Hoax Museum Blog Posts: October 2013

Dove Debate — As Bishop Bhekibandla was receiving an Honorary Doctorate Certificate at Moses Bible College of South Africa, a dove appeared out of nowhere inside the assembly hall and started flying around his head. Some people in the audience — most of whom were members of the Jericho Church — started crying, weeping hysterically, shouting amen, and calling out that it was a sign from God showing them who their rightful leader was. Not so, says rival Bishop Khanyakwezwe, who insists that the sudden…
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Too Much Hot Air — With the government shutting down today, I was reminded of this 1933 April 1st article in the Madison Capitol-Times about their state capitol building exploding because of a buildup of "large quantities of gas, generated through many weeks of verbose debate in the senate and assembly chambers" I don't think any newspaper would publish a joke like this today, in the post-9/11 era, but it still seems appropriate.
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