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Mother Mary Miracle Shirt

Shortly before Christmas, Florida-resident Tim Symonds discovered that the image of the Virgin Mary had appeared in a tie-dye t-shirt he made. Symonds explained: "I have a basic idea of what the shirts going to look like but I tell every one God does the real art work because where the shirt folds and how the dye runs is up to him and it often makes different images." According to MySuncoast News, Symonds wasn't sure what he was going to do with the "Mother Mary miracle shirt." However, he said he "might try to sell it."

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Holy Cheesecake — A family in Scottsdale, Arizona recently made a cheesecake. As it was cooling off it, it cracked in the shape of a cross. The reporter for azcentral.com asks: "Is this a simple crust cracking or is this actually Jesus Christ coming back and showing support for this family's religious beliefs?" Um. I guess I'll choose option A. My wife (the cook in the family) says it cracked because they didn't make it right. If you overbeat the batter, you'll get too much air in it, which can cause…
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The Belen Miracle Window — Here's a case of pareidolia from 1927. That was the year Mrs. Baca of Belen, NM glanced up at the window that had recently been installed in the attic of her family's house and noticed "an image of Christ ascending into heaven" on the windowpane. [miracles of intervention blog] Soon thousands of people were flocking to see the "miracle window". The Christ figure could only be seen during daylight, and only from the ground. If you stood in the attic, the window looked perfectly…
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The Virgin Mary Stump — It can be found in Harlingen, Texas. A mesquite tree was recently struck by lightning, and now some people are saying the resulting stump looks like the silhouette of the Virgin Mary. But others say it looks like "a gnome with a peak hat." [The Monitor]
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Gummy Virgin Mary — Desmond and Amy Duguay of Turner, Maine claim that they found a piece of Dot gummy candy that resembles the Virgin Mary. They've put it up for sale on eBay, and bidding is currently at $215. [Bangor Daily News] But some are crying hoax. The website corporatemal.com notes that there are Virgin Mary molds, which might have been used to create the Virgin Mary Dot. However, the Duguays are sticking to their guns and insist their "Gummy Virgin Mary" is no hoax. In response to the…
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Bird Poo Jesus — Thanks to LaMa for bringing this recent Jesus sighting to our attention. A bird pooped on the windshield of Jim Lawry's car, while the car was parked in his parents' driveway outside their Brooklyn, Ohio home. When he got into his car, Lawry could clearly see the face of Jesus looking at him from within the poop. Lawry says it's "some sort of sign." [newsnet5.com]
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Pareidolia Roundup—October 2012 — Rust Spot Jesus Spotted by Marcy Marksberry on top of her farm's corn silo. She says, "I just kinda veered my head to it and I saw it and it was there. It was weird." [myfoxdc.com] Cloud Jesus Filmed in the sky above Egypt (by someone incapable of holding the camera steady). [allnewsweb.com] Angels Above Swiss Lake Captured by Google Street view. [gawker.com] Cookie Monster Crater on Mars Or, as NASA explains, "the superposition of younger craters on older craters (in this…
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Martian Pareidolia: An Elephant in Lava Flow — An image released by NASA last week, taken by the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter, shows ancient lava flow on the surface of Mars, in the Elysium Planitia region. Some are saying that the shape of the lava flow looks like an elephant. Hmm. It looks like Jesus to me. (link: space.com)
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Monthly Pareidolia Roundup—Jesus on columns, floorboards, etc. — Jesus on a Column A shadow cast by a chandelier onto a column, that's next to a statue of Jesus in the school chapel of the Ursuline Academy in New Orleans. Some say the shadow looks like Jesus wearing a crown of thorns. Strangely, the shadow has been casting this shadow for years, but no one noticed before that the shadow resembled anything in particular. Jesus Dead Ray A dead cownose ray found by Erica Scheldt on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. She saw an image on it that at first…
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Burnt Toast With Image Of Romney Shaking Hands With Satan — This auction managed to generate some attention from the internet — enough to get it pulled from eBay. Try as anyone might, no one could see the image the seller claimed was there. And the guy wanted $88.40 just for shipping. Apparently the auction was really just a thinly veiled anti-Mormon diatribe. Link: gawker.com.
