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June 2007
Breast-Milk Cheese
Posted by The Curator on Sat Jun 09, 2007
Le Petit Singly (it's a French-language website, but here's a translated version) claims to be a French farm that specializes in producing cheese out of "the mother's milk of woman." According to the blurb on their site, they've been doing this since 1947. They say that the breast-milk cheese has a caramel color and has a hint of hazelnut taste. Of course, I think it would be technically possible to make cheese out of breast milk. (Although this woman in Indonesia reports that she tried to use her own breast milk to make some cheese and…
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Best of the Forum – 8th June 07
Posted by Boo on Fri Jun 08, 2007
Man blames health drink for unwanted erection (Bebelicious) New Yorker Christopher Woods underwent surgery in 2004 for severe priapism – an erection that would not subside. Now he’s suing pharmaceutical company Novartis AG, claiming that their nutritional drink, Boost Plus, was the cause of his condition. Can’t remember the name of a song? Try tapping it on your keyboard! (DJ_Canada) This programme allows you to tap the melody of a song using your space bar to…
Faces in Trees
Posted by The Curator on Fri Jun 08, 2007
I was inspired by the news story about the mayor's face in a tree to search out other examples of faces in trees. I knew that stories about faces in trees pop up regularly in the news, but to my knowledge no one had ever collected these stories together in one place. So it seemed like an appropriate thing to waste a couple of hours doing. I posted the results in the hoaxipedia. It's more faces in trees than you can shake a stick at.
Mayor Appears on Tree
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 07, 2007
Donald Stephens, Mayor of Rosemont in Illinois for fifty-one years, died on April 18. But now he's come back. On a tree. The Chicago Tribune reports that: Eerily, a likeness of the late mayor's face has appeared on a tree outside the village-owned health club, according to some people who have seen it. In a town still grieving for the larger-than-life mayor, who died April 18, the mysterious image is sure to add to the Stephens mystique. I find it amazing that people think it's the late mayor…
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The Viagra Oyster Email Hoax
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 07, 2007
George May had a clever idea: Let oysters soak in a solution of Viagra for a while, and then sell them as Viagra Oysters. Of course, Pfizer is objecting to this use of its drug, and food-safety officials don't like the idea of selling purposefully contaminated oysters. But still, May is confident he's got a successful product on his hands, and his idea has received quite a lot of media attention. So it pleased him, but didn't surprise him, when he received the following email from Google's corporate offices: "Congratulations! The Viagra oyster story is the fastest growing internet story since 9/11…
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Flip This House Fake
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 07, 2007
My wife is a big fan of all the home-design shows that are on TV, so I end up watching a lot of them also, including "Flip This House" on A&E. The show follows people who buy homes, remodel them, and then try to sell them for a higher price. It can be entertaining, but I wasn't surprised to read that at least one of the house flippers featured on the show, Atlanta businessman Sam Leccima, was a fake: McGee and others say Leccima's episodes of Flip This House, A&E's most popular show, were elaborate hoaxes. His friends and family were presented…
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Jumping Germans
Posted by The Curator on Wed Jun 06, 2007
Inspired by the urban legend that if all the people in China jumped at once it would alter the orbit of the Earth, German scientists (working in participation with a German TV show) staged an experiment at a music festival. They arranged for all 50,000 people at the concert to jump at once, and then measured the results. They called it a "gang boing." Here's what happened: In the end, the hoppers created "a mini-mini-earthquake," according to Ulrich Grünewald, who produced the segment for a science program on German television. The ground moved one-twentieth of a millimeter, with four oscillations per second.…
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Intention Experiments
Posted by The Curator on Wed Jun 06, 2007
Writer Lynne McTaggart has been sponsoring a number of "experiments" to promote her book The Intention Experiment, in which she makes the argument (from what I can surmise without actually having read the book) that we can influence the world around us through our intentions. If we want something to happen, we merely intend for it to happen. Here's a description of the first three experiments: The first experiment was an enormous success when 400 people sat in a hall in London and intended for a leaf in the University of Arizona to 'glow and glow'.…
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The Hoaxipedia
Posted by The Curator on Tue Jun 05, 2007
The software that I use to run this site comes with a "wiki module," which allows the capability to add a wikipedia-style encyclopedia to the site. For the past few weeks I've been working on getting this feature working. It's still very much a work-in-progress, but I think it's at a point where I can let everyone see it. I'm calling it the Hoaxipedia. I'm slowly transferring all of the content contained in the various "galleries" of the museum into the Hoaxipedia. It's going to be a slow process. So far I've only transferred a handful of articles. But the nice thing about transferring the content into the Hoaxipedia is that it allows me to categorize…
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JumpSnap Ropeless Jump Rope
Posted by The Curator on Tue Jun 05, 2007
One year ago I posted about an inventor, Lester Clancy, who had filed a patent for a ropeless jump rope. I noted that a jump rope that lacked a rope seemed to defeat the purpose of a jump rope. You might as well just jump up and down holding a pair of dumbbells. But now a company has come out with a commercial version of a cordless jump rope. They're calling it the JumpSnap. They claim that it's the "world's first and only patent-pending computerized ropeless jump rope." The inventor of the JumpSnap is Brad LaTour. It sounds like there might be a patent battle brewing between Clancy and LaTour. Who first…
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Unfortunate student pranks
Posted by The Curator on Tue Jun 05, 2007
It's student-prank time, and every year we see some good pranks, as well as a few that don't turn out so well. Here are three of the latter kind. Urinating in the ketchup "A sophomoric prank put a 15-year-old Valhalla boy in a legal pickle after he was arrested for allegedly urinating into a ketchup dispenser in the Valhalla Middle/High School cafeteria... It was not known whether any of the 200 students in the cafeteria during the second lunch period ingested the tainted ketchup. All condiment dispensers were replaced with sealed individual packets the next day." Dead cats hung from trees "San Luis Obispo High School is home…
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The Ashera Cat
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jun 04, 2007
Want to own a leopard? That probably wouldn't be legal, but for $22,000 you can have the next best thing. A company called Lifestyle Pets is selling what it claims is a cross between an African Serval, an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. So it's like a smaller, tamer version of a leopard. They call this cat an Ashera. Their product page says, "Fully socialized, the Ashera gets along well with children and other pets and unusually for cats, the Ashera takes well to being walked on a leash." At first when I saw the Lifestyle Pets website, I…
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Best of the Forum – 1st June 07
Posted by Boo on Fri Jun 01, 2007
Botched Fax Prompts “Terrorism” Scare (MadCarlotta) Police shut down a strip mall in Boston on Wednesday after a branch of Bank of America received a faulty fax. The fax, which had been sent out by the bank's corporate office, had left off some of the text, leaving some dubious clip art. The plaza was evacuated for around three hours. Roswell Theme Park (Madmouse) Roswell city officials plan a UFO-themed amusement park that could open as early as 2010. Local shopkeepers base a…
New Nessie Footage
Posted by The Curator on Fri Jun 01, 2007
Something is stirring in Loch Ness. Earlier this month, amateur scientist Gordon Holmes filmed a mysterious shape swimming beneath the surface of Loch Ness. In the footage, you can see a dark shape gliding along. Unfortunately, whatever it is, it never breaks the surface of the water, thus denying us any easy way to identify it. Holmes says that he filmed the creature at 9:50 pm from a layby on the A82: "I was minutes from going home but I saw…
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