite.
Posted by April  in  New Zealand  on  Mon Jul 12, 2004  at  08:57 AM
Some names I've come across while working at a University: Fan Fan, Fangfang He, Carole Carroll, Donald Groseclose, Jennifer Cockream.
Posted by Nicolletta  in  USA  on  Tue Jul 13, 2004  at  09:56 AM
I was in a theater company with a woman named Pat Matush. When I was a kid I knew someone named Alex Lax. I have a colleague now named Les Moore. My dad went to with a guy named Morgan Morgan Morgan.
Posted by vb  on  Tue Jul 13, 2004  at  05:34 PM
I have a problem related to unfortunate last names- I just got married and my new husband's last name is "Gay." He has hated it all his life and has always wanted to change it- but his Dad gets very angry and offended every time we mention it. Apparently it is a "strong, Irish name." So we still have our previous last names since I refuse to take it (my occupation would make it even more difficult to bear) and who knows when we will decide what to do. People are constantly asking us though "Have you picked a last name yet???"
Posted by Alice Gennay  in  New Mexico  on  Wed Jul 14, 2004  at  12:46 PM
I formerly worked at an office building filing papers when I found a woman by the name of Anita Guy. The funny thing is on the form she listed that she had 6 children.
Posted by Joseph  on  Wed Jul 14, 2004  at  01:49 PM
Used to have a guy in school with me that had the unfortunate name of "Fokkens" which means something quite nasty in Dutch. One of my students at my school had the german surname "Geier" but being in britain it was pronounced Gayer. For ever the John and Jamie was known as the Gayer brothers!
Posted by Stofjas  in  London  on  Thu Jul 15, 2004  at  05:54 PM
Here in Phoenix, we've got a chain of resturants called Long Wongs. In school there was a Long Dong Nguyen. He won Jr. class president. In high school I knew, variously, Bbora, Payal ("Like pile of shit," she said when she first introduced herself), Gigirose Marquez Ressurection Achanzar. My wife's Dr.'s name is Dr. Swindle. My lastname isn't actually Momo. Its already been mentioned in this thread. But as one friend said to me, "At least its not Chickenfucker." I suppose I'm grateful.
Posted by Richard Momo  in  Phoenix, Az.  on  Thu Jul 15, 2004  at  09:07 PM
I had a teacher named Ms. Packman. In the last day of school, I dressed up as a blue ghost, and charged at her.

I got suspended, starting the next year.
Posted by FBD  on  Thu Jul 15, 2004  at  09:55 PM
Richard Momo should be proud of himself - there is a company called Momo that makes steering wheels for upmarket cars (like Caterhams.)
Blue ghost - tee hee!
Posted by April  in  New Zealand  on  Fri Jul 16, 2004  at  03:34 AM
No, not upmarket cars, performance cars! (A correction from the carobsessive in the family...)
Posted by April  in  New Zealand  on  Fri Jul 16, 2004  at  03:37 AM
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