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TV Screen Jesus — This might be in the running for the stupidest pareidolia ever. Floridian Guerda Maurice was watching the Bachelor on TV when she saw a design she wanted to take a picture of. (A design? I have no idea what she means by that.) So she picks up her phone and takes a picture of the TV screen. Later she looks at the picture she took and sees "Jesus picture". That is, there was a reflection on the screen that she thought looked like Jesus. She was so excited that she made a locket out of TV…
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Face of ET Found in a Log — Ken Dobson of Chiseldon was sawing logs with a chainsaw for firewood when he saw the face of ET staring back at him from the log he just cut. Dobson doesn't say anything about believing the face to be a message from extraterrestrials. (So by American standards he's clearly nuts! Isn't it obvious this is a sign from ET?) Nor does he have plans to sell this on eBay. Instead he wants to have a professional slice more pieces from the log to see if he can get a couple more faces out of it to…
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$8100 George Washington Chicken McNugget — Three years ago, Rebekah Speight of Dakota City and her kids were at McDonalds, where they ordered some Chicken McNuggets. One of the McNuggets went uneaten, but just as she was about to throw it out, Rebekah noticed that it resembled George Washington. So she took it home and kept it in her freezer. And just a few days ago, this decision paid off when she managed to sell the GWCM for $8100 on eBay. But she's not keeping the money. It's all going to a charity to send children to summer…
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Pareidolia Round: September 2011 — Virgin Mary Sea ShellFelicia Avila of Rio Grande Valley found a sea shell that she says bears the image of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. valleycentral.com Virgin Mary RockTammy Tollett was vacationing in Lake Tahoe when she found a rock that she believes looks like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. She says this is the real deal (unlike, presumably, all those other phony pareidolia). orlandosentinel.com Concrete Jesus FaceThe face of Jesus materialized on Mary Vasquez's concrete…
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Michael Jackson in Clouds — New Michael Jackson pareidolia (jackodolia). A 43-year-old builder from Stafford "who happens to be a bit of a skeptic" took this picture of his car. He intended to send the picture to a car sales magazine, until he noticed the image of Michael Jackson formed by the reflection of clouds on its hood. (youtube)
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Margaret’s Stain — A stain, shaped like a human body, can be found on the concrete floor of the Athens Mental Health and Retardation Center in Athens Ohio. According to legend, this stain marks the location where the body of a patient, Margaret Schilling, lay undiscovered for several weeks back in 1979. A team of forensic scientists recently tested the stain to determine whether it's a genuine human decomposition stain, or if it was created artificially. They published the results of their investigation…
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Jackodolia — More Michael Jackson pareidolia, or "Jackodolia". The Edison family of Brazil prepared a roast last Saturday, but neglected to do the dishes for a day. Then they noticed that the face of Michael Jackson had mysteriously appeared in the roasting pan. Link: terra.com.br via ceticismoaberto
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Michael Jackson seen all over — The guy may be dead, but he's showing up all over the place. Michaeljacksonsightings.com has a few blurry pictures of the back of someone who vaguely resembles Jackson. They offer this as proof that Jackson faked his death. A family in Stockton, California have noticed an image of Michael Jackson in a tree stump in their front yard. They swear the image only appeared on the day he died. (I'm not seeing anything at all.) Then there's the ghost of Michael Jackson, which you can see in…
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Pareidolia Roundup (June 2009) — Virgin Mary Air Conditioner Antonia Ruiz of Texas noticed a stain on her air conditioner that looked to her like the Virgin Mary. Therefore, she built a shrine around the air conditioner. Cheeto Jesus A bag of Cheetos bought by Dan Bell at a North Texas gas station yielded this "praying Jesus". The couple have nicknamed it "Cheesus." (Note: there was a similar Cheesus in the news last year.) Tortilla Jesus Lloyd Osborne's wife had thrown away the packet of tortillas, but he…
